Upcoming Runs

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CSH3 – RUN TIME 5:00pm, Bus pickup 3:50pm
CH4 – RUN TIME 5:00pm. Bus pickup 3:50pm
BUS Pickup – Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.
Run fee and bus fee is between 150 and 300 Baht depending on day/gender/membership/if you’re drinking/what kind of mood the hash cash is in etc.).

CGH3 – Run Time 5:00pm
The Monday Gentlemen’s Hash (CGH3) is a BYO hash.
You need to bring your own beer, water, soft drinks, chair etc.
There is a song thaew (red bus) that leaves from Loi Kroh Soi 3. Outside Monta Hotel. GPS:18.7832731,98.996870
Cost of the song thaew is divided between between the passengers (normally around 100baht)
There is NO run fee.

Bunny Hash (CBH3) There is NO bus pick up. You need to get yourself to the run site.

Upcoming runs

July 2022

Thursday 7 July – CH4 Run #903 Adorable Blue Balls & Pussy Whisperer
Proceed South on Canal Rd PAST the PTT and Past the Shell station to the traffic lights, do a u-turn heading back towards town (HHH). Proceed another km or so and turn left (HHH). Proceed about 400m to a crematorium site and park (HHH).

Run Coordinates:18.654294, 98.854913


Saturday 9th July CSH3 Run # 1599 Crap Thai & Purple Fart
GPS?: 18.9337, 99.03956
Locality: Mae Jo

From Chiang Mai drive north on road 1001 and pass Mae Jo University (on your right). Take the 2nd ‘U turn’, turn next left. Follow the HHH signs to the boom gate/ charcoal plant.

Monday 11 July CH3 Run # 1426 Purple Fart & Crap Thai
GPS?: 18.9337, 99.03956
Locality: Mae Jo

From Chiang Mai drive north on road 1001 and pass Mae Jo University (on your right). Take the 2nd ‘U turn’, turn next left. Follow the HHH signs to the boom gate/ charcoal plant.

Monday 11th July – CGH3 – Run # 64 – Pig Shit
Thursday 14 July – CH4 Run #904 Kwazimoto
Saturday 16th July CSH3 Run # 1600 Anything & Belly Dancer – OUTSTATION
It’s time for CSH3 to put on an Outstation and the weekend of the 15-17 July is our 1600 Run!

It’s been 6 long years since Anything and Belly Dancer put on the #1313 Run Outstation which proved very memorable – particularly for those who did not make it across the river in time before the upstream dam broke!!

We can’t promise the same level of terror (alas), as Cave Lodge’s owner John Spies and team have found new (less extreme) trails for us to enjoy which we will use for your hashing delight.


Fri 15th July – 18:00 BYO/Share Cheese and Wine – chill out around the fire pit at Cave Lodge
Sat 16th July – 16:00 (Time TBC) CSH3 Run #1600 Anything & Belly Dancer
Sun 17th July – 10:00 (Time TBC) CSH3 Hangover Run #1601 Bobble Head & Willy Walls


Cave Lodge Google Maps: https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/Cave+Lodge/@19.572325,98.280644,19z/data=!4m8!3m7!1s0x0:0x80eab9335e1567f!5m2!4m1!1i2!8m2!3d19.5725967!4d98.280294?hl=en

Cave Lodge is 175Km from Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai which is a 3:45 hour drive. Take Highway 107 north and then take Highway 1095 west towards Pai/Mae Hong Son. Cave Lodge is 50Km west of Pai just before Pang Mapha town. There are signs to the famous Tham Lod Caves and there will be HHH signs as well to Cave Lodge.


The CSH3 1600 Outstation Weekend will be based at Cave Lodge

Cave Lodge: Please support Cave Lodge and be mindful that through the pandemic they have been through challenging times and make bookings directly with Khun Pueng via email/phone:-
info@cavelodge.com or call 053617203
The best bungalows are 700 Baht/night or singles/doubles, and there are bigger rooms for 4-5 as well. The cheapest bungalows with ensuite are 500 Baht/night.

Note: there are several outdoor activities at Cave Lodge you may wish to do before/after the run weekend – check their website to see what’s on offer.

Soppong River Inn – 9.5Km from Cave Lodge – (you need to make your own way to/from Cave Lodge), for those requiring less rustic accommodation.

*** Please make your own booking directly with the hotel of your choice and then notify Belly Dancer of your intention of attending. ***

Hope to see you there for a memorable weekend :-)

Anything & Belly Dancer

Sunday 17th July CSH3 Run # 1601 Bobble Head & Willy Walls
Recovery run – Cave Lodge
Monday 18 July CH3 Run # Skidmark
Monday 18th July – CGH3 – Run # 65 – JackOff
Thursday 21 July – CH4 Run #905 Hare Needed
Saturday 23th July CSH3 Run # 1602 Skidmark
Monday 25 July CH3 Run # 1428 Hare Needed
Monday 25th July – CGH3 – Run # 66 – shrek
Thursday 28 July – CH4 Run #906 Hare Needed
Saturday 30th July CSH3 Run # 1603 Anything & Itchy Bitchy

August 2022

Monday 1st August – CGH3 – Run # 67 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 1st August CH3 Run # 1429 Hare Needed
Thursday 4 August – CH4 Run #907 HRA
Saturday 6th August CSH3 Run # 1604 Hare Needed
Monday 8th August – CGH3 – Run # 68 – Pussy Whisperer
Monday 8th August CH3 Run # 1430 Hare Needed
Thursday 11 August – CH4 Run #908 Hare Needed
Saturday 13th August CSH3 Run # 1605 Hare Needed
Monday 15th August – CGH3 – Run # 69 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 15th August CH3 Run # 1431 Hare Needed
Thursday 18 August – CH4 Run #909 Anything & Belly Dancer
Saturday 20th August CSH3 Run # 1606 Sin Bin
Monday 22nd August – CGH3 – Run # 70 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 22nd August CH3 Run # 1432 Hare Needed
Thursday 25 August – CH4 Run #910 Hare Needed
Saturday 27th August CH3 Run # 1607 Hare Needed
Saturday 27th August CSH3 Run # 1607 Hare Needed
Monday 29th August – CGH3 – Run # 71 – HARE NEEDED
Monday 29th August CH3 Run # 1433 Hare Needed

September 2022

Saturday 3rd September CSH3 Run # 1608 Hare Needed
Monday 5th September CH3 Run # 1434 Hare Needed
Saturday 10th September CSH3 Run # 1609 Hare Needed
Monday 22th September CH3 Run # 1435 Hare Needed
Saturday 17th September CSH3 Run # 1610 Hare Needed
Monday 19th September CH3 Run # 1436 Hare Needed
Saturday 24th September CSH3 Run # 1611 Hare Needed
Monday 26th September CH3 Run # 1437 Hare Needed

October 2022

Saturday 1st October CSH3 Run # 1612 Hare Needed
Monday 3rd October CH3 Run # 1438 Hare Needed
Saturday 8th October CSH3 Run # 1613 Hare Needed
Monday 10th October CH3 Run # 1439 Hare Needed
Saturday 15th October CSH3 Run # 1614 Hare Needed
Monday 17th October CH3 Run # 1440 Hare Needed
Saturday 22nd October CSH3 Run # 1615 Hare Needed
Monday 24th October CH3 Run # 1441 Hare Needed
Saturday 29th October CSH3 Run # 1616 Hare Needed
Monday 31st October CH3 Run # 1442 Hare Needed

November 2022

Saturday 5th November CSH3 Run # 1617 Hare Needed
Monday 7th November CH3 Run # 1443 Hare Needed
Saturday 12th November CSH3 Run # 1618 Hare Needed
Monday 14th November CH3 Run # 1444 Hare Needed
Saturday 19th November CSH3 Run # 1619 Hare Needed
Monday 21st November CH3 Run # 1445 Hare Needed
Saturday 26th November CSH3 Run # 1620 Hare Needed
ChiangMai Bunny Hash Annual 3rd Cherry Breaker Run. Sunday 27 Nov 2022
Welcome to Chiang Mai Bunny Hash Annual 3rd Cherry Breaker Run.

Sunday 27 November 2022

Run Fees 1,000 Baht. included
1. T-Shirt.
2. Dinner.
3. Free Drinks in the circle time.

All visitors welcome ( Men,Women and Kathoey).

Booking cmbunnyhash@gmail.com

Transfer Run fees to Government Savings Bank .Account number 020386509093.

For Further details please contact
+66 97 992 5143
+66 86 835 0105.

Chiangmai Bunny Hash .Facebook fanpage.
or cmbunnyhash@gmail.com

Monday 28th November CH3 Run # 1446 Hare Needed

December 2022

Saturday 3rd December CSH3 Run # 1621 Hare Needed
Monday 5th December CH3 Run # 1447 Hare Needed
Saturday 10th December CSH3 Run # 1622 Hare Needed
Monday 12th December CH3 Run # 1448 Hare Needed
Saturday 17th December CSH3 Run # 1623 Hare Needed
Monday 19th December CH3 Run # 1449 Hare Needed
Saturday 24th December CSH3 Run # 1624 Hare Needed
Monday 29th December CH3 Run # 1450 Hare Needed
Saturday 31st December CSH3 Run # 1625 Hare Needed