Shelters & Runsites

The map displays some of our more popular runsites:-

Suthep Hill
* Huay Tung Thao Entrance (S)
* Behind Conference Center
* TV Station, Suthep Road
* Fire Prevention Center (S)
* Agricultural Center
* Behind Doi Khan (S)

Canal Road
* Canal Road Football Field (S)
* Ob Khan, Hexagonal Shelter (S)
* Brownfinger’s 11.5 km runsite
* 11.7 km car park runsite
* Turkey’s triangle
* The HRA Shelter

Samoeng Road
* Wat Doi Pao (S)
* Sameong Road Football Field (S)
Disco Shelter (S)
* Baan Kwan Diang Dao Resort (S)

* Tiger’s Head (S)
* Square Lake
* Small Shelter (S)
* Praphat’s Farm
* Sleeps with Butterflies’ Cookery School (S)

Doi Saket
* BMY’s Perfect Shelter (S)
* Red Hilltop, Doi Saket
* Alice’s Doi Saket Spot

San Kamphaeng
* By the small lake (S)
* Baan Pong Resort (S)

(S) – indicates there is a shelter available.