Upcoming Runs

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CSH3 – RUN TIME 4:30pm, Bus pickup 3:20pm – FROM 24 SEPT
CH4 – RUN TIME 4:30pm. Bus pickup 3:20pm – FROM 22 SEPT
BUS Pickup – Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.
Run fee and bus fee is between 150 and 300 Baht depending on day/gender/membership/if you’re drinking/what kind of mood the hash cash is in etc.).

CGH3 – Run Time 4:30pm FROM 26 SEPT
The Monday Gentlemen’s Hash (CGH3) is a BYO hash.
You need to bring your own beer, water, soft drinks, chair etc.
There is a song thaew (red bus) that leaves from Loi Kroh Soi 3. Outside Monta Hotel. GPS:18.7832731,98.996870
Cost of the bus is divided between between the passengers (normally around 100baht)
Bus leaves at 3:30. Be there by 3:20
There is NO run fee.

CH3 – RUN TIME 4:30pm. Bus pickup 3:20pm – FROM 26 SEPT
BUS Pickup – Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.

Bunny Hash (CBH3) There is NO bus pick up. You need to get yourself to the run site.

Upcoming runs

December 2022

Monday 5th December CH3 Run # 1448 Kwazi Moto
Location: San Kampaeng
COORDINATES: 18.753770, 99.186420

Hare: Kwazi Moto

From the intersection of 1317 and the third ring road (121) drive east for 17.4 km and turn left (HHH).
After 300 meters you will cross 1006 and then drive alongside the canal (HHH).
Follow this road for about 4.5 km to the A bucket (HHH).
There may even be further HHH signs along the the way to bucket.

For those of you who need transport from town: The songteouw will leave McDonalds at Tapae Gate @ 3:30 pm.
Please be there by 3:20 pm, if you want to use the songteouw.
Run start will be 4:30 pm, in other parts of the world they call that 16:30.

Monday 5th Dec – CGH3 – Run# 84 – Mary Poppins
CGH3 Monday, 5 Dec.
Run Time: 4:30pm

Songtau leaves Montha Hotel: 3:30pm

Directions to A Site:

From the Canal Rd / Samoeng Rd junction drive south on Canal Rd for about 4.8 kn.

Make a U turn.

Drive back for about 1 km.

Turn left and follow HHH signs to the football field.

1842’38.8″N 9854’09.0″E

18.71077, 98.90250


Thursday 8 December – CH4 Run #925 Belly Dancer
Saturday 10th December CSH3 Run # 1623 Hare Just Cuming & Captain Hook
JC’s 1000th Run! –

From the Canal road/Samoeng intersection (underpass) Drive approximately 14 km south on Canal road and take the U-Turn @ the Traffic lights (NO HHH sign).
-Turn immediately left thereafter (HHH sign).
-Drive for about 2.2 km and turn right (HHH sign).
You will reach the A bucket after 750 meters .

COORDINATES : 18.663188,
GOOGLE Maps : 1839’47.7″ N
9850’24.8″ E.

Monday 12th December CH3 Run # 1449 Superman, Square Rooter & Tip Toe
Monday 12th Dec – CGH3 – Run# 85 – Pig Shit
Tuesday 13th December CDH3 Run #44 Tequila Slammer
Thursday 15 December – CH4 Run #926 Kwazimoto
Saturday 17th December CSH3 Run # 1624 Devils Reject
Monday 19th December CH3 Run # 1450 I Got Gas
Monday 19th Dec – CGH3 – Run# 86 – Cartoon
Run details for Monday the 19 of December.

Out on the 1317 towards Sangkampheang turn right towards alpine golf course (no HHH sign) follow the HHH signs after that to the usual A side at the lake.



ONON Cartoon

Thursday 22 December – CH4 Run #927 Robbin Banks & Graven Image

Thursday 22 December 2022

Hares: Robbin Banks & Graven Image

Location: Chai Prakan

North of Chiang Dao, South of Fang

About 2 hour drive from Chiang Mai

Approx GPS: 19.691869, 99.14718

The A site will be at Robin Banks & Injection Infections house.

Accommodation will be at a near by resort.

Resort info to be finalized.

Saturday 24th December CSH3 Run # 1625 Bushy Tail
Bushy Tail’s Birthday Run
Monday 26th Dec- CGH3 – Run# 87 – Gorf
Tuesday 27th December CH3 Run # 1451 Mother Fucker
** Run Date change due to Boxing day **
Thursday 29 Dec – CH4 Run #928 Hare: Taste My Buns (TMB) & Itchy Bitchy
The last Happy Hash of the year. Come and have some fun, work off your Christmas’s excesses and prepare for the upcoming annual ball breaker. As usual, there will be a long run and a normal run. See you there
Saturday 31st December CSH3 Run # 1626 Hare Needed

January 2023

Monday 2nd Jan- CGH3 – Run# 88 – Strangely Anel
Monday 2nd January CH3 Run # 1452 Turkish Delight
Thursday 5 January – CH4 Run #929 Pussy Whisperer
Saturday 7th January CSH3 Run # 1627 Turkish Delight
Sunday 8th January CH3 Run # 1453 Suckit
TBA Ballbuster
Monday 9th Jan- CGH3 – Run# 89 – HRA
Monday 9th January CH3 Run # 1454 Hare Needed
Tuesday 10th January CDH3 Run #45 – Unplugged
Thursday 12 January – CH4 Run #930 Devils Reject
Saturday 14th January CSH3 Run # 1628 Hare Needed
Monday 16th Jan- CGH3 – Run# 90 – BALL BREAKER – Strangely Anal Graven Image & Frozen Dick
Monday 16th January CH3 Run # 1455 Hare Needed
Thursday 19 January – CH4 Run #931 Hare Needed
Saturday 21st January CSH3 Run # 1629 Hare Needed
Monday 23rd Jan- CGH3 – Run# 91 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 23rd January CH3 Run # 1456 Hare Needed
Thursday 26 January – CH4 Run #932 Hare Needed
Saturday 28th January CSH3 Run #1630 Hare Needed
Monday 30th Jan- CGH3 – Run# 92 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 30th January CH3 Run # 1457 Hare Needed

February 2023

Saturday 4th February CSH3 Run # 1631 Hare Needed
Monday 6th February CH3 Run # 1458 Hare Needed
Friday 10th February Pattaya Monkey H3 Run#102/Lanna Bush H3 Run #47 Joint Run GI Joe HRA Suckit, Belly Dancer
Male Only – Details to follow
Saturday 11th February CSH3 Run # 1632 Hare Needed
Pattaya Monkey H3 O/S to Chiang Mai
Monday 13th February CH3 Run # 1459 Hare Needed
Saturday 18th February CSH3 Run # 1633 – Suckit & Itchy OUTSTATION Lamphun
Mini OUTSTATION to Lamphun – Details in due course
Monday 20th February CH3 Run # 1460 Hare Needed
Saturday 25th February CSH3 Run # 1634 Hare Needed
Monday 27th February CH3 Run # 1461 Hare Needed

March 2023

Saturday 4th March CSH3 Run # 1635 Hare Needed
Monday 6th March CH3 Run # 1462 – Turkish Delight – OUTSTATION – Udon Thani
Saturday 11th March CSH3 Run # 1636 Hare Needed
Monday 13th March CH3 Run # 1463 Hare Needed
Saturday 18th March CSH3 Run # 1637 Hare Needed
Monday 20th March CH3 Run # 1464 Hare Needed
Saturday 25th March CSH3 Run # 1638 Hare Needed
Monday 27th March CH3 Run # 1465 Hare Needed

April 2023

Saturday 1st April CSH3 Run # 1639 Hare Needed
Monday 3rd April CH3 Run # 1466 Hare Needed
Saturday 8th April CSH3 Run # 1640 Hare Needed
Monday 10th April CH3 Run # 1467 Hare Needed
Saturday 15th April CSH3 Run # 1641 Hare Needed
Songkran Run
Monday 17th April CH3 Run # 1468 Hare Needed
Saturday 22nd April CSH3 Run # 1642 Anything
Monday 24th April CH3 Run # 1469 Hare Needed
Saturday 29th April CSH3 Run # 1643 AGFU – Belly Dancer & ???

May 2023

Monday 1st May CH3 Run # 1470 Hare Needed
Saturday 6th May CSH3 Run # 1644 Hare Needed
Monday 8th May CH3 Run # 1471 Hare Needed
Saturday 13th May CSH3 Run # 1645 Hare Needed
Monday 15th May CH3 Run # 1472 Hare Needed
Saturday 20th May CSH3 Run # 1646 Hare Needed
Monday 22nd May CH3 Run # 1473 Hare Needed
Saturday 27 May CSH3 Run # 1647 Hare Needed
Monday 29th May CH3 Run # 1474 Hare Needed

June 2023

Monday 5th June CH3 Run # 1475 Hare Needed
Monday 12th June CH3 Run # 1476 Hare Needed
Monday 19th June CH3 Run # 1477 Hare Needed
Monday 26th June CH3 Run # 1478 Hare Needed