Upcoming Runs

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CSH3 – RUN TIME 4:30pm, Bus pickup 3:20pm – FROM 24 SEPT
CH4 – RUN TIME 4:30pm. Bus pickup 3:20pm – FROM 22 SEPT
BUS Pickup – Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.
Run fee and bus fee is between 150 and 300 Baht depending on day/gender/membership/if you’re drinking/what kind of mood the hash cash is in etc.).

CGH3 – Run Time 4:30pm FROM 26 SEPT
The Monday Gentlemen’s Hash (CGH3) is a BYO hash.
You need to bring your own beer, water, soft drinks, chair etc.
There is a song thaew (red bus) that leaves from Loi Kroh Soi 3. Outside Monta Hotel. GPS:18.7832731,98.996870
Cost of the bus is divided between between the passengers (normally around 100baht)
Bus leaves at 3:30. Be there by 3:20
There is NO run fee.

CH3 – RUN TIME 4:30pm. Bus pickup 3:20pm – FROM 26 SEPT
BUS Pickup – Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.

Bunny Hash (CBH3) There is NO bus pick up. You need to get yourself to the run site.

Upcoming runs

September 2022

Monday 26th September CH3 Run # 1438 Devils Reject
Location: North end of the football field in Nam Phrae
COORDINATES: 18.710639, 98.902967
GOOGLE MAPS: https://goo.gl/maps/6AsEzU6pxA74ESgj9

From the Canal and Samoeng Road intersection travel south along Canal road for about 5 km and take the u-turn.
After the u-turn travel a little more than 1 km back and make a left turn.
Drive about 500 meters and make a right turn.
After about 250 meter you should see the A” bucket on the left.
For those of you who need transport from town:
The songteouw will leave McDonalds at Tapae Gate @ 4:30 pm.
Please be there by 4:20 pm, if you want to use the songteouw.
Run start will be 5:30 pm, in other parts of the world they call that 17:30.

Monday 26th Sept – CGH3 – Run# 73 – Mary Poppins
Thursday 29 September – CH4 Run #915 Cumalot

October 2022

Saturday 1st October CSH3 Run # 1612 Chatterbox
Monday 3rd October CH3 Run # 1439 Just Cuming
Monday 3rd October – CGH3 – Run# 74- Emma Royde
Thursday 6 October – CH4 Run #916 Mary Poppins
Saturday 8th October CSH3 Run # 1613 The Phantoms Run
Monday 10th October CH3 Run # 1440 Ting Tong
Monday 10th October – CGH3 – Run# 75 – HRA
Tuesday 11th October CDH3 Run #42 Anything
Thursday 13 October – CH4 Run #917 Hare Needed
Saturday 15th October CSH3 Run # 1614 Skid Mark OUTSTATION Phrae
RUN START IS: Sometime in the afternoon.

Location: Den Chai
COORDINATES: Likely 17.970457,100.046693
GOOGLE MAPS: Likely https://goo.gl/maps/YBVNNdcUpd1KX1y76

Hares: Snail Trail and Skid Mark

From the intersection of the third ring road and the Superhighway the estimated time for driving is 2 hours and 20 minutes according to Google maps.
It is easy to find and to get to. Just follow route 11 south until after 175 km you have to turn left (HHH).
Drive another 29 m and the (SAMNAREE HOTEL) is on your right (HHH).
The hotel consists of 15 individual houses, you can see pictures on Google maps and here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057518076401
I will be scouting trail and the hotel before the end of September and establish prices for accommodation at that time. The hotel prefers we book directly with them.

Sunday 16th October CSH3 Run # 1615 Skid Mark OUTSTATION Hangover Run – Phrae
Monday 17th October CH3 Run # 1441 Chuck Wao & Turkish Delight
Monday 17th October – CGH3 – Run# 76 – Bareback Mountain
Thursday 20 October – CH4 Run #918 His Royal Anus (HRA)
Saturday 22nd October CSH3 Run # 1616 Hare Needed
Monday 24th October CH3 Run # 1442 Hare Needed
Monday 24th October – CGH3 – Run# 77 – Pigshit
Thursday 27 October – CH4 Run #919 Hare Needed
Saturday 29th October CSH3 Run # 1617 Turkish Delight & Chuck Wao
Monday 31st October CH3 Run # 1443 Hare Needed
Monday 31st October – CGH3 – Run# 78 – ABB

November 2022

Tuesday 1st November CDH3 Run #43 Always on Top
One week earlier than usual due to Mekong Indo China in Cambodia.
Saturday 5th November CSH3 Run # 1618 Hare Needed
Monday 7th November CH3 Run # 1444 Hare Needed
Monday 7th Nov – CGH3 – Run# 80 – Kwazimoto
Saturday 12th November CSH3 Run # 1619 Stumbling Dyke & Deep Throat
Mekong Indo China Weekend – Kampot, Cambodia
Monday 14th November CH3 Run # 1445 Hare Needed
Monday 14th Nov – CGH3 – Run# 81 – HARE NEEDED
Saturday 19th November CSH3 Run # 1620 Hare Needed
Monday 21st November CH3 Run # 1446 Hare Needed
Monday 21st Nov – CGH3 – Run# 82 – HARE NEEDED
Saturday 26th November CSH3 Run # 1621 Hare Needed
ChiangMai Bunny Hash Annual 3rd Cherry Breaker Run. Sunday 27 Nov 2022
Welcome to Chiang Mai Bunny Hash Annual 3rd Cherry Breaker Run.

Sunday 27 November 2022

Run Fees 1,000 Baht. included
1. T-Shirt.
2. Dinner.
3. Free Drinks in the circle time.

All visitors welcome ( Men,Women and Kathoey).

Booking cmbunnyhash@gmail.com

Transfer Run fees to Government Savings Bank .Account number 020386509093.

For Further details please contact
+66 97 992 5143
+66 86 835 0105.

Chiangmai Bunny Hash .Facebook fanpage.
or cmbunnyhash@gmail.com

Monday 28th November CH3 Run # 1447 Hare Needed
Monday 28th Nov – CGH3 – Run# 83 – HARE NEEDED

December 2022

Saturday 3rd December CSH3 Run # 1622 Hare Needed
Monday 5th December CH3 Run # 1448 Hare Needed
Monday 5th Dec – CGH3 – Run# 84 – HARE NEEDED
Saturday 10th December CSH3 Run # 1623 Hare Needed
Monday 12th December CH3 Run # 1449 Hare Needed
Monday 12th Dec – CGH3 – Run# 85 – HARE NEEDED
Tuesday 13th December CDH3 Run #44 Tequila Slammer
Saturday 17th December CSH3 Run # 1624 Hare Needed
Monday 19th December CH3 Run # 1450 Hare Needed
Monday 19th Dec – CGH3 – Run# 86 – HARE NEEDED
Saturday 24th December CSH3 Run # 1625 Bushy Tail
Bushy Tail’s Birthday Run
Monday 29th December CH3 Run # 1451 Hare Needed
Monday 26th Dec- CGH3 – Run# 87 – HARE NEEDED
Saturday 31st December CSH3 Run # 1626 Hare Needed

January 2023

Monday 2nd Jan- CGH3 – Run# 88 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 9th Jan- CGH3 – Run# 89 – HARE NEEDED
Tuesday 10th January CDH3 Run #45
Monday 16th Jan- CGH3 – Run# 90 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 23rd Jan- CGH3 – Run# 91 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 30th Jan- CGH3 – Run# 92 – HARE NEEDED