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15th August – CH4 – Emma Royde

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A run in Maerim? It’s been a while since we’ve been running there, so I was excited that my lab finished early enough that I could make it… Dashed out of the room to the car, only to find I had forgotten my shoes, so had to swing by the house on the way to the A. Fortunately I had enough time, even though the A was much further than expected… Tucked away in a spot I had never been to before.

We had visitors and virgins – nearly as many as regulars! After a brief chat and harebrief we were set off – while I’ve been trying to get into the habit of walking at the start, it was downhill so I tried to shake out my sore legs from yesterday’s exercise. At the bottom of the hill a circle – I looked left and saw a gate, so turned right and headed around the corner – I was on. And this process continued for some time – The pack of visitors were clearly faster than me, but they spent their time holding hands, cuddling etc. at the checks, so I was staying ahead and just kept guessing right. Poor Cartoon behind me was left with 2nd or 3rd choice each time.

Finally after 4km, the visitor couple caught me up, overtook and had first choice at the check. It was so sweet as they didn’t want to leave each other, but were forced to check different trails. Ever the gentleman, when he found the trail he waited for others to catch up before running off. By this point, I was happy walking in the pleasant countryside – and was quite content when I saw the cars before I got to the 7km promised by the hare! Good run all on trails that were new to me!

25th July – CH4 – Sheep Shagger

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SS likes going off on long runs, so expectations were high that we would have long one, with plenty of good runnable trails! It’s been a while since I’ve been out at the quarries on the left of Sameong road, and some things have changed a little. We set off the wrong way around the small lake by the temple – it maybe added an extra 100m or so, and meant we had to go through the long grass. Then a circle check by the temple.

I headed straight on and around to the right towards the other exit of the temple, and sure enough, eventually I saw paper. At the exit there was a V check, and this time I got it wrong, so was behind much of the pack as we went down into the quarry – once upon a time the trail was quite wide, now it was a narrow balance beam with a death defying drop off either side – I didn’t enjoy it much, and ended up inching my way along on my ass.

After climbing up the other side, I caught up when the FRBs came back from a false trail. We were now limited as to where the trail might go, and another circle had me checking maybe 140m before I found the paper. We headed through a gate at a clutch point – I wondered how we would get back, and as CW caught up we chatted about why there was no check. We continued with no checks – no wonder the hare had plenty left over for the hare brief.

Trail seemed to stop, and then continued up a steep climb, looping around in a circle. Then a sign saying go back following pink paper. We ignored it, and followed CW & Piggy ass they called “ON Rambo”, taking us back along the trail we’d already been on. Finally we went back and followed the pink paper back to the A – almost 4km in length – wow! Rainy season – could probably have done with a shelter!

4th July – CH4 – Frozen Dick

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4th of July – apparently a significant date for some Americans. Fireworks? Hotdogs? Fair enough! The highlight for me was having Does Nothing come out for a beer – he does stick very well to his name, but I did enjoy his splash of Sex Pistol! Lets hope he comes out again soon – it really wasn’t any trouble with Purple Fart ably assisting.

We rolled up to FD’s back terrace, and there was a big crowd. Gorf & Scooby in town for next week’s Lanna was a little scary given my level of fitness (or lack of). I walked up to the first check with CW, and I went left while he went right. After 60m there was the OnIn! 😀 I was seriously tempted to call it a day! Someone insisted it was old, and we should check past it – why bother? But I dillied around for a bit, and was way back when it was called back in the opposite direction. With the FRBs in action up ahead, and a few checks that were just straight on, along narrow trails that were hard to run, or pass anyone, it took a long time for me to make any progress. Finally I heard people checking ahead, and then finally got to a check that nobody had picked yet.

I remembered this check from a week or so back, and it is a good one. As soon as I got there, and given that it hadn’t been solved yet, I made an about turn and headed up the least obvious hill, where there is a trail but it is impossible to see. Meanwhile everyone else had fanned out the other side of a barbed wire fence, looking up at me with bemused expressions as they tried to figure out how to get back to me!

I carried on up the hill and then got into a bit of a jog, knowing I would nail the next few checks. A “V” check, and this had to be left – Right would take you back around the hill towards where they had been checking before. The next one would be right, left is too soon, and FD likes this ridge trail – he’s used it for the CH3, the Bunnies and again for CH4. I just had to keep my eye out for the cut back down to the left as there was certainly an FT up ahead. CW started catching up and distracted my attention. Damnit – the FT. Even though I was exactly right with where to look for trail, it took me a while as he’d found a slightly different connect than he used last week. I found it after 80m or so, and the pack howled like Red Indians as they chased me down the hill.

Gorf caught me and must have been frustrated on the narrow trail for a while before he managed to find a way to skip past. Scooby and CW past soon after. I was moving faster than I wanted to, but kept my eyes looking to the left to try and spot where we would cut back over the hill. Sure enough Gorf came running back from a False Trail, but by now I realised I was overheating and needed to slow down. I found my own way back from here.

27th June – CH4 – Softballs & Snowballs

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Balls! When 2 balls get together, what can you expect? Back out to the lake at San Kampaeng, and we were promised in the harebrief that we wouldn’t accidentally get onto Mondays paper – but who knows about any other run?! From the way Snowballs fell out the songthaew, I wondered how long he’d been drinking… – was it before they laid trail?

We set off in the direction we were pointed, but even though we were going around the lake in the usual way, it took us a while to find the first paper. Not the best of starts! The first circle was by a few cows. I’ve put checks here before, so know exactly where the 100m point is – CW was some way past it before he called us on. I was jogging gently, as it was me, CW & Blows Herself with a bit of an advantage as we went along the canal. We could have done with some more paper, as it was alternating calls of “ONON” and “Looking”.

CW suggested we stuck together as a 3some, as it looked like it wouldn’t be easy… Moments later we were split apart and all came in separately from different directions! I found a couple of checks a bit confusing – even though we were right, I wasn’t convinced it was right, and ended up exploring a little and then on some other paper, that I think was from Cartoon… After looping around I was back at the canal, and tempted to head home. I was 45 minutes in, but with plenty of daylight, I changed my mind and went back to where things had got confusing, and braved my way up the steep climb. Each time I got to paper, I had to pause and try to pick out another piece – tricky when I was off trail, and the route seemed to sharply turn from left to right and back again. Finally at the top of the hill, I assume there had been a check there, as there was paper strewn on the ground leading into the middle of an overgrown ‘field’. It took a while, but I did manage to get back on paper, and there was Tiptoe & Ball Breaker.

I was back on familiar ground now, headed back towards the lake, but again I got off paper. This time I gave up and carried on on my own – ending up the wrong side of the lake and coming in the wrong way. Most of the pack were there to quiz me on what had gone wrong. I had barely finished the story when Chuckie came in – also from the wrong direction, also solo…

“A bit confusing”, was an understatement!

6th June – CH4 – Pigshit & ABB

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The Ob Kham Hex is probably the furthest runsite from home, but after 4-5 months of hardly doing anything, and being lazy over the past week, I need some exercise… I arrived with moments to spare, but the hare told me to “Fuck Off” when he was going to give the walkers a tip. I strolled along at the back of the pack as we headed into the ‘park’. A circle was called about 40m ahead, and at that moment there was a road/trail off to my right. I glanced down it and sure enough there was something white in view. I jogged over to it, and sure enough it was paper, but there was something wrong – it seemed to be going around the corner from 2 different directions, and just didn’t feel like it was the right paper from the check, so I went back. I discussed it with Shrek and Cabbage Patch, and was just doubting my decision when HRA called the ON from completely the opposite direction. I had found the In-Trail.

KO still hasn’t left, so she led for a while, and then Shrek & I took over. Knowing it must be clockwise had me guessing the next check wrong, and so I was a bit behind as we went along the road and into another old circle site. HRA has set a run their before and so he headed up the steep ridge. I reluctantly followed, fearing it was a case of climbing the steep bank, just to go back down again the otherside – and as we got back to the road, the walkers were walking past on the back of their inside information. I meanwhile was hot… really hot…

We kept to the road for a bit, but I was struggling with the heat and dropped off the pack. I was tempted to short cut, I was tempted to turn back… When I saw Tiptoe going back complaining about the heat and humidity, I was really tempted to go with him, but I was there for the exercise and sweating a lot. I knew roughly where I was, and figured I was over halfway as we went up the hill turning to the right. I was walking, and enjoying the great colours in the late afternoon sunlight, and the peace of my solitude.

There was a moment when the clouds seemed to emerge, a bit of a breeze, and it started cooling down. By then, I was into walking mode, and couldn’t get going again, so I continued to walk. Any moment now we’d be turning right and heading in.

A check must have fooled most of the pack as it went straight away from the way we needed to go! I was sorely tempted to turn right and short cut, but my interest was piqued, so I carried on. I could finally hear calls up ahead, CW and HRA! Just ahead, and then just off to the right, and then behind, and going further away… A km or so later, I got to where they must have been after doing a big loop. It was a nice loop through an orchard, and then I was nearly home. I got to see the paper at the corner again, and was once again tempted to short cut my way back, but the trail turned away again, and I stuck on paper around the hill and in not long before the circle started. Damn I need some exercise!

30th May – CH4 – Mr. Poo & KO

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Mr. Poo & KO teamed up for a farewell hash before their sojourn back to the UK. From the Sameong Road football field, I spent most of the day pondering whether they would send us up the temple steps as a final FU! Fortunately not, and what ensued was a great set, and the appeal of the event drew out several extra hashers like Turkish & Sloppy Rod.

We set off towards the river, and there was a new bamboo bridge in sight of the first circle, and inevitably we went over it. The next check by the dried up paddy field took a while to solve – we went left, we went right (when I say we, I mostly just mingled and watched). Nothing, so I started going backwards, and Sloppy was convinced we were going back across the river, to the extent that he jumped in and waded his way across… I think it was Snail Trail that called it from in the middle of the rice field.

I went the long way around the rice field – even though it was dried up. So it took me a while to get back through the pack. A pleasant conversation with various hashers as I made my way. A couple of decent checks and I was back in the mix, but also feeling the heat so not wanting to put too much effort in. Along the rubber wall, which is no longer covered in rubber, so really should be renamed. Then towards the hill, which made me reluctant.

These are great trails, and the light rain was cooling, but I could have done with it being even cooler. We past a “house” that has progressed since last time, but there was no trail marked off to the right as I’d hoped. Instead there was Poo & KO smiling with beers. Beer stops are great, but I wanted to press on and get to the end. Sure enough it was a false trail and we had to go back up the hill to “house” and finally we were on the way back home. If I learnt nothing else, I know I have lost a hell of a lot of fitness over the past 4 months…

Great run, great circle, great ononon… The Poos will be sorely missed.

23rd May – CH4 – Cartoon

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The air is clean – we are mostly into the green, so it’s safe to go outside! Let’s see what Cartoon has in store for us out at the usual lake in San Kampaeng.

The harebrief told us we knew what to do, and set us off along the side of the lake. A couple of early checks headed us towards the canal in usual style. I cut a little loop off as I found paper before a circle was called and found myself at the front with Blows Herself and a visitor – given the smallish turnout I suspected I might have a lot of work to do today!

We headed along the nice cut through, which takes us away from where Cartoon usually sets, so I was wondering if he had explored the hill, but then paper ran out… I looked closer at the last bit, and it seemed like old paper… Turning back, Sex Pistol & Blows Herself confirmed we must have got onto the wrong trail, and as we headed back, eventually we found a FT hidden behind a bush! Back to the top of the canal, and we found Pussy Galore short cutting, but confused on paper.

We were back along the other side of the canal to a W/R split – seriously does someone need a 2km wimp trail?? Around the corner and trail led to the left – it stank of a False Trail, and I was tempted to just go straight instead, but decided to play the game – sure enough, when I got to the FT, there was Poo and KO waiting to jump out on us. HRA took over the lead for a bit along with Sock My Cock and ABB in the mix.

A circle check at the road, and I suspected we had to cross over to find a way back, and sure enough there was paper after 100m at the nice cut through trail. Meanwhile Sex Pistol and ABB found more true trail leading to a false trail somewhere else.

Another check had me and Blows leading the way, but by now I was starting to overheat.. I needed to slow down a bit, but I had a small lead. A loop around an orchard, back across the road and into a field. I went left and found paper on the back of a tree, but man that was well hidden – I called “ONONLOOKING” a bunch of times as I looked for further trail, but the pack was slow to follow me. Finally figured it out, and went around the corner to the last check. I knew we must be close, so tried to push on through a bunch of freshly cut trees, carefully protected by thorns, damn my leg was ripped up.

Actually a fun set and a fun circle. Cheers Cartoon!

16th May – CH4 – HRA

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So, 4.5km is standard now for runs? Who am I kidding? It was freaking hot, and I am v. unfit – it was definitely far enough for me!

After months of isolation due to the pollution, I ventured out on another run, and it was great to see Poo out on the run as well. He was walking, I was attempting to run, but probably spent at least half the time behind him…

KO was on fire for pretty much all of the run! The first check I got wrong and spent some time playing catch up after finding a way to cross the gully that Shrek & Blows Herself were laughing at me over. I rejoined the pack and continued into the maze of trails 11km south on canal road.

For a while it wasn’t clear if we would turn left or right, but left it was, and did I mention it was hot? I tried to position myself off the front and minimise my efforts, but still I seemed to get checks wrong. KO and I got one right, and she ran off with more energy than me, when she came running back from a false trail Cartoon was right behind me chuckling at our luck…

I definitely need more exercise – I need to lose some weight, and today was just the start of a new phase. I am grateful to HRA for being kind!

3rd May – CH4 – KO

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With KO unencumbered by the millstone that is Poo and in her favoured area, only good could come from this run, right? Well yes and no. A small pack again and two Kiwi visitors livened it up. KO’s signage looked like aliens had landed and perhaps they had.
Trail went south and west to the temple, I’m hazy about those tracks but TMB assures me I know them well. After ten minutes I recognised trail and junctions and was able to predict a general clockwise circuit back to base.
Cartoon and TMB were often FRB but got buggered now and again by the plethora of options at the many 3 ways checks on offer. HRA, Skiddy, Blows and Strumpet were going strong and rumour had it that Cumalot was in the van early doors.
We had great runnable trails, much shade and lots of big dry crackling leaves to mask the calls. But hark, a terrible bellowing sound! Was it a carabao in extremis being anally DP’d sans lube? It sure sounded like it. Wait, maybe it was a forest deer being castrated by an old hill tribe hag with three blunt teeth? An open glade revealed the mystery beast, none other than Blows Herself extending her range of forest call signs.
It was hot, if not fff hot. My intensely orange shirt found favour in ABB’s gimlet eyes but seemed to be wicking the umph out of me. I pulled it over my head and telepathically BH started talking about running topless and Strumpet rolled her top up so I could study the bottom of her very fetching lower back tattoo. Surprised me she was that into West Ham but I may have been mistaken.
At a familiar though cheeky check I remembered its down thru the forest to a parallel path and so did TMB. HRA wasn’t impressed with my On right and down call. Nor I with him not kicking out the check after the dam.
The way in was a couple of two choice circles and I guarded and kicked out as TMB, HRA and Cartoon ran away from me – and sometimes were on.
Good run, just right at 5.3km for me although TMB had a km more from checking aka fcuking up.
The high ice chair was implemented by Skiddy with luckily no injuries and the glamistas Comimg Quick and Strumpet were worthy wings winners. The circle basically ran itself like the run set itsel, and soon it was time for a glass of ale.

25th April – CH4 – Pigshit & Krap Thai

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It was ANZAC Day, so a couple of Ozzies teamed up out in my backyard Maejo. I’ve not run for weeks… make that months… the pollution, work, etc. The smog had been improving the past few days, but this morning it was still not good, so although I was ready to run, I didn’t expect the storm that cleaned things up mid afternoon. Eitherway, I headed out to Maejo for some much needed exercise.

We set off, but immediately the hares were messing with us – normally we’d hit the forest & hills quickly, but they had us zig zagging on some rarely used trails – nice work! After a KM, we weren’t close to reaching the gate that was just down the road, after 2K we were just approaching the square lake – a regular A-site. The pack was still mostly together, and most of us stood at the corner of the lake watching while Chuckie ran one side, and then another side.. when he started back down the 3rd side, we on mass jogged across the dam to meet him again – cheers for that!

After that I put a bit of a streak together, nailing a few checks, and when I finally got one wrong it was a false trail that I was highly skeptical of. Tasty took the lead and given her level of fitness I wouldn’t have been surprised to not see her again, but it wasn’t long before the lead was rotating as we seemed to do hill repeats up and down the lower part of the hill – undulating – nice word hares!

I locked in on the likely route out – we couldn’t turn left quite yet, and when Tasty and CW did, it was only CW that came back, while Tasty reappeared at the next junction. Cartoon took the lead with a burst of energy. I predicted he’d get the next check right, but the one after wrong – the checks weren’t quite where I expected, but I was right as he took off towards the gate and the way home, while I followed Tasty on true trail to the right.

So on the final part of the trail, I might have detoured… or straight lined… but it was hot, and I’d got some good exercise in. I definitely need more of this to get back in shape – see you next time!