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All Hashes – RUN TIME 4:30 PM
BUS Pickup for all hashes EXCEPT CGH3 – Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate 3:15 PM
There is NO BUS pickup for the CGH3 (Gentlemen’s Hash) You need to make your own way to the run site.

The Monday Gentlemen’s Hash (CGH3) is a BYO hash. You need to get yourself to the run site, bring your own beer, water, soft drinks, chair etc.
There is NO run fee.

People taking the bus – meet in front of McDonalds at Thaphae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.
For visitors to Chiang Mai – traffic is probably worse than you think this site might help you plan your journey to McDonalds.

Please bring 50 Baht for the bus, and money for the run fee (between 100 and 350 Baht depending on day/gender/membership/if you’re drinking/what kind of mood the hash cash is in etc.).

Upcoming runs

November 2020

Saturday28th NOVEMBER CHS3 RUN#1540 hare -Sloppy rod

Kevin and I cooked up a lovely run out in San Kamphaeng. It features good running trails, jungle, tricky checks and maybe a bit of slop!

Starting from the 1317 and Middle Ring Road intersection (Promenada intersection), head towards San Kamphaeng on 1317.

Travel 15 km on 1317, then take a right at the lights onto 1147 (HHH sign).

Drive 4.1 km and take a right (HHH).

Continue on 3.9 km and take a left (HHH).

Go 300 meters to the A-bucket at the second reservoir

GPS: 18.691259382584942, 99.20760708543528

On-on-on at the Bang Pong Resort. There is a swimming pool, so bring you swim trunks if you want to go for a dip.

Monday 30 November CH3 Sloppy Rod
Monday 30th November – CGH3 – Run #6 – Emma Royde

Location: Take the 1317 out towards San Kamphaeng, pass the Dutch Farm and follow the HHH signs.
GPS: 18.749203, 99.17401

December 2020

Thursday 03 December – CH4 – Taste My Buns & Itchy Bitchy – run # 848

Saturday 5th December-CSH3 Run #1541 -Hare Skid Mark
Monday 7th December – CH3 – Run #1352 – Turkish Delight
Monday 7th December – CGH3 – Run #7 – Frozen Dick
Thursday 10 December – CH4 – Ben Dover & Laid Back – run # 849
Saturday 12thDecember-CSH3 Run#1542-haer-Super man,Super Bitch
Monday 14th December – CH3 – Run #1353 – Tong Ting
Monday 14th December – CGH3 – Run #8 – Hare Titty Smoker, Co hare Pig Shit
Thursday 17 December – CH4 – Emma Royde – run # 850
Saturday 19 thDecember-CSH3-Run#1543-Hare Square rooter
Monday 21st December – CH3 – Run #1354 – Skidmark
Monday 21st December – CGH3 – Run #9 – Bendover
Thursday 24 December – CH4 – Sheep Shagger – run # 851
Saturday 26th December-CSH3 run#1544 -Hare Bushy tail
Monday 28th December – CGH3 – Run #10 – Shrek
Tuesday 29th December-CBH3 Run#234-Bushy tail
Thursday 31 December – CH4 – Hare Needed – run # 852

January 2021

Saturday 2th January-CHS3-Run#1545-HARE Rat Ass

Monday 4th January – CGH3 – Run #11 – Sheep Shagger
Sunday 10th January CH3 Run # Ball Breaker mystery hares
Monday 11th January – CGH3 – Run #12 – Mary Poppins
Monday 18th January – CGH3 – Run #13 – Byte My Yahoo
Monday 25th January CH3 Run # 1355 Hare Needed