Receding Hare Line…

Saturday CSH3 – Mixed Hash – RUN TIME 5:00 PM
Thursday CH4 – Mixed Hash – RUN TIME 5:00 PM
Monday CH3 – Male Hash – RUN TIME 5:00 PM
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October 2014

Run #1215 – Saturday 25th October – CSH3 – Superman/Superbitch

Follow signs from the Night Safari roundabout

Sunday 28th October – CBH3 – Anything & Chilly Pussy

Saraphi (Sweet Pea’s Residence) – driving south along the old Lamphun road (106) turn left (east) at the outer ring road (121). Drive for 600 meters and turn right (HHH).

Please check with the hares as these directions may not be accurate.

Run – #1030 – Monday 27th October – CH3 – Humperdick

Go 5.6Km down Canal Road from the Samoeng Junction, and turn right at HHH sign – follow HHH signs to A.

Run #538 – Thursday 30th October – CH4 Indo China Pre-Lube Run – Itchy Bitchy
16th Indo China Mekong H3 – Chiang Rai
Friday 31st October – 16th Indo China Mekong H3 – Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai

Event info here:

November 2014

Run #1216 – Saturday 1st November – CSH3 – Scaly Gladiator (Fred) + Dad (with help from BMY?)

Sunday 2nd November – 16th Indo China Mekong H3 – Chiang Rai
Run #1031 – Monday 3rd November – CH3 – Indo China Post Lube Run – Frozen Dick and Chack Wow
Run #1217 – Saturday 8th November – CSH3 Loy Katoey Run – Chack Wow/Mr Poo
Monday 10th November – CH3 – Graven Image
Run #21 – Wednesday 12th November – CDH3 – Doesn\’t Get It
Run #1218 – Saturday 15th November – CSH3 – Horny Monkey
Monday 17th November – CH3 – HRA
Run #1219 – Saturday 22nd November – CSH3 – Turkish Delight
Run #1220 – Saturday 29th November – CSH3 Outstation and Mini-ball breaker – Byte My Yahoo

Run #1221 – Sunday 30th November – CSH3 Hangover run – Horny Monkey

December 2014

Run #1222 – Saturday 6th December – CSH3 Full Moon Run – Pamela

Run #22 – Wednesday 10th December – CDH3 – Snail Trail & Mind the Gap

Phuket Oustation

Run #1223 – Saturday 13th December – Hare Needed
Run#545 – Thursday 18th December – CH4 – Taste My Buns
Run #1224 – Saturday 20th December – CSH3 – Cumalot
Run #1225 – Saturday 27th December – CSH3 – Hare Needed

January 2015

Saturday 3rd January – CH3/CSH3 – Turkish Delight – Pigshit – BALL BREAKER

Run #1227 – Saturday 10th January – CSH3 – Hare Needed
Run #1228 – Saturday 17th January – CSH3 – HARE NEEDED
Run #1229 – Saturday 24th January – CSH3 – Taste My Buns
Run #1230 – Saturday 31st January – CSH3 Hare Needed

February 2015

Monday 2nd February – CH3 – Udon outstation – Graven Image & Mongrel Arab

Run #1231 – Saturday 7th February – CSH3 – Anything
Run #1232 – Saturday 14th February – CSH3 Valentine\’s Day Run – Knockout
Run #1233 – Saturday 21st February – CSH3 – Hare Needed
Run #1234 – Saturday 28th February – CSH3 1234 Run – Byte My Yahoo and His Royal Anua

March 2015

Run #1235 – Saturday 7th March – CSH3 – Hare Needed

Run #1236 – CSH3 – Saturday 14th March – Belly Dancer
Run #1237 – CSH3 – Saturday 21st March – Hare Needed
Run #1238 – CSH3 – Saturday 28th March – Hare Needed

April 2015

Run #1239 – Saturday 4th April – CSH3 Animal Dinner outstation – Mr Poo

Run #1240 – Sunday 5th April – CSH3 Hangover Run – TBA
Run #1241 – CSH3 – Saturday 11th April – Hare Needed
Run #1242 – Saturday 18th April – CSH3 AGMU – Mr Poo and ????

7 Responses to Receding Hare Line…

  1. Wanda Lust (Susan Clark)

    Please could you pass on a thank you message to Belly Dancer and co. for the hash in Yangon a few weeks ago. Touring around Burma was fantastic and made all the better by starting with a hash.

  2. Hello,
    We are seasoned hashers from SE Asia currently running with the Cha a /Hua Hin HHH group. We are coming to Chang Mai on July5th and wondering if it is possible to join in on one of your outsation runs – preferably on the 7th.
    Many thanks for info

  3. Where is the Boy Scout Camp

  4. Hi, Im not sure where the ag centre is, i live at the Canal Road and Samoeng Junction, how far north or south is it please.

    • The “Ag” Centre is the Agricultural Centre. From the Sameong junction, head North on canal road. Pass the Night Safari turning (although there is probably a shortcut through there), pass the junction at Mae Hia Market, it is then about another 1km or so, on the left through a gate next to purple (CMU) railings. If you reach the B2 hotel, do a U-turn as you’ve gone too far…

  5. It is Christina from China and I organized the hash here in Xiamen city, I will have a trip in Chiang Mai in Feb 7th, and I would like if there is possiblility to join your Chiang Mai Hash when I visit. I perfer to experience the different hash around the world. So I want to know that the hash schedul for your Chiang Mai Hash in Feb 2013. And how I can contact with you and how much for the hash cost!Thanks!

    • You’d be most welcome to join us – the details of each hash are under the headings listed. For all mixed/womens hashes – the pick up is from the Hash Pub – pelase see the Receeding hareline for deatails of the runs.

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