The Calls

As you are running around in the mountains surrounding Chiang Mai, you’ll hear various hashers calling out to each other. If you don’t call loudly you’ll be accused of silent running!  Remember, Hashing is a team effort!

* “On-On” – Simply means you are on the trail and so hashers periodically call it to let those following know where to go.  It’s most important when you find trail after a circle check and you are the first to set off on the trail.

* “Checking” – If you find a check shout what kind of check it is, and then as you look for the trail periodically call Checking.

* “Check Back Left” – (Or right, or straight!) If you find a check back when checking the wrong trail on a V or X check, call check back so other hashers don’t need to follow you.

* “Looking” – If you aren’t at a check, but happen to have got off the trail somehow, shout looking while you try to find the trail again.

* “R U?” – Where are you? If you’ve lost the rest of the hashers, a good “RU” call may give you a clue which way to go. At a check it will tell you where the hashers in front of you are already checking.