Upcoming Runs

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All Hashes – RUN TIME 4:30 PM
BUS Pickup for all hashes EXCEPT CGH3 – Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate 3:15 PM

The Monday Gentlemen’s Hash (CGH3) is a BYO hash. You need to get yourself to the run site, bring your own beer, water, soft drinks, chair etc.
There is NO run fee.

People taking the bus – meet in front of McDonalds at Thaphae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.
For visitors to Chiang Mai – traffic is probably worse than you think this site might help you plan your journey to McDonalds.

Please bring 50 Baht for the bus, and money for the run fee (between 100 and 350 Baht depending on day/gender/membership/if you’re drinking/what kind of mood the hash cash is in etc.).

Upcoming runs

March 2021

Monday 8th March – CGH3 – Run #20 – BendOver
Monday 8th March CH3 Run # 1367 Sloppy Rod
Go north on the Mae Jo Road (1001).
Take the 2nd U-turn after Mae Jo University (HHH sign).
200 meters later, there will be a left. Take it (HHH).
Go another 2.2 km and turn right (HHH).
Continue on 2.7 km, bear left at the Y-intersection (HHH).
After a short 300 meters, take a left at the T-intersection (HHH).
Drive another 1 km, the A-bucket will be on the right hand side of the road (HHH). This is that shack that we’ve been to many times before.

Note: there is contruction on the Mae Jo Road a few kilometers past the 2nd Ring Road intersection. Give yourself an extra 5 minutes travel time.

The songtheaw will leave McDonalds at Thapae Gate at the regular time of 16:00, the run start is at 17:00.

Thursday 11th March – CH4 – run # 862 HRA & Cumalot
From Samoeng Rd / Canal Rd junction drive west about 4.7km on Samoeng Road.
Turn left at HHH sign and follow signs to A site.

If coming from Nam Phrae or Hang Dong area it would be quicker to take the road past the football ground and HRA’s favourite shelter and keep going straight towards the Bamboo House Restaurant. The turn off to the A site is about 5km from Canal Rd.

18.719217, 98.876463

Saturday 13th March-CHS3-Run#1557 -Chuck Wao & Turkish Delight

From Chiang Mai, drive on the canal road, in the direction of Hangdong and make a U turn at the traffic lights, approximately 14 kilometres from the Samoeng intersection. Travel back approximately 2.2 kilometres and make a left turn at the HHH sign. Follow HHH signs, for about 1to 2 kilometres, to the “A”.

Monday 15th March – CGH3 – Run #21 – Shrek
Monday 15th March CH3 Run # 1368 Captain Hook & Superman
Thursday 18th March CH4 Run # 863 Skidmark & Sin Bin
Saturday 20th March CHS3 Run#1558 Hare -Just Cuming ,Juicy fruit
Monday 22nd March – CGH3 – Run #22 – Hare: Scum, Co-hare Cartoon
Monday 22nd March CH3 Run # 1369 Skidmark
Thursday 25th March CH4 Run # 864 Pussy Galore & Cum Lord
Saturday 27th March, CHS3, Run #1559 HARE Skid Merk
Monday 29th March – CGH3 – Run #23 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 29th March CH3 Run # 1370 Turkish Delight
Tuesday 30th March CBH3 Run # 237 HARE Geisha Gash

April 2021

Thursday 1st April CH4 Run # 865 Pig Shit
Saturday 3th April-CSH3 Run# 1560 HARE-Scum
Monday 5th April – CGH3 – Run #24 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 5th April CH3 Run # 1371 Hare Needed
Thursday 8th April CH4 run # 866 Hare Needed
Saturday 10th April-CSH3 Run #1561 Super Man
Monday 12th April – CGH3 – Run #25 – Soft Balls
Tuesday 13th April CH3 Run # 1372 HARE NEEDED
Songkran special in lieu of the Men\’s Hash usual Monday trail run.
Thursday 15th April CH4 Run # 867 Hare Needed
Suturday 17th April – CSH3 Run # 1562-HARE NEEDED
Monday 19th April – CGH3 – Run #26 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 19th April CH3 Run # 1373 Hare Needed
Thursday 22nd April CH4 Run # 868 Sheep Shagger
Saturday 24th April -CSH3 Run #1563 -HARE NEEDED
Monday 26th April – CGH3 – Run #27 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 26th April CH3 Run # 1374 Hare Needed
Tuesday 27th April – CBH3 Run # 238 HARE Snail Trail
Thursday 29th April CH4 Run # 869 Hare Needed

May 2021

Saturday 1th May CHS3 -Run # 1564 HAER NEEDED
Monday 3rd May – CGH3 – Run #28 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 3rd May CH3 Run # 1375 Hare Needed
Thursday 6th May CH4 Run # 870 Hare Needed
Saturday 8th May CHS3, Run #1565- HARE NEED
Monday 10th May – CGH3 – Run #29 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 10th May CH3 Run # 1376 Hare Needed
Thursday 13th May CH4 Run # 871 Hare Needed
Saturday 15th May, CHS3, Run #1566- HARE NEED
Monday 17th May – CGH3 – Run #30 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 17th May CH3 Run # 11377 Hare Needed
Thursday 20th May CH4 Run # 872 Hare Needed
Saturday 22th May, CHS3, Run #1567- HARE NEED
Monday 24th May – CGH3 – Run #31 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 24th May CH3 Run # 1378 Hare Needed
Tuesday 25th May CBH3 Run # 239 HARE – Super Bitch
Thursday 27th May CH4 Run # 873 Hare Needed
Saturday 29th May, CHS3, Run #1568- HARE NEED
Monday 31st May – CGH3 – Run #32 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 31st May CH3 Run # 11379 Hare Needed

June 2021

Thursday 3rd June CH4 Run # 874 Hare Needed
Saturday 5th June CHS3 Run#1569 Hare Needed
Monday 7th June – CGH3 – Run #33 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 7th June CH3 Run # 1380 Hare Needed
Thursday 10th June CH4 Run # 875 Hare Needed
Saturday 12th June, CHS3, Run #1570- HARE NEED
Monday 14th June – CGH3 – Run #34 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 14th June CH3 Run # 1381 Hare Needed
Thursday 17th June CH4 Run # 876 Hare Chuck Wao
Saturday 19th June, CHS3, Run #1571- HARE NEED
Monday 21st June – CGH3 – Run #35 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 21st June CH3 Run # 1382 Hare Needed
Thursday 24th June CH4 Run # 877 Hare Needed
Saturday 26th June, CHS3, Run #1572- HARE NEED
Monday 28th June – CGH3 – Run #36 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 28th June CH3 Run # 1383 Hare Needed
Tuesday 29th June CBH3 Run # 240 HARE – Bushy Tail

July 2021

Tuesday 27th July CBH3 Run # 241 HARE Cumalot

August 2021

Tuesday 31 August CBH3 Run # 242 HARE Sticky Mango

September 2021

Tuesday 28th September CBH3 Run # 243 HARE Juicy Fruit

October 2021

Tuesday 26th October CBH3 Run # 244 HARE Sweet Pea

November 2021

Tuesday 30th November CBH3 Run # 245 HARE Bangkok Bank – OUTSTATION

December 2021

Tuesday 28th December CBH3 Run # 246 HARE Cumalot – CHERRY BREAKER RUN