Upcoming Runs

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All Hashes – RUN TIME 4:30 PM
BUS Pickup for CH4 & CHS3. Meet in front of McDonalds @ Thapae Gate 3:20 PM

The Monday Gentlemen’s Hash (CGH3) is a BYO hash. You need to get yourself to the run site, bring your own beer, water, soft drinks, chair etc.
There is NO run fee.

Bunny Hash (CBH3) There is NO bus pick up. You need to get yourself to the run site.

People taking the bus – meet in front of McDonalds at Thaphae Gate – the bus leaves from nearby.
For visitors to Chiang Mai – traffic is probably worse than you think this site might help you plan your journey to McDonalds.

Please bring 50 Baht for the bus, and money for the run fee (between 100 and 350 Baht depending on day/gender/membership/if you’re drinking/what kind of mood the hash cash is in etc.).

Upcoming runs

October 2021

Monday 18th October CH3 Run # 1388 Skidmark.
Thursday 21st October CH4 Run # 0 Cancelled due to Covid 19.
Monday 25th October CH3 Run # 1389 Ting Tong
Thursday 28th October CH4 Run # 0 Cancelled due to Civid 19.
Sunday 31 October CBH3 Run #244?? Hare Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea birthday run.
Note – Fro m this date, all Bunny runs will be on the last Sunday of the month.
Note – From this date there will be NO Song Theaw to the run site
Run starts at 4.30pm
Open to all runners – male and female

November 2021

Monday 1st November – CGH3 – Run #30 — ABB
Monday 1st November CH3 Run # 1390 Hare Needed
Thursday 4th November CH4 Run # ? Hare needed?
Monday 8th November – CGH3 – Run #31 – Emma Royde
Monday 8th November CH3 Run # 1391 Hare needed
Thursday 11th November CH4 Run # ? Hare needed?
Monday 15th November – CGH3 – Run #32 – Tittie Smoker
Monday 15th November CH3 Run # 1392 (BB) Hare needed
Thursday 18th November CH4 Run # (BB) Hare needed?
Friday 19 November — Bunny CHERRY BREAKER RUN – Run #??
Bunny Cherry Breaker Run.

Long Run
About 15km. Song Thaew pick up 1.00. Run starts 2.00pm
Drinking Fee 600 baht – includes beer, soft drinks, water at run site, dinner at restaurant
Non Drinking Fee 300 baht – includes soft drinks, water and dinner at restaurant
There will be a drinks stop.
Hares Cumalot & HRA

Short Run
About 5km. Song Thaew pickup 3.30pm. Run starts 4.30pm
Run fees as above.
Hares Cumalot & Snail Trail

All runners welcome — make and female

Monday 22nd November – CGH3 – Run #33
Monday 22nd November CH3 Run # 1393 Hare needed
Monday 25th November CH4 Run # ? Hare needed?
Monday 29th November – CGH3 – Run #34
Monday 29th November CH3 Run # 1394 Hare needed

December 2021

Monday 6th December – CGH3 – Run #35
Monday 13th December – CGH3 – Run #36
Monday 20th December – CGH3 – Run #37