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CH4 – 7th June – Alice

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By Alice
Alice returned from Down Under to hare in his favoured Doi Saket. The pack was fairly thin and missing the beer mistress at 5pm. Heading out sans l’eau ain’t clever in these temps so upon Antwan’s arrival at ten past Alice loaded up the scooter with small bottles and sped off in reverse to cut the pack off at the pass as the first section was forest trails, a tad hilly and not bikeable.

It’ll Cum was the first face down the trail after a 3 way possible check. Water was exchanged for pecks on the cheeks, Alice just not revealing which cheeks though. Jungle Chim, Cumlord, Poo, KO, Blows were all in the lead group followed by the fast catching up Chucky who fairly praised the hare about his getting every check wrong thus far!

Trail had come through the forest and out through a shiggy garden onto a main trail between properties. Would it go left towards the Doi or right towards the canal? Sharp left and up to a Falsie! On on was left towards the Christian village, undulating track, stone filled and rough.
Another check. Three choices. Right towards the bigger properties and the quarries across the road. Here water was delivered and half the pack grabbed a bottle. HRA declined and was going well here. Horny Monkey was running here, as fast as his poor knees could carry him, although he’d managed a few rumbles in the jungle.

The hare retraced his tracks to find Pussy Galore and Anywan and service them. With water. No sign of Does Nothing, Teeny Weeny or Humpty. Certain mysteries are just not explainable although the Dutch master of doing nothing claims he was on pink paper for all his 2.5km circuit. And blamed ABB somehow for this. Mmm.

At the tarmac, trail just headed left to a check 100m down the road. Onon was back right into a field and then along the main mud path along the south west side of the flooded quarries.

A check had Blows heading up a small but doable path to the left. Wrong! Next check was a V with another tempting narrow cut thru on offer. Wrong!

At a major junction a check offered straight, left between the quarries or perhaps right across the cleared land towards the massive property on the bing canal road. The last option was on and paper led across a creek with steep banks and treacherous quick gravel, as the hare had found when scouting.
Chucky managed to jump the creek but Teeny Weeny chucked an old tyre in the stream bed.

Overlooking the canal after another 700m some checked further away from the A perhaps for a bridge over to the other side. Trail went down and right of the massive new building although Humpty and Teeny went left and just followed the road all the way in.

HRA meanwhile had decided to accompany Cumalot on the shorter trail, thus missing the quarries and creek but grabbed water second time around.

Back across the tarmac Poo and KO were in the lead as tricky checks again did for Chucky and Chim. A cut thru red gravel path led to another well marked and straight up to a Falsie. A faint call was heard from the near expiring Poo. Chucky seized the moment and retook the lead, scampering left and then right on the run in. Only a circle, a V and a circle to go. Jungle Chim put his foot down and caught Chucky as they approached the final circle after a shiggy trail down through forest. It was 50/50 and much to the lanky West Australian’s delight, he nailed it and sped back along the canal to glory.

Blonde SoCal visitor babe Flower Power was picked up off trail by Alice on scooter and ridden home, ahem, without the benefit of the desired reach around. Teeny exposed all his wedding tackle when on ice to the horror of all and Poo teased Anywan for blaming her GPS and taking ‘the other right’ when it told her to go left.

Poo had 7km for the longer trail with checks and others had 4.5km for the abridged version. Softballs had 5.5 walking and jogging on the flat canal path to the 118 and back.

24th May – CH4 – Blows Herself

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Blows Herself was asked to be co-hare at short notice, not realising that she was actually going to be the hare – luckily Chuckie stepped in to help her out. We met in the crematorium next to the disco shelter – a smaller off season pack swelled by the likes of Superman – hopefully he will keep joining us in coming months – did the new hare raiser get him on the hareline yet?

Relive ‘Afternoon Run’

The hares released us, and we were soon following cardboard along the road – with strips every 3m or so! A very well marked run, that Taste My Buns will be able to clean up when she comes back in a couple of months! CW left us with a comment about me getting a WTF moment – I was waiting to see what he meant…

The first check was a false trail – Cartoon and I were jogging along at the front, and we both expected it as we both expected to go into the village (?). Obscene charged along for a bit, and we saw the next circle from some way off. Cartoon headed to the right, and had a lot of catching up to do as I went left and found trail. Maybe my new shoes were GPS powered? I just kept nailing checks, one after another – and there were plenty of checks. I just kept getting lucky.

I think I missed a false trail at one point, when I found the true on-trail off to the right dropping down into a gully. Another circle check there had me thinking as it seemed to be a deadend. Maybe I had bought a bit of time, and the only option appeared to be clambering up the otherside of the gully, around the back of a house, and sure enough there was paper – I was On again! The hares were neatly cute here – taking us up the hill, only to go straight back down to the right. I was tempted to go further up into the hill, but the trail back down was screaming to me. When I found paper I really didn’t want to call the pack back down the hill as they quickly short cut over to me. Then there was another FT – I turned back and Anywan was following me down the hill – she turned back and I guess a group were looking around back up there. Below me Pussy Galore, Superman and Cumalot were questioning whether their shortcut was going to work out. I spotted something white off in the distance – that is the best part of Blows’ white paper! It turned out the FT was just yards past the true trail, and I was still on top.

Was this going to be the perfect hash? I could hear KO and HRA behind me, but I had some ground on them, and kept getting the checks right, and the next false trail I could get back through the barbed wire ahead of the pack. I think that was the antepenultimate check, because the penultimate check got me finally… ARRRRGH! I knew where we were and I was split between going around the field ahead to extend the run a bit, or heading back towards home. Somehow I picked something in between and ended up surrounded by new barbed wire. I looped back and wasn’t far behind KO as she called us ON. Obscene charged after her diving under the barbed wire fence with the flexibility of a small youngster.

Cartoon was close behind, and we were nearing the end. We got to the canal, and trail led left and over the bridge. WTF? WTF? WTF? No No No! I let Cartoon pass and watched KO’s confusion as she hit a WTF check – a circle the wrong side of the river. The noise of the canal drowned her out, but she drew a circle with her arms, and that was enough for me to take off towards the A – and sure enough there was paper! Nice try to screw me at the end CW – but I outfoxed you… 😉

Short and sweet.

17th May – CH4 – HRA

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HRA jumps off the plane from his Spanish holiday and before he has the chance of a siesta, he is off laying trail! Ole!

It’s nice not having work commitments on a Thursday night anymore – nice to be able to join the happiness of the CH4! We started close to the football field at a newish shelter that HRA prefers – a few rumbles of thunder in the distance, but we didn’t need the shelter in the end, except for some shade. We were set off, but not towards the usual trail to the left, today we were heading towards the temple. A first check had me and Chuckie heading straight to the left and straight to the paper as it led up the trail towards the back of the temple. Another check and we had to separate, with CW taking my prefered choice up the right back. I was on the left bank, but the trail just seemed so overgrown that I could barely figure out where it was headed. After CW didn’t call, I pushed harder and eventually picked it up with Cartoon not far behind.

Another check and I turned sharply right up the hill. Of course I was correct and had a bit of a lead that took be to a false trail – typical, I should have seen it coming! Tasty slipped past as we headed along the ridge. Another check and most of us just follow Tasty – nobody wanted to head down the hill yet. So with a reasonable pack together at the front, we had HRA’s moment of genius. Straight past one junction had us expecting a false trail, but instead we got a circle at the next junction. I checked in several directions wrongly. ABB and Does Nothing caught up, it taking some time before Knockout called heading down into a gully along a “trail” that has long since been forgotten! It was overgrown, but it was a trail at one point – a long time since we’ve used it, and at the bottom was HRA with a nice smug grin handing out cups of beer.

We crossed straight over the road onto the football field side, and I caught up as people were trying to solve a false trail. A few were confused having solved it wrongly having found some old paper. I spotted something up another bank and sure enough I was back on, heading steeply uphill. I got another check or so right, always heading back up, up, up! I was starting to get hot, wanting to slow down a bit, but CW encouraged me up to the top, before passing me and getting first pick at the next circle. We were both wrong, and TMB sped through, charging back down the hill leaving us to chase her.

Good checks throughout the run, and the pack was running well together. At the bottom I detoured around the hill, rather than heading back into the forest, meeting Burritto Butt who was wandering around way off paper, but we managed to intercept the pack at the last circle. The ladies all aced it, and the first three back were all ladies – TMB, KO and Anywan – the guys were enjoying the view, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens again! Another great, well thought out run – good job HRA!

10th May – CH4 – Knock Out

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Some of us turn to the CH4 to get away from power hungry dictators who can’t let go – it’s a happy group that focuses on fun above all. For some reason KO seems to have decided to take over? Last week she ousted the hare Turkish so she could run the circle, and today she forced her way onto the hareline so she could control the circle again! Hopefully next week we will have a new leader!

The GM’s henchman Poo was also a scouting partner / co-hare, but he gave nothing away – not even at the first false trail when he was gazing into a field waiting for one of us to find the paper that must be there. I was the lucky one and lead the way towards the hill, the first hill that is. The next 5-6 checks or so were thick and fast, but also fairly predictable – I got most right, while Chuckie was close behind following, discussing the hypocritical “secret” meeting held by the new GM of another hash and the reasons why hashers might choose to no longer join that group! Perhaps the CH4 should run more than once a week?

Having got several checks right, we got to a 50/50 split, but left was the 90% choice – getting there first I went left, and CW had to go right. I nailed another 5-6 checks, so it took a while for CW to catch me again. I wasn’t sure if I should have been out on the run as the pollution levels had crept up again, but hey I thought I would give it a go. We headed down a steep decline, and I was grabbing trees – with half the trees coming with me as I scrambled down. CW talked about how people listen to him, and how he gets all the checks wrong, and how he could overtake, which he did…

I followed as he led the way back to flatter land, and another circle. He picked left, I had to go straight… I went 100+ and called checking, turning back only to find CW running towards me! He was so convinced in his destiny to get checks wrong that he hadn’t checked fully, and by now Tasty, Cartoon and Poo were back in the fold. And then the trail turned back up the steep cliff climb we’d just come down – surely we could have just stayed up there? The heat hit, the pollution hit, the adrenaline of having been up front faded away, and I was left a coughing, vomiting mess on the trail. I staggered down the hill again. AnyWan passed by offering support, but falling short of giving me CPR…

Blows Herself went past as I Poostyle coughed up the polluted air. I finally got moving and walked in with ABB. Ultimately a great trail set by the hare(s) – really good use of the terrain – I got lucky with the early checks, but there were some good twists later on. A good circle, and then a cold burger! ONON!

3rd May – CH4 – Turkish Delight

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Turkish Delight setting a run for the Happy Hash? Awesome! I couldn’t wait for a Turkish Delight circle – he’d be a great candidate for GM! 😀

So, with the skies blue, I headed down the canal road to the Ob Kham turnoff, and followed signs in to the “new” road, and back almost as far as the football field – Turkey, turkey turkey! that was a long way to get us to the runsite! Anyway, there was a reasonable turnout, with some virgins and visitors. I finished up some work on the phone and was ready for the off.

Despite the new road, the trails were familiar and he set us off towards an old runsite. We picked up paper to the right, and I was fast walking ahead until TMB & EmmaRoyde caught up behind and then walked with me – I didn’t see an ONIN, were they afraid to overtake? Then we didn’t see any paper until someone spotted a FT on the back of a tree. Hmmmz… Turkish, the king of innovation had decided to put a false trail from the first bit of paper!!! None of the trail had been true yet, we had to go all the way back, and eventually one of the walkers called it from a long, long way off – I think the walker had probably given up and gone for their own walk only to find themself FRB.

Another circle, and a third check at the old circle site. It seemed we were sticking to the main ‘road’ trails, as we turned left following Greasy. I put in some effort for a while, overtaking a few people, before I realised that it was fooking hot, and I am fooking unfit. I slowed to a walk as Sleeps On It ran past me. At the next check, I did some checking, figuring Turkey hadn’t put much effort in and would just bring us back around the roads. I was wrong – it turns out Turkey had put a LOT of effort in and set a really great run! So good, I could only manage part of it…

We turned right through the forest and did a nice loop along small forest trails. I was mostly walking, and with ABB spotted an opportunity to short cut when the trail turned sharply back on itself. I was starting to stagger from the heat, and had to take my top off to try and cool down a bit, but the trail was turning ominously to the right, and towards the hill. I know there is a great ridge trail over there, and that is really the only way to get back to the A without the hare resetting trail, but it is a climb to get to it… I am hot and unfit…

I went up the first hill… And then down again… Another circle, and I was hoping the hare had rejigged his trail, but sadly not. Cartoon and I paralleled for a while – hoping to avoid the steep climb… The only way to avoid it was to short cut. I bailed out and headed back to cool down in the shade… The rest of the pack enjoyed the great views from the ridge and came in sometime later. Sadly Turkish handed the circle over to KO, who is already showing withdrawl symptoms after giving up her CSH3 power.

5th April – CH4 – Gorf

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I didn’t expect to run, as work interferes with CH4 these days, but as luck would have it, I escaped and headed down to see what the Frenchman would do for us. Sadly I didn’t have running shows, so I stopped to buy beer on my way expecting to sit and drink with the hare while the hashers hashed. Gorf kindly lent me his shoes, and I ended up setting off as the pollution was much better!

The harebrief was clear, but not conforming to Chiang Mai traditions! We would have circle checks with false trails leading off them! It made sense to me, but heading off at the start, it seemed most people objected to this break from the norm! Why? Changes are good, and these checks are used throughout the world. I tried to explain to a few as we made our way to the first circle, but it was clearly going to be a clusterfuck, and sure enough trail was immediately called in 2 directions – neither of which was correct. I should have played percentages, but after a cross was called to the left, I was lured towards TMB’s call to the right, only to find her confused by another cross.

I didn’t plan to put much effort in, so I slowly followed trail through the middle of the pack. I was back towards the front as another Gorf check fooked people over. Another circle, and again called from both directions. I was tempted to go straight, as turning right would be too short, but I was already a bit to the right, and HRA hadn’t hit a cross yet. SO CW and I headed that way for 400m++ until we got to a cross, with the people ahead of us apparently disappearing silently through the trees back towards the real trail. I was torn…. Probably 1km back on trail at this point, with a clear short cut opportunity. I didn’t plan to run, I had beer in the car, I could easily… It took me a few minutes to decide to go back to trail and carry on. By then I was behind Tip Toe.

The trail was pretty clear from here on. The checks were already kicked out, and I jogged along wondering if I would catch up. I did get back to the pack when it got to the Beerstop – hastily added at the end of the run after the beer monster forgot to bring the beer the first time! :O

Overall it was nice heading back out on trail with the air a bit cleaner. The new checks were great – they are meant to fuck you up, so if they did, they worked, stop bitching about it! 😉

Beers consumed later with Belly are the reason for such a late write up!

15th March – CH4 – Taste My Buns

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By Alice:

There’s dark forces at work I say. First the email announcing the Happy hash hared by TMB and Foxy Cleo. Then the website announces TMB will be assisted by Brownfinger. Have evil spirits invaded the supercomputer at CM Hash HQ? I wonder. Quite possibly I muse as 45 minutes before the run I’m enjoying a latte at Dutch Farm. And not enjoying spitting it out as I recall Cartoon’s dreadful joke about Poo, KO and the prize bull!

Suddenly a phone rings. Some bastard ruins my latter reverie. FMDD it’s my phone!
Hello, is that Alice? intones an edumacated Anglo-Scottish accent.
There doesn’t seem to be a sign on the turn from the 118 towards Country Cabin….
Hello HRA, that’s probably because we’re in SanKampeng today and Doi Saket is Saturday and I don’t set HHH signs 2 days in advance!
Much harrumphing and wonderment. Lucky you forgot about the 5pm run start too H! At least you had good time to scoot over to SKP!

Having been poorly I turned up for new territory and a nice walk. I got both, apart from the first km which was Tarmac down the hill away from the A and then stony forest trail back up the hill 30m above the road.

Trail was well marked in small playing card sized white paper. There were loops and switchbacks often tight, which meant a cunning perambulator had a chance to catch up, keep up and even take the lead after about 4 checks. We’d got to a V on the side of a forested hill. Hashers were going in all directions for some reason. I stood with Happy Ending at the V and we could see a circle 150m up to our right. Why Does Nothing and his crew chose left, why Angry ran away from the circle, only a full frontal lobe analysis would reveal.

I yomped up past the circle on the only obvious trail to find….paper 100m further on. Browny caught up here and I think Chucky. At the next check, a vision appeared like Bealzebub risen from the darkness of Hell. A vision that hadn’t been present at the hare brief and was now front and centre, but looking sheepish and keeping quiet. Red cap, small horns, hairy legs but no trident: the Turk! HTF had that happened?

Onwards to a concealed beer stop on the canal side as we exited the forest after a descent. I saw a group ahead so checked right and back in the woods. Little did I know they were standing about drinking.

Over the canal in last place and over the opposite ank and down into the Shiggy. If the FRBs looped around in a big anti clockwise circle I could possibly rejoin the pack. Way across a vast rice field I see coloured shirts. Result! Crossing the deep shiggy with hidden stream then 200m of humid, insect infested rice paddy was my reward.

I was walking fairly well and ahead of half the pack. At the famed Spider Check I followed PiPi and his girl who walked through a bar to short cut to potential trail just as Cartoon had doe minutes previously. We got our feet wet there in boggy ground and crossed a bridge that had seen better days. The main beams were strong but much of the wood was rotten or absent. Where’s Doggie and Byte when you need them?

Somewhere here I lost my sunnies and suddenly we were into forest following pink from a FT check up right. A cute loop on a walkway over a small loop was avoided as I saw the fleet footedShagless circle around to the same side. Up a ramp and voila, the A site again. Just over 4 for me, perfect for a sick puppy.

Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, Turkish was nowhere to be seen, having been ordered off the premises by TMB for fcuking up her third run in a row. Apparently he’d turned up late and ignored hare’s orders to follow paper right and loop round to catch the pack, only 5 minutes ahead. As if. Turkish had obviously gone left, scaled the 20m rock face and made his own way to intersect trail from below just infront of the FRBs. But orders are orders and he disobeyed his.

1st March – CH4 – Bend Over

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A day off work! Woot Woot! No public drinking, so only one place to go, the hash. Bendover stepped in at the last minute to help out when Blows Herself got sick – she got better enough to run though!

A familiar spot along Sameong Road, and when I parked up, it was likely the hill would be involved. Harebrief done, and we set off. I guessed the first few checks right, hugging the rubber wall. I even managed to talk Brownie into checking the wrong way up. Finally the inevitable happened and we were climbing, with the pack all close together. A V-check where Tasty nobly took the trail back down the hill, and the rest of us continued up. I’ve been up and down this hill so many times over the years, and pushed on up. It is a serious climb…

Finally a check, and I turned sharp left, following Brownie I later found out – it was a gimme… The trail started down a bit, traversing the side of the mountain. The pack were thundering along behind, and so I edged to the side to let Brownie pass, which we didn’t until Graven came charging up. I let them both head off to the beer stop. Beer stop protocol is an ongoing debate… I sat for a while… it was hot… I was hot… I set off with Tasty and Brownie and Cartoon, but it wasn’t long before the pack caught us. I was down to a slow jog, as the pack caught up at a strangely placed circle check.

I went back a bit and spotted some paper, and as I was about to call “ON”, my call changed to “OH SHIT!” as there was a terrifying bridge over a chasm of death! Or well, a few branches to scramble across a metre or so drop. I edged my way over on my ass while Strangely Anal stood behind debating whether to call ONON or not. Once I was free, I called and set off, holding the pack off until the ladder climb. We got to a mainer trail and I was sure we had to go right back to the A, but the quarry has grown, and also the paper was leading us up into an orchard. I was sceptical, which gave Chuckie his chance to take command.

Another circle – the last – foxed me completely as I was sure we would go back to the mainer trail. Nope, Chuckie was right, and I walked in a bit behind the pack. Nice set, lots of climbing, lots of descending.

1st Feb – CH4 – Blows Herself

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CH4 Blows and Alice 1/2/18

As hare – it paper boy – you have enough responsibility scouting, signing, setting, trying to keep Blows from er blowing up, and and and…but today what went on, unknown during and after the hash, was far, far worse than what we had that were known. Excuse my Rumsfeld moment.

Pays By The Inch Ubered it to the hash but didn’t understand the HHH signage – is she related to Frozen and Ben Dover? She didn’t realize what the arrow means. Ooooow!

So it’s getting near 4:30, she jumps out and runs up and down to and from the Grand Canton for 2km till she locates the A site. Spot the mistake.

She slings her bumbag in the songthao and takes off after the pack at 4:50 approximately. Crucially she neglects to tell LungLa she is here and leaves her phone in the said bumbag. Spot the compounding errors.

She follows paper successfully for the most part. Alas her understanding of V’s extends to ignoring connecting paper breadcrumbs and running the check back route every time because it’s torn out that way.

After an hour of running almost every check back and false trail – there were four I think – putting totally unnecessary mileage on the run and not catching up even with walkers, she eventually located the ravine off the last FT in the forest and makes her way down this tricky gulley in fast fading light to the circle check in the stream bed below.

She mills around here, unable to see or locate paper on the ground. BH says it was there but maybe it was just too dark by now.

Night closes in, she is nervous, worried and very alone. She turns off her Strava to save her watch battery and somehow navigates a trail out of the deep, dark forest. Her route will forever remain a mystery as there was no Strava record.

She follows the trail, hears a far motorbike and comes thru the farmlands to a property. It’s already around 7 pm. They point her in the direction of a guy on a scooter and she runs with him – for some reason – down to the Grand Canyon road. A half click later she’s back at the empty A in the dark at 7:30pm. 2:40 after starting her ill advised jaunt. She walks to Canal Rd and somehow gets transport home to Nimman area. Fuck my dead dog.

Meanwhile, the second songthao with LungLa stops at the lights on Canal Rd by Alice’s scooter. Cameltoe jumps out and hands this mystery bumbag to Blows, with instructions to give to the hot Korean chic Suckit brought to the run.

Suckit and his guests go home, not Yummy. Blows Herself refuses to look inside the bumbag for reasons too fucked up to waste any time on. Eventually someone with half a wit does and yes, it’s a Korean phone and a Korean credit card. OK. Can contact Suckit and and and.
Hold on a mo, Cumalot and Poo work out its PBTI phone and plastic. Wtf? She wasn’t at the run – oh yes she was! We try to work out when she’d left it on the songthao. Monday Bunny? Saturday CSH?

Her number is called but of course the mob in her bag just rings. Eventually Poo makes contact with her and parts of the tale spill out.
Alice and BH promise to reunite her and bumbag at Euro later on and we meet her and bf Brian.

She’s been thru a lot that evening – recrims and make up with bf notwithstanding – and she buys us a drink.

The details reveal themselves and Alice admits incredulity. How she got out safely from the circle in the forest in the dark, off paper trail she thinks, will forever be a mystery as the Strava was off.

So she was all alone on trail for 2 hours plus totally unknown to anyone….

Don’t try this at home folks!

Back to the run. After 7+ km Cameltoe was the ‘winner’ with Browny and Piggy in hot pursuit. Foxy and Bendover were the fastest walkers in over the 4.5km.
Frozen admits to running a hybrid trail – I think I know what that probably means and involves but he made it back – last!

I need a lie down.

25th Jan – CH4 – Alice

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By Brownfinger…

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to pull on my tired and crumbling running shoes and head on out to the hills for yet another Chiang Mai hash. There have been many times when the hare(s) has not made much of an effort setting trail, has sent us on a boring 20 minute road run, or had us all lost in the forest in the dark before sending out a few local Thais with shotguns to find us and lead us home – yes BD, you know who you are, buddy. But in more recent times, there seems to be a resurgence of those hashers and hares that take pride in their work, who actually enjoy scouting out good areas to run, laying fine trails that take in the delights of the bountiful, gorgeous scenery that Chiang Mai has to offer. And today, my happy Chiang Mai hashers, today was one of those days that makes you want to hash every fucking day!

The run was in a familiar area, near the large Doi Saket dam. We were in the area for the ball breaker in January and, probably unsurprisingly, the hares for the day were a duo from the quartet that set the ball breaker who intended to use some unused trails found when scouting said BB. A lot of hashers congregated at the A site, which was in the parking lot for the local
primary school. Now, a group of old, grisly men in a primary school car park at closing time would usually raise an eyebrow or two, especially from the parents who had gathered to collect their precious little darlings. But this is Thailand, and it it seems that we are considered as more of an amusing fair ground show than anything. At one point, circus clown Graven Image was seen attempting to climb on the back of the almost full school bus, but thankfully his wizened old legs meant he couldn’t get his leg over the tailgate . . .

ooh, er, missus.

Anyway, with the promise of a 7k plus run and bright orange paper to follow we set off along nice dirt trails heading towards the big old dam wall. There was some trail through shiggy, but not the skin-shredding kind; there were fine dirt trails that skirted the hills and at every turn I felt this strange urge to head towards them. And all the time I was looking for the false trail opportunities that had been promised but never materialised – a clever ploy hares – bastards! And then finally we did head north, as it were, and up onto that weird layered terrace overlooking the dam in its entirety. It looks like it has been chiselled out of flint. I have been up there on a few occasions, most notably when scouting for the 50k run we did a few years ago. I remember the views from then, and they are still as magnificent to behold: winding, spring-green hills as a backdrop, acres of blue water sparkling like sapphires in the late afternoon sun. God I love hashing like this. But then we had to come down, down from our lofty perch via a chalky slope that had TMB, Grave, Angry and I slipping and sliding like Olympic ice skaters.

Son of Robin Banks, Camel Toe, came to join us at the front of the pack and he took the lead heading across the dam wall – glorious, even though the running was on the dreaded hard mix – until he missed the paper at the end of the wall going down a steep flight of concrete stairs. TMB was first down and called a Circle Check. I followed to ensure that I could help her back up again when the onon was called from above – huh, humm! But nothing doing, TMB found paper going all the way down the stairs and we were on again, the youthful Camel Toe, Graven and Angry still up aloft.

And from there it was a fairly straightforward run back home, some of it along the out trail, where we found Alice half way along what I would describe as a low earth sea wall, or flood defence, waiting at the OnIn to photo-capture bedraggled hashers on his well-used mobile phone.

A great run Blows Herself and Alice, a lot of effort and beautiful results. Let’s hope that this positive trail setting trend continues to evolve so that we can all enjoy the wonderful Chiang Mai countryside every dam time we hash – hooorah!