Upcoming Runs

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CSH3 – RUN TIME 4:30pm, Bus pickup 3:20pm
CH4 – RUN TIME 4:00pm. Bus pickup 2:50pm
BUS Pickup – Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate

CGH3 – Run Time 4:30pm
The Monday Gentlemen’s Hash (CGH3) is a BYO hash. You need to get yourself to the run site, bring your own beer, water, soft drinks, chair etc.
There is NO run fee.

Bunny Hash (CBH3) There is NO bus pick up. You need to get yourself to the run site.

People taking the bus – meet in front of McDonalds at Thaphae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.

Please bring 50 Baht for the bus, and money for the run fee (between 100 and 350 Baht depending on day/gender/membership/if you’re drinking/what kind of mood the hash cash is in etc.).

Upcoming runs

January 2022

Monday 17 January CH3 Run # 1402 Skidmark
Coordinates: 18.797316, 99.141777
From the intersection of the Old San Kampaeng road (1006) and the Bo Sang road (1014) drive east on 1006 for 1.8 km and turn left onto the rural road. Follow the winding road for 2.4 km until the t-intersection and turn left. Keep going along that winding road, which after about 800 meters makes a slight right turn and keep going for another kilometre (1.8 km total). There is a temple at that intersection, turn right at that point.
Drive along that winding road, which after 600 meters makes a 90 degree turn to the left and then keep going for another 2.9 km. You just about made it now. At that t-intersection is a temple right in front of you, turn right, then immediately left and then immediately right to get onto the large market / parking area. You have arrived. This is my birthday run thus the food (buffet) at Guenters is on me.
CGH3 – Monday 17th January – CGH3 – Run # 41 – Tittie Smoker
4.30pm Monday 17 Jan

GPS. 18.697458, 98.850926

Ob Khan Road about 700m before hex shelter.

U-turn AFTER coffee tower come back turn left at coffee tower follow signs for about 4/5k then left.

Thursday 20 January CH4 run # 880 Emma Royd
Saturday 22nd January-CSH3 Run # 1576 Hare Cumalot
Monday 24 January CH3 # 1403 Ting Tong
Monday 24th January – CGH3 – Run # 42 – Pig Shit
Thursday 27 January CH4 Run # 881 Titty Smoker
Saturday 29th January-CSH3 Run # 1577 Scooby Doo
Monday 31 January CH3 run# 1404 Captain Hook
CGH3 – Monday 31st January – CGH3 – Run # 43 – Hare – BBM

February 2022

Thursday 3 February CH4 Run #882 Strangely Anal
Saturday 5th February 2022-CSH3 Run # 1578 Redundant Seaman, Cool Balls and Just Cumming.
Bunny Hash – Cherry Breaker Run 240 – Hare: Cumalot & HRA & Snail Trail
Everyone is welcome to join the Special Bunny Hash Run


Sunday 6 February 2022

Hares: Cumalot (087 659 8872) & HRA & Snail Trail

Event details:
We have long run about 15 km.(with Beer stop)
And a short run about 6 km

Runners who would like to come with red bus it will cost 50 baht per person for round trip.

The red bus will pick up at McDonald, Tha Phae Gate.
Long run pick up 13:00 pm (run start 14:00 pm)
Short run pick up 15:00 pm (run start 16:00 pm)

Run Fees:
Everyone 700 Baht (come with red bus +50 Baht)
Includes drinks, T-shirts and dinner(BUFFET)

Those who wish to attend the event can make a booking via the our Email address below.

Procedure for booking.
You must register your name and specify your T-shirt size (Can not change the size of the shirt at the run site)
Specify whether you wish to come by yourself or with our red bus.
Then please transfer money to our account
Bangkok Bank 748 029 8384

and you must send confirmation of transfer to us via our email (for ease of registration).

Monday 7th February – CGH3 – Run # 44 – Mary Poppins
Monday 7th February CH3 Run # 1405 Grease Gorilla
SPECIAL EVENT : This run will be open to all – girls, boys & katoeys
Thursday 10 February CH4 Run #883 Pussy Whisperer
Saturday 12 February-CSH3 Run # 1579 Graven Image
Mae Jo Reservoir – Tiger\’s Head
Monday 14th February – CGH3 – Run # 45 – Sheep Shagger
Monday 14th February CH3 Run # 1406 Hare Needed
Thursday 17 February CH4 Run #884 Hare Needed
Saturday 19th February-CSH3 Run # 1580 Sloppy Rod
Monday 21st February – CGH3 – Run # 46 – Bendover
Monday 21st February CH3 Run # 1407 Hare Needed
Thursday 24 February CH4 Run #885 Hare Needed
Saturday 26th February-CSH3 Run # 1581 Skid Mark
Monday 28th February – CGH3 – Run # 47 – Emma Royd
Monday 28th February CH3 Run # 1408 Hare Needed

March 2022

Saturday 5th March-CSH3 Run # 1582 Superman
Monday 7th February – CGH3 – Run # 48 – Pig Shit
Saturday 12th March-CSH3 Run # 1583 Sheep Shagger
Monday 14th March – CGH3 – Run # 49 – ABB
Saturday 19th March-CSH3 Run # 1584 Bushy Tail
Monday 21st March – CGH3 – Run # 50 – Hare Needed
Monday 28th March – CGH3 – Run # 51 – Hare Needed

April 2022

Monday 4th April – CGH3 – Run # 52 – Pussy Whisperer
Monday 11th April – CGH3 – Run # 53 – Hare Needed
Monday 18th April – CGH3 – Run # 54 – Hare Needed
Monday 25th April – CGH3 – Run # 55 – Hare Needed