Receding Hare Line…

Saturday CSH3 – Mixed Hash – RUN TIME 4:30 PM
Thursday CH4 – Mixed Hash – RUN TIME 5:00 PM
Monday CH3 – Male Hash – RUN TIME 5:00 PM
All pick-ups@ NEXT PLACE (Click for Next Place website)Map

November 2014

Run #1216 – Saturday 1st November – CSH3 – Scaly Gladiator (Fred) + Dad (with help from BMY?)

Maejo – Turn Right at the Maejo University Traffic Lights, and follow signs towards Maejo Golf Course.


Sunday 2nd November – 16th Indo China Mekong H3 – Chiang Rai
Run #1031 – Monday 3rd November – CH3 – Indo China Post Lube Run – Frozen Dick and Chack Wow

on canal road, 6.2 km south of samoeng junction, turn right towards ob khan and follow signs to a bucket

Run #539 – Thursday 6th November – CH4 Loy Katoey Run – Chack Wow/Mr Poo

Meet at Euro Diner at 6:30 to eat, drink and be made beautiful

Run starts at 7:25

Normal run fees apply but money is going to charity

Drink stops are pay-as-you-go – bring money!

Raffle tickets on sale at Euro Diner and Sheryles – proceeds to charity

Saturday 8th November – CSH3 – Graven and Brownfinger
Run #1032 – Monday 10th November – CH3 – Graven Image
Run #21 – Wednesday 12th November – CDH3 – Doesn\’t Get It
Run #540 – Thursday 13th November – CH4 – Brownfinger and Graven Image
Run #1218 – Saturday 15th November – CSH3 – Horny Monkey
Run #1033 – Monday 17th November – CH3 – HRA
Run #541 – Thursday 20th November – CH4 – Pigshit
Run #1219 – Saturday 22nd November – CSH3 – Turkish Delight
Sunday 23rd November – CBH3 – Miss Piggy – Koh Phayam Outstation
Run #1220 – Saturday 29th November – CSH3 Outstation and Mini-ball breaker – Byte My Yahoo

Run #1221 – Sunday 30th November – CSH3 Hangover run – Horny Monkey

December 2014

Run #1222 – Saturday 6th December – CSH3 Full Moon Run – Pamela

Run #22 – Wednesday 10th December – CDH3 – Snail Trail & Mind the Gap

Phuket Oustation

Run #1223 – Saturday 13th December – CSH3 – Hare Needed
Run#545 – Thursday 18th December – CH4 – Taste My Buns
Run #1224 – Saturday 20th December – CSH3 – Cumalot
Run #1225 – Saturday 27th December – CSH3 – Alice

January 2015

Saturday 3rd January – CH3/CSH3 – Turkish Delight – Pigshit – BALL BREAKER

Run #548 – Thursday 8th January – CH4 – Angry Inch
Run #1227 – Saturday 10th January – CSH3 – Hare Needed
Run #1228 – Saturday 17th January – CSH3 – HARE NEEDED
Run #1229 – Saturday 24th January – CSH3 – Taste My Buns
Run #1230 – Saturday 31st January – CSH3 Hare Needed

February 2015

Monday 2nd February – CH3 – Udon outstation – Graven Image & Mongrel Arab

Run #1231 – Saturday 7th February – CSH3 – Anything
Run #1232 – Saturday 14th February – CSH3 Valentine\’s Day Run – Knockout
Run #1233 – Saturday 21st February – CSH3 – Hare Needed
Run #1234 – Saturday 28th February – CSH3 1234 Run – Byte My Yahoo and His Royal Anua

March 2015

Run #1235 – Saturday 7th March – CSH3 – Hare Needed

Run #1236 – CSH3 – Saturday 14th March – Belly Dancer
Run #1237 – CSH3 – Saturday 21st March – Hare Needed
Run #1238 – CSH3 – Saturday 28th March – Hare Needed

April 2015

Run #1239 – Saturday 4th April – CSH3 Animal Dinner outstation – Mr Poo

Run #1240 – Sunday 5th April – CSH3 Hangover Run – TBA
Run #1241 – CSH3 – Saturday 11th April – Hare Needed
Run #1242 – Saturday 18th April – CSH3 AGMU – Mr Poo and ????

7 Responses to Receding Hare Line…

  1. Wanda Lust (Susan Clark)

    Please could you pass on a thank you message to Belly Dancer and co. for the hash in Yangon a few weeks ago. Touring around Burma was fantastic and made all the better by starting with a hash.

  2. Hello,
    We are seasoned hashers from SE Asia currently running with the Cha a /Hua Hin HHH group. We are coming to Chang Mai on July5th and wondering if it is possible to join in on one of your outsation runs – preferably on the 7th.
    Many thanks for info

  3. Where is the Boy Scout Camp

  4. Hi, Im not sure where the ag centre is, i live at the Canal Road and Samoeng Junction, how far north or south is it please.

    • The “Ag” Centre is the Agricultural Centre. From the Sameong junction, head North on canal road. Pass the Night Safari turning (although there is probably a shortcut through there), pass the junction at Mae Hia Market, it is then about another 1km or so, on the left through a gate next to purple (CMU) railings. If you reach the B2 hotel, do a U-turn as you’ve gone too far…

  5. It is Christina from China and I organized the hash here in Xiamen city, I will have a trip in Chiang Mai in Feb 7th, and I would like if there is possiblility to join your Chiang Mai Hash when I visit. I perfer to experience the different hash around the world. So I want to know that the hash schedul for your Chiang Mai Hash in Feb 2013. And how I can contact with you and how much for the hash cost!Thanks!

    • You’d be most welcome to join us – the details of each hash are under the headings listed. For all mixed/womens hashes – the pick up is from the Hash Pub – pelase see the Receeding hareline for deatails of the runs.

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