Upcoming Runs

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Most Hashes – RUN TIME 4:30 PM, but CGH3 is 4:00 for some reason….
BUS Pickup for CH4 & CHS3. Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate 3:20 PM

The Monday Gentlemen’s Hash (CGH3) is a BYO hash. You need to get yourself to the run site, bring your own beer, water, soft drinks, chair etc.
There is NO run fee.

Bunny Hash (CBH3) There is NO bus pick up. You need to get yourself to the run site.

People taking the bus – meet in front of McDonalds at Thaphae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.

Please bring 50 Baht for the bus, and money for the run fee (between 100 and 350 Baht depending on day/gender/membership/if you’re drinking/what kind of mood the hash cash is in etc.).

Upcoming runs

December 2021

Saturday 4th December-CSH3 Run # 1569 Stumbling Dyke & Deep Throat
GPS – 18.655804, 98.839585

From the Canal Road and Samoeng Road intersection, drive 14 km south along Canal Road. Make a U-turn at the traffic lights. Then take the very next left – about 20 meters after the U-turn and follow HHH signs.

Monday 6th December – CGH3 – Run #35 – Strangely Anal
Monday 6th December CH3 Run # 1395 Turkish Delight
From the 121 (Canal Road) drive approx. 500 metres, on the Night Safari Road & turn left at the first exit on the roundabout. After about 300 metres, make a right turn (before the flag pole) and drive approx. 1 kilometre to the “A”.

There will be HHH signs to guide you.

This will be a standard hash, except that Lung Laa will not be engaged for a short while.

Thursday 9th December CH4 Run # 872 Taste My Buns & Itchy Bitchy
We’re off and running again :-)
Run details to follow
December 11th CH3 & CSH3 Combined Run # 1396 & 1570 Turkish Delight & Ting Tong
Monday 13th December – CGH3 – Run #36 – Frozen Dick
Monday 13th December CH3 Run # 1397 Superman
Thursday 16th December CH4 Run # 873 Hare Needed?
Saturday 18th December CSH3 Run # 1571 Hare Pig Shit
Monday 20th December – CGH3 – Run #37 – Pussy Whisperer
Monday 20th December CH3 Run # 1398 Just Cuming
Thursday 23rd December CH4 Run # 874 Hare Needed
Saturday 25th December CSH3 – Bushy Tail\’s Birthday Run- # 1572 Hare Bushy Tail.
Monday 27th December – CGH3 – Run # 38 – Mary Poppins
Monday 27th December CH3 Run #1399 Hare Needed
Thursday 30th December CH4 Run # 875 Hare Needed

January 2022

Saturday 1\’st January CSH3 – New Year\’s Day Run # 1573 Hares Skid Mark & Sin Bin
Monday 3 January – CH3 – Run # 1400 Hare Needed
Saturday 8th January CSH3 – Run # 1574 Hare Strangely Anal
Monday 10th January – CGH3 – Run #40 – Shrek – ANNUAL BALL BREAKER
Monday 10 January – CH3 run # ? – Hare Needed
Monday 17 January – CH3 Run # ? – Hare Needed
Monday 24 Jaqnuary – CH3 – #? Hare Needed