Upcoming Runs

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CSH3 – Saturdays – RUN TIME 4:30pm, Bus pickup 3:20pm
CH4 – Thursdays – RUN TIME 4:30pm. Bus pickup 3:20pm
BUS Pickup – Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.

GPS Coordinates. 18.758693607, 98.97036358

Run fee and bus fee is between 150 and 300 Baht depending on day/gender/membership/if you’re drinking/what kind of mood the hash cash is in etc.).

CGH3 – Mondays – Run Time 4:30pm
The Monday Gentlemen’s Hash (CGH3) is a BYO hash.
You need to bring your own beer, water, soft drinks, chair etc.
There is a song thaew (red bus) that leaves from Loi Kroh Soi 3. Outside Monta Hotel. GPS:18.7832731,98.996870
Cost of the bus is divided between between the passengers (normally around 100baht)
Bus leaves at 3:20. Be there early.
There is NO run fee.

CH3 – RUN TIME 4:30pm. Bus pickup 3:20pm
BUS Pickup – Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.

Bunny Hash (CBH3) There is NO bus pick up. You need to get yourself to the run site.

Upcoming runs

November 2023

Thursday 30th November – CH4 – Run #976 Graven Image

MaeJo reservoir

December 2023

Saturday 2nd December CSH3 Run # 1675. Loose Ass & Anything
Monday 4th December – CH3 – Run# 1504 – Skid mark
Monday 4th December – CGH3 – Run# 136 – Emma Royde
Thursday 7th December – CH4 – Run #977 Kwazimoto
Saturday 9th December CSH3 Run # 1676. Hares Pig Shit, BUF & Bushy Tail.

Charity Run

Normal Saturday run fees will apply.

The OnOn will be at the A site after the run.

Free food will be provided by Bushy.

After the circle closes you can buy beer from the beer monster .

I am collecting money for the local old peoples home and childrens orphanage.

I will be grateful to anyone who would like to contribute towards these 2 charities.

All donations will go towards buying food for the old peoples home and childrens orphanage, no money will go directly to the charities.

Also any sponsorship money will be greatly appreciated.

Any hashers who cant make the run but who would like to donate to the charities please contact Bushy Tail directly.

Further details and run directions to follow.

If you wish to attend please add your name on the CSH3 Line PICS & BANTER GROUP so I have some idea of how many people to cater for.


Monday 11th December – CH3 – Run# 1505- Captain Hook
Monday 11th December – CGH3 – Run# 137 – Strangely Anel
Tuesday 12th December CDH3 Run #55 – Discharge & Anything
Thursday 14th December – CH4 – Run #978 Belly Dancer & Prison Bitch
Saturday 16th December CSH3 Run # 1677. Graven Image
Monday 18th December – CH3 – Run# 1506- Suckit
Monday 18th December – CGH3 – Run# 138 – Alice
Thursday 21st December – CH4 – Run #979 Alice
Saturday 23rd December CSH3 Run # 1678. Cumalot
Birthday Run
Sunday 24 December – CBH3 – Charity Run – Hare: Bushy tail
Monday 25th December – CH3 – Run# 1507- HARE NEEDED
Monday 25th December – CGH3 – Run# 139 – HARE NEEDED
Thursday 28th December – CH4 – Run #980 Taste My Buns (TMB)
The last Happy Hash of the year. Come and have some fun, work off your Christmas’s excesses and prepare for the upcoming annual ball breakers. As usual, there will be a long run and a normal run.
Hares: Taste my Buns and Itchy Bitchy
Saturday 30th December CSH3 Run # 1679. Suckit & HRA

January 2024

Thursday 4th January – CH4 – Run #981 Alice & Thalidoskid
Saturday 6th January CSH3 Run # 1680. HARE NEEDED
Thursday 11th January – CH4 – Run #982 Robin Banks
Saturday 13th January CSH3 Run # 1681. HARE NEEDED
Thursday 18th January – CH4 – Run #983 Itchy Bitchy & Suckit
Saturday 20th January CSH3 Run # 1682. Skid Mark
Thursday 25th January – CH4 – Run #984 Hare Needed
Saturday 27th January CSH3 Run # 1683. HARE NEEDED

February 2024

Thursday 1st February – CH4 – Run #985 Hare Needed
Saturday 3rd February CSH3 Run # 1684. Stumbling Dyke
Thursday 8th February – CH4 – Run #986 Pigshit
Saturday 10th February CSH3 Run # 1685. Tequila Slammer
Thursday 15th February – CH4 – Run #987 Hare Needed
Saturday 17th February CSH3 Run # 1686. HARE NEEDED
Thursday 22nd February – CH4 – Run #988 Hare Needed
Saturday 24th February CSH3 Run # 1687. HARE NEEDED
Sunday 25 February CBH3 – Hare: Bushy tail
Thursday 29th February – CH4 – Run #989 Hare Needed

March 2024

Saturday 2nd March CSH3 Run # 1688. Loose Arse
Thursday 7th March – CH4 – Run #990 Hare Needed
Saturday 9th March CSH3 Run # 1689. Always On Top
Thursday 14th March – CH4 – Run #991 Hare Needed
Saturday 16th March CSH3 Run # 1690. Cumalot & Tequila Slammer
Thursday 21st March – CH4 – Run #992 Robin Banks
Birthday Run
Saturday 23rd March CSH3 Run # 1691. HARE NEEDED
Thursday 28th March – CH4 – Run #993 Hare Needed
Saturday 30th March CSH3 Run # 1692. Anything & Belly Dancer

April 2024

Saturday 6th April CSH3 Run # 1693. HARE NEEDED
Saturday 13th April CSH3 Run # 1694. Loose Arse
Saturday 20th April CSH3 Run # 1695. HARE NEEDED
Saturday 27th April CSH3 Run # 1696. AGPU – Anything & ???

May 2024

CSH3 – 25 May – BUF