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11th Sept – CH4 – I Got Gas

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IGG stepped up with Krap Thai for a run at IGG’s place in Maejo. Given the traffic, I got there early, and waited along with Chuckie admiring the dog kennels. Finally the bus arrived, just before run time, along with Knock Out’s car, and at the very last minute the hash cash Piggy.

We set off, and for once Chuckie was running from the start. The hare had told us there was a long on out, and only 4 checks, so perhaps he was on the hunt? ONLY 4 CHECKS??? Was this a hash or a run? After 800m on the road, we finally got to the first check. Chuckie neatly stepping ahead of me to get first choice. Damnit – he had to be right – surely it was going to be along the trail to the left. I was so convinced that I half heartedly trudged along to the right, paused for a while waiting for the inevitable On Call… It didn’t come, and as Junglicious appeared at the check, I figured I ought to put some effort into checking… Sorry CW – another 20m or so and there was paper!!!! First check done, and in the bag – my dilatoriness had even bought myself a bit of a lead…

On past the square lake, and into the hills of Maejo. Plenty of chances for good checks, but just the paper trail heading on ahead. I finally heard Piggy behind me as I got to another check. My guess ‘left and right’ – sure enough I was right, and calling On. Slowly Piggy and Chuckie started reeling me in from behind. Another check – the 3rd – it was the turn point… It could be up and around to the left – there is a trail that cuts back down to the square lake – or it could be to the right – my money was on right, leaving Piggy to take the left option, while Chuckie followed me. On On – 3 from 3 so far!

In tandem with CW, we stretched out down the hill, with no noise from behind. Discussing how if we could nail the last check we’d be home free. There is was – a quick discussion, and we both figured right and then left. Sadly, it was left and then right. Piggy slipped by, damnit! The last check, still a couple of clicks from home – we needed a miracle! And it happened when trail appeared to run out, and there was a stretch with little paper. CW took off up front, and my weary legs tried to gain motivation to follow. It wasn’t there, Piggy past, and as we got back to the lake, and back to a 1km or so following the outrail backwards, I slowed down, only building motivation to jog along once Taste My Buns caught me.

It was all worth it to get back to the pool in time for the bikini show! 😀

23rd June – CH3 – Turkish Delight

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Turkey teamed up with I Got Gas to set yet another run from Huay Tung Thao – I’d left the sign there a month back and we’ve used it again and again…. This time we were inside the park, so we’d have to be doing something a little different. We set off away from the lake in the direction of the army base. An early check had Chuckie leading the way up a small hill, and when I got to the top, he lead us down again.

Fortunately I got lucky heading to the right, and then nailed a good check off up to the left. Knowing we were pinned in between the Army base, and the 2nd lake, we had to be heading back to the left. Nobody would be daft enough to head into the army base, especially while there was a coup on, and you could hear gun fire from a training exercise not far away. We exhausted the options to the left of the lake, before Skiddy found paper on the trail that goes nowhere. Clearly unscouted, once we got to the bank of the lake, the hare hacked his way through the shit along the side of the lake until he got to the barbed wire fence, which he duly took us into the base.

We tracked down the road heading towards the barracks, watching out for stray bullets. Until suddenly we ran out of paper… Uhoh… No check, just no paper… I carried along the obvious trail that heads away from the road, and after around 200m or so I finally found paper. Not sure what had happened there – had the run been sabotaged, or had the hares fucked up? Again we headed cross country until eventually hitting some reasonable trails.

I got another couple of checks right, but could hear Piggy not far behind me. Another check, and I gambled on a trail back to the right, but sadly Turkey wasn’t that smart, and had used the obvious straight on one. Time to hustle, and I put my foot down to catch up with Piggy & Chuckie at a barbed wire fence where the trail turned left. They were just along to the left, and called another circle check. Interesting… We weren’t far from home, and there was a hole in the fence – and there on the other side, a nice piece of paper dangling off a leaf! I pointed it out to Skiddy and we set off… “On On” and not long after “On In”. Gotta love hashing! 😉

19th June – CH4 – Pigshit

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A low turn out for Piggy’s run out in Maejo. With other runs out of town coming up, and much of the hash community overseas it probably wasn’t a surprise to only have me, Chuckie, Humps, I Got Gas, Square Rooter and Tip Toe there for the run. Tip Toe thought better of it and promptly turned back, while the rest of us went to see what Piggy had put together for us.

Across the concrete to the trail the other side, and we could have put the first circle there ourselves. First there so I got the pick and went left – if it was right then he knows there is a nicer trail to use to get there, so why go across the concrete thing? I was pretty confident, until I found old paper and shortly after heard the On Call from the opposite direction. Chuckie and I turned about face and caught up at the next check.

Rather than using all the lovely trails around Maejo, Piggy decided to cut cross country hacking our way through the shiggy. Back on trail and he was putting checks every 1 or 2 junctions. Square Checks replaced circles and the lead rotated between myself, Chuckie, Humps and IGG. You could feel hump’s joy when he got the trail at the top of a steep incline, and it took me a while to get back on track.

Finally we got to a V check, where both CW and I thought it had to be left – he took the dummy trail to the right, while I walked along to let him catch up after he hit the check back. Unfortunately it was me that hit the check back, and was left to run the last 1.5k or so on my own behind CW, including a good km along the road after the OnIn.

After the run we moved the circle to IGG’s place, away from the mosquitoes, with the pool, pagoda for the circle and then upstairs for chicken dinner – cheers IGG!

19th May – CH3 – Pigshit

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Piggy with another run up in Maejo. As I got to the runsite just before the run start there was nobody there. Seems the traffic at the 2nd ring road caught everyone out, but most people arrived with a few setting off a little late. The first check took us to the left before a cross country scramble up to the abandoned village with roads, but no houses. The trail took us diagonally across it before ducking down onto the canal road. I was getting things right until there, and at that point from looking at my map, I was VERY close to tangling with the intrail – had I gone gone slightly different I would certainly have found some paper, but fortunately it was called in the other direction.

Perhaps Piggy thought we would get bored of the lovely running trails in the area, so instead he dragged us along a creak, cross country through shiggy. Finally we got through to some more trails and the lead was rotating between Poo, Chuckie, Lumber Jack Off, I Got Gas and I. And with a testing check finally Turkish caught up. I was clearly disoriented as I kept turning left when we should be turning right, but the checks were good enough that we kept getting back together.

Poo nailed one check, but didn’t realise for quite a way, leaving us well behind, only for him to run off paper, and come running all the way back to where we were parallel to him a few yards to the left. (This was Piggy’s strategy for not intersecting the trails as I mentioned earlier. From there it was straight on back, although I’m not 100% sure we went the way Piggy intended us to…

2nd November – CSH3 – I Got Gas

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I Got Gas setting a run in Maejo, but not from the mansion! He teamed up with HRA, and following the hash signs reminded me of a scouting mission that HRA and I abandoned a few years back. This time the hares had got us permission to run in the grounds of the Maejo University farm! I remember previously thinking ‘there must be some good trails here’, so finally we’d find out!

Hare brief (not so brief) over we set off and there was a nice little downhill stretch – knowing there would be uphills later, I took off only to get the first V check wrong. None of Your Business was briefly ahead till he flunked the 2nd check. Turkey managed to get ahead through his usual Silent Running strategy – fortunately it didn’t last long! Heading right, perhaps we were going to use the paper we’d seen on the road on the way in? I’d thought it was a decoy, but it turned out it was part of the trail – useful information, as I got to that check first and led the way.

Things were going well for me, and the pace was fast – very fast for a hash! Then the young visitor suddenly appeared behind me, somehow managing to chase me down! He had some form, and when he hit the rest of the checks right, not even Brown Finger could catch him. Yes – Brown Finger was back – great to run alongside him again! The run was 35 minutes, with the uphill finish the worst part, but a good work out, and easily long enough given the heat and the pace on flat trails. A nice set, with many trails we haven’t used.

25th August – CSH3 – I Got Gas

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The I Got Gas Hash is slowly working it’s way onto the hash calendar – last year it was a great event, and today it was also a superb hash. It helps having a great venue on the edge of some great hashing country, and the pool and barbecue will make even the grumpiest hasher smile!

After suggesting in the week there was only one way out of his house, IGG sent us through the back gate scrambling around the river to a rice field for the On-Out. Being a smart-ass I was sure which way he would send us – towards the hills and the great trails of the King’s Project! First circle check I picked left and got on to the canal trail. When they called On-On to the right, I ‘knew’ it was a matter of time before they crossed the canal, and opted to parallel for a while till we met up… The On-On calls faded, and it turned out there weren’t so many options for getting to the canal. I was alone and off trail, finally making the decision to cut my losses and head back to the first circle…

It happens sometimes that I end up behind Frozen Dick after a bad check, but this time it took me a good km or so to chase down Sunspot and Miss Piggy! Superman offered me a short cut through a canal, and slowly I moved up the pack – it was fun, and the hares had been smart enough with the checks (early on) to let me get back into the action. It was clear we were heading to the right (particularly with my earlier detour to give me inside information), and that was where the hares hit their genius – they knew we wanted to go right, and they teased us with multiple checks that hinted we might go right, only to head straight or off to the left. Where was the trail??

I got lucky. The check that I finally got to the front on had a newbie heading up a hill and me taking the ‘less obvious’, but ultimately more likely, trail through the high grass, off to the right. I was On! We were so far out by now that it had to be straight on back from here, and sure enough, while the trail took in a bit of a climb around the side of a mountain, it was great running and heading straight in the right direction. When there was a check, we met Superman, Just Cumming and Soapy short cutting their way to the trail. It was a great trail, and a front runner’s delight! Even when I did parallel run my way back to the trail in the closing stages (see attached GPS), it was all fun running country.

The summary? We had some tough / interesting checks early on which were then rewarded with some great running trails on the way back. A good job by the hares – a good circle, followed by good food – now that is hashing!

1st June – CSH3 – Shagless

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It wasn’t Superbitch, but Shagless, from close to 4km up the Sameong Road. On arrival, no sign of the hash cash, but fortunately it was sorted before the run started and we set off up a little hill, with Push Back setting the early pace. At the first check, I went wrong leaving I Got Gas to lead the way along to an early Wimp Rambo split. The Rambos were treated to an extra loop with an ass slide down into a gully, and a rope climb back out of it. Another check thwarted us for a while before we rejoined the walkers.

Everything had been going ok THIS far… but sadly things got confused with people calling all over the place, whether they were on paper or not! Humperdick and Turkish set off backwards on a little loop and weren’t seen again till the end. At some point all the walkers vanished from ahead of us only to come in behind at the finish. The GM had been behind on the Rambo trail, only to pop up ahead, and the rest of us spent time running round in confused circles. Having got confused by a few bits of washed out old paper, I came off the mountain to the hare, who assured me there was plenty of paper there, because he’d just relaid it!

Still to come were several little bridges made out of all kinds of materials. The steel one, with nothing to hold on to, and the bamboo ones with a rail to hang on to, which would disintegrate if you did. Finally the On-In and back to the circle, where the highlight was Semen Soars and Able Semen singing a well rehearsed duet.

Sat 18th May – CSH3 – Chilly Pussy

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When Chilly Pussy and Anything get together, they are evil… Last year they set the 2 most brutal runs of the year, what would today have to offer?? Belly Dancer had to make his own lunch as Anything wasn’t back in time from setting it – ominous! I’ve not really run for a few weeks, but None of Your Business was keen to go along, so I dragged myself out to the runsite – near Ob Kham.

We set off and for the first km or so there were no checks – Chuckie and I just ran along together until the trail turned right into a familiar quarry area. THe first V check had CW go up the hill and me go around the bottom – I hit the check back, but there are only 2 real options, and both trails meet up again, so I paralleled. We lost sight of paper a few times, but picked our way to a circle, after which the trail started heading up. Man it was hot!

We climbed with Skiddy not so far behind with I Got Gas. Another couple of checks had me and CW working as a team, with a group within earshot behind. The trail arced up a ridge to the critical point – is it going left or right? Right seemed further, but it was back towards Chilly Pussy’s house, and where Belly had been seen darting off towards at the start of the run.

We were still out in the middle of the jungle, and a circle check. It turned out to be the last circle check, even though there was a good few km to go, complete with twists and turns. Brutal? Yes, very! Anyway, I got it wrong, and made a bad call arcing around, so ended up way off the pace. Did I mention the heat? And my trainers were causing blisters. We still had a few hills to go. Up and down, aaaargh!

I saw Square Rooter behind me, and finally caught up with I Got Gas, Skiddy, and saw some guy from Phuket a bit ahead. It turns out Throbbing Ninja snuck through while I was checking as well, and she ran a phenomenal run. Where did that come from? The last runners were in the dark. Brutal – yes!

On On On at Barbindoll’s new restaurant – the good turn out had them struggling for chairs! 😀

6th April – CSH3 – HRA

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With heads suffering from Animal Dinner excesses, there was a small fragile group assembled at Huay Tung Thao in the hope that HRA would be gentle with us. He’d been drinking heavily the day before, so surely he wouldn’t have had the energy for anything too taxing?

Graven & Angry were lively, having missed out on the previous evening, and Angry set the early running as we weaved nicely along some flat trails at the edge of the lake. Along to the guard house, and a set of skiddy sticks. I was already losing the pace and the trail turned abruptly up the waterfall… I stood and contemplated for a while, as it is a long way up, with little choices for where to come down.

What the hell, I didn’t want beer yet anyway, so I started climbing, and climbing, and climbing… Scrambling over fallen trees up into the heavens. YOU BASTARD HRA! I hate hills even more so when hungover, and this was just not fun. Finally it leveled out and for a while at least I could run downhill passing Mind Your Nuts, Humperdick and I Got Gas. Chuck Wao was probably in the worst state – he went for a stroll with Square Rooter!

The circle was a quiet affair with little energy! Damn the Animal Dinner!

15th September – CSH3 – Dick Tracy

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Have I mentioned to anyone that I’m not really fond of hills??? Boy Scout Camp? I was wondering if a flat run was at all possible there. What the hell – with Dick Tracy in charge, it surely wouldn’t be too bad? At least that’s what I thought until I arrived at the run site to find Square Rooter holding a bag of paper grinning from ear to… erm… moving on.

I arrived early enough to witness one of the best hare/co-hare tiffs in history – once Dick Tracy found his own way back off the mountain where he’d been left stranded by his co-hare. Dick Tracy wasn’t happy, he wanted no ‘credit’ or ‘blame’ from the run and promptly stormed off in his car puffing away. He was back in time to delegate the hare brief to SR, and a crowd of hashers set off wondering what the hell we’d let ourselves in for.

Within seconds the incline was so steep most were on hands and knees sliding in the mud. It didn’t get much better. The hare (or probably the co-hare) and ingeniously put in some evil LONG check backs and the checks had me pretty screwed again and again – only I Got Gas seemed to be clued in as I went around and around in circles. I realise that technically that’s the idea of the hash, but scrambling up the steep hillside wasn’t that much fun for me. One particular check had me going a couple of hundred metres downhill, only to hit a check back and have to climb my way back. Finally we crossed the waterfall balancing on a weir before the briefest of descents back to the A.

Hats off to the hares who managed to find a run which was virtually all uphill, but somehow got us back to the A. I’ll have a long think before going to another run at the Boy Scout Camp – oh shit, the Happy Hash is there again this weekend.