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7th March – CH4 – Cumalot (&HRA)

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Midterm exam week, so I got out of work and out to Sleeps On It’s resort for a run. The pollution was down, so it was looking good for some exercise! At the start we had the kiddies running all over the place – Snail Trail had brought her two, then there was Obscene. They seemed to be running around / fighting, but not making much progress…

KO & Poo joined me at the front, and KO got the first check right. The early section went a completely different way from what I expected, but there were good trails, seemingly more uphill than down though. We got into a smokey patch, and Poo was struggling, as was I climbing slowly up a hill.

Cartoon was putting in most effort – doing a great job up front. Pretty early on Graven, Purple Fart, Pigshit all took a mini shortcut (clearly one the hares had in mind when they led us a long loop around a plantation). They appeared on trail ahead of me. I wasn’t short cutting, but I wondered why, when even Blows Herself led a pack on the short way across a field.

Eventually the pack started spreading out, and a lead group established – it was clear we were going clockwise. Cartoon again doing most work, with KO up there. A check split them up and KO got it right. I followed KO, and at the next check she simply disappeared!!! Vanished into space! I got the check right, but didn’t see KO for a while – I wasn’t 100% sure if it was short cutting or silent running, but it was clear in the end…

At one point the hares evilly sent us down a hill, guarding the top trail with a V check, only to take us back up it. Undulating is an understatement! It was up and down constantly. The had us climbing up a steep hill with the trail at a 45 degree angle. That wasn’t much fun, and the only thing that made it worse was KO waiting for us at the top!

Cartoon wasn’t having it – he busted his gut to chase her down. A really nice set – cheers hares!

11th Feb – CH3 – Krap Thai & Pigshit

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It’s been a while since I’ve made it to a hash, but the planets aligned and I managed to get out to my backyard in Maejo to see what Krappy Pigs had put together. Excellent signage on the way in – a good start! It was good to catch up with everyone – but I didn’t have much time to get changed and set off following the smallest bits of paper I can ever remember being used to mark trail! WTF?! I’m not sure they could have been cut smaller or thinner!

I set off chatting with CW, and we past the first V while most seemed to want to check off to the right. Somehow we were out in front at the 2nd check, and so broke into a bit of a jog for some checking – I was wrong, CW was right, and I was back catching people up as we headed into the forest trails. Luckily I managed to nail a few checks and spent a bit of time at the front as I started to get a feel for where the trail was headed. It seemed to be breaking right, and we’d gone ‘far enough’, so I started checking off to the right and twice got it very wrong. Twice I was very tempted to keep going as I was sure I would hit trail again soon – luckily I turned back both times as the hares had a twist in store.

Instead of turning right, we turned back left and went up to the ridgeline. I was way back, and had to just set a steady pace up the hill gradually catching those ahead. We made our way up and along the ridge, and eventually broke off to the left for the long decent. I’d conserved enough energy so that I could take off after the FRBs (CW, Cartoon, Strangely Anal, Graven)… But they were all still ahead of me all the way down the hill to a check as we came out of the forest. They all were focused on heading home, and followed each other straight down the hill to the left. I called RU, and they were all checking. They were headed straight towards the out trail, so I turned right and was re-energised when I found the paper. Turning left at the next trail.

Did I have enough left? I could hear them chasing me down behind – I needed to get everything right and hold them off. Beautiful trail out through the field, and no trees to put paper on, so I assumed the paper was there somewhere. I’d somehow stepped off trail and Cartoon was beasting along to my right. I got to a check steps behind him, but that gave me second choice, and the wrong choice. Legs were spent, so I walked in. Great set guys, that forest is a hash heaven!

7th Jan – CH3 – Turkish & Tiptoe

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By Alice

The birthday boys combined to bring us a very sensible and enjoyable hash run the Monday after BB2019. Surprisingly Frozen and Graven dared show their faces and even more surprisingly no rotten vegetables were hurled at them in the stocks. I guess the hashers’ balls were just too broken – or the pack too addled and decrepit to remember events a full 2 days previous more likely!
Welcome back Emma Royde, Poo, Horny Monkey, Anal Vice and Krapthai! Great to see Angry can get the songthao to the hash when he really wants to!
The Turk selected an old fav of his, out past Doi Saket and to the right. I recall a run about 8 years ago he set with Big Top. How fun to be on trails you don’t recognise, hills you haven’t trodden to death and sneaky cut throughs you wouldn’t know when asleep. Piggy and HRA excepted naturally.
Trail was an oblong – in an anti-clockwise direction I worked out early doors – going along the flat, into the fields, up the hillside to a saddle, down the hillside, around the Technical University and the Ruins of Greater Zimbabwe and back along the canal side to home.
Cartoon was the top dog today. Graven lurched and plotted and used most of Turkey’s tricks to stay up there. Emma Royde incessantly took wrong options at checks. Hardly Normal, missing two kangas in his top paddock, gave his new Salomans an outing and turned into a part time runner. Horny also gave a good impression of a man who doesn’t know his own limitations until a fall towards the end. Scooby stayed competitive. Analvice kept up well until fading later on, obviously burning the candle at both ends in Phuket hasn’t helped. Rooter did his thing and Poo ran out some of the jet lag in his system. Frozen couldn’t find joining paper from the first check so did his best Superman impression. Brownfinger – or is it Ringfinger now? – was competitive throughout. Krapthai and ABB lurked at checks but kept well up. Krappy even running hard for much of the last km I was adjacent, although that may be the reason. Sheepy brought up the rear and protested he wasn’t English.
Lively t shirt, decent circle and OnOn, big thanks to the hares for sponsoring most of the packs’ pleasures.

5th Jan – CH3 – BALL BREAKER – Frozen Dick, Shagless & Graven Image

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Byte’s write up is “Colourful Paper”.

The rest is by Alice.

Taste my Buns asked Frozen Dick on Friday night what the trail was like. “50% runnable” he replied, “And 50% not!” So it just shows hares don’t always lie.
Frozen, Shagless and Graven Image teamed up to set a rather challenging three legs of pain, strain and do it again in the hills, ravines and valleys of Ob Kham. But mostly the first two.
I wasn’t doing great:sore back, dodgy ankles, sore Achilles – I was hoping to survive A leg and then see. Well I saw and I did the whole shebang, with a bit of give n take on leg 1. Am writing this in bed Sunday am so don’t actually know if I can walk this morning yet.
It all started with the liquorice allsorts of HHH signs which hares should specify. NON STANDARD signs. Do NOT look for red on white! the email should say. I was hoping the trail would be marked more clearly in better colours. More of that later.
Off we went from onto familiar trails and after one neat hidden trail up from the first sandy valley which was after a Skiddy stick FT, I knew where we were and climbed vertically to the ridge of the property. The check looking down into valley 2 could be down the steep hillside or left back through the woods to the initial main lateral path. I favoured option B and followed TMB and Scooby although most everyone didn’t. A faint Germanic ONON! and I thought I was getting into the hare’s head. Tricky, intricate, tight. The next circle where 4 choices present was easy as no one had turned up 2nd valley. After 100m there was blue paper with BB. I was in the lead! I was reading the hare! A little too well as it turns out.
Next check I again went straight but without too much confidence. TMB went up into the forest and I know she and Frozen know trails there. Browny paced behind me, looking very Smurf like in his yellow condom headgear and shouted that I was on as he could see something blue on the fence another 50m ahead. So could I but it didn’t look right. It was metal I think and trail had been called from inside the forest now 250m away. What to do? Be brave and carry on! I reckoned there was a good chance Frozen would bring us out of the forest into the paddock just ahead. I padded forward as the pack disappeared way behind me into the bush. I was alone – save for a great big chalk arrow and Beer Near sign. ‘Kinell, I was at the end of leg 1 already after less than 2km. Talk about second guessing the hare!
Being a true sport, I retraced trail backwards into the forest – completely surprising Frozen in the process who yelled: What the fcuk are you doing here, you’re running it backwards! As if! I carried on until I heard the FRBs approaching and watched as small groups stayed together at checks rather than spreading and leaving the kicking out to someone else. That theme was to repeat itself for the next 3 hours.
After the beer stop it was up, up, up to a forest ridge after a V hadn’t been kicked. Sex Pistol and self climbed steeply right, no calling at all from the left. Wtf? Poor hashing. Eventually at 120m she called OnOn! despite no check back from down left. We went up and over down to a saddle only to find the FRB group running in from the left off trail. Why had they ALL run left together thru the V and not seen the Checkback? Why hadn’t one of the bastards gone up and kicked the V if they thought it was left? Fcukers all went wrong and got onto blue first leg paper which they followed like idiots for a while. Som nom na!
Tricky trails, steep, narrow, ravines, creek beds and a ridge path lead us to a stupid ‘something’ after a cruel and pointless 100m steep ascent. ABB could not decipher it. ‘A box of flour with all paper in tact’ he said. Doesn’t look like a circle or a FT. And no paper trail anywhere. Down through the trees I see Turkish standing silently at a circle. Why a circle check so close and not connected to this ‘thing’ ABB came across?
By the time Sex Pistol, ABB, Suckit and Blows Herself had got to the circle, Turkey had silently departed and paper was strewn in every direction but not helpfully. We followed ABB right on a decent trail and scoured for trail paper. It was leaf green on this 2nd leg, and er, well camouflaged in many places. 5 mins later we reversed and found a small hillside trail going left from the circle. Very cute, but clearly marked would have saved us ten mins. More than a few circles were kicked out but paper only went 15m and then there were multi options. This gets more irritating the more tired and hurt one becomes. And I was both. By the time I came to the second beer stop along with Shrek and Pussy Whisperer I didn’t even realise I’d been on trails I knew for the km at least.
Shrek had a nasty skin issue on his heel so called it a day. HRA was happy with his 12km. I was tempted to quit and my heel hurt. Annoyingly after taking off my shoe, sock and strapping and replacing and retightening, it didn’t feel too bad so I grabbed the LAST small water and set off with Sloppy Rod and Andreas, keen to see how the hare got us over the hills to the familiar terrain we must enter on the other side.
I wasn’t so keen while I was doing it, hard going, tiny paths, steep drops, a stony creek bed that pushed my ankles over their limits, bush whacking ups and down etc. Finally we came out on a trail I’d investigated before but was so overgrown I’d given up after 50m! Now we could jog a bit up the hill to the water towers, down past the cows and up to the blue roof house and a long curving lovely trail through the forest. From here on I was aware of all the hare’s options but he surprised me with a little forest path left off a dirty circle mid track. Down and back into the end of sandy valley and the long, straight jog home. Wrong! The bugger took us into the bush and along the hidden valley trail behind the first range of foothills. Frozen’s paw print all over that move! Out of the forest after a steep ravine traverse on a narrow path between two fences of lethal new barbed wire. “Don’t fall into that” I urged myself as my shattered body moved down to the big OnIn on autopilot and I could suddenly see the hashers and cars at the A site field opposite. “You look stressed” says Strangely. But not as much as some.
Big thanks to the hares for all their efforts and the pack for their company and commitment. ChiangMai Ball breaker 2019 did what it says on the tin

27th December – CH4 – Brownfinger & Taste My Buns

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I’d heard teasers about this run for weeks, and expectations had been built up with anticipation for a great, long, virgin run! I walked out on a group of students and drove for an hour or so south to Mae Wang – we’ve had outstations near here before – indeed we’ve had outstations closer to Chiang Mai before! A moment of doubt that I might have missed a sign, so I paused to check the map and finally made it to the A.

More teasers that the first 7 were great, then a beerstop, then another 5 to get back. We shall see! Spontaneous announcement that it was a free run – typical, I was planning on not drinking as it was a long drive back and the cops are already setting up drink check points. Oh well, it isn’t about paying or not.

We were released, and I set off speedwalking with Angry Inch. Out of the resort and right along the road. After 400m or so of tarmac, we hit a check – the choice of carrying on the road, or right onto a trail into the jungle. Easy one. No sooner had I seen the first paper, I hit the second check – again a 50/50 choice, both trails though. Brownie had gesticulated absentmindedly in a particular direction when he was talking about the beer stop, so I had a rough idea of the general direction, but I was wrong, and not for the last time!

Much of the run was spent overtaking the walkers – and simultaneously pondering to myself why I was bothering to run! The checks were so good that almost the whole pack was still more or less together by the beer stop. At least Brownie and Tasty weren’t on trail, so it was easier to keep up. I was pushing along as it was mostly all runnable trails. Greasy was leading for a while, until another circle, where I turned right, and I think it was Strangely Anal that went left. I was right for once, and clearly had a bit of ground over the pack. The trail turned left off the main trail onto a smaller parallel trail, and 50m later hit a circle where there was a trail off to the left. I ducked back over to the main trail and checked straight on (around 130m as the checks were LONG!). Nothing, so I cut cross country to the other trail, again nothing. I’d covered 2 trails, only really one option left. No idea why that took so long to find as people had gone down it – perhaps they weren’t expecting 150m checks!

Again I spent some time overtaking walkers. Up ahead a false trail. Today it seemed people had forgotten how to do false trails. Normally when you get to the False Trail, you can call back and let people know. Today, whoever found it treated it like a circle check, but let the others go to see it. More than once I past a possible alternative only to have to go back and find trail. Angry led for a while, and then Anyone took over. I chased after her and was finally back at the front finding trail to the left after another circle. Around the corner another circle, and I could only see one way to go, so I went 150m until I hit a main junction. Sadly no paper, and eventually a call from completely the opposite direction. Note to self, in the future, never set checks longer than 100m.

Coming back I caught up with Cumalot, and this time spent quite a while overtaking walkers, getting back into the mix at another false trail, where this time we left the decent trails we’d been on so far, and went onto a smaller trail. Shortly later the hares put a circle with shiggy in every direction. Anyone found a way through, and I am sure HRA would have stopped to pull up his gaiters.

We emerged and had a view across some scraggy cow pasture to a temple on the hill the other side. My internal compass was off and I thought we were looking at a different temple. So far we’d been running mostly on nicely shaded forest trails. Suddenly we were in the sun. This morning I’d been looking for my fleece, and complaining about the cold when stepping out of my nice shower. Now the heat hit back and I was starting to fade. Cartoon and Scooby were edging back to the front with Strangely Anal and Greasy. I’d been putting effort in the whole way around – I hadn’t stopped, and now I was feeling it. At next week’s ball breaker, I need to take it easier! I paused at a check, and milled around. An eternity later Scooby called it and I could see him way off in the distance as Cartoon set off after him.

I was still jogging, but spending more and more time looking at my watch – the first leg was supposed to be 7km, but I had 9.5km! I was slowing down. Finally we saw Tasty taking photos, and then another check before finally being allowed the beerstop. I grabbed a water, and took a break. The water didn’t go down well, but it did cool my temperature a little. The pack took off on the 2nd leg, I took a little longer to prepare myself… HRA, Graven and some others were making the decision to pull out. I was tempted, but eventually I set off onwards on trail, but after 100m or so, my legs were complaining and my mind listened to them. I hung off the back of the songthaew back to the A, and headed home!

All in all, a great first 5km! I love forest trails like that. The checks were clearly devilish as I wasn’t the only one with way more distance at the beer stop, and if I had a baht for every time I overtook a walker, it would cover my run fee!

13th December – CH4 – Blows Herself & (Alice)

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I sat through a lot of presentations today at work… It was a long day of highs and lows, and I was cutting it fine to make it to the run. I expected the pack would have set off before I got my shoes on, but the hare was being sabaisabai, and only KO had set off ahead of the pack. Unfortunately for KO she got the first check wrong and lost her sneaky advantage.

Somehow I got ready and out on trail with the first check right. I got the 2nd check wrong, but it was so deliciously discrete that I had a 2nd and a 3rd try at it. 1st try the obvious way, 2nd try across the weir and to the right, 3rd try I teamed up with Cumlord and we found paper. He stepped aside and let me go. Knowing the pack would struggle with the weir crossing, I pressed on, and got a check or so ahead by the sound of the calls behind. I was nailing them until a circle just off the road by a new concrete canal. Here I got it wrong, and could have kept going to get back on trail, but did the right thing and went back and followed the pack.

It is probably worth pointing out that the hares paper budget should probably be increased… They had chosen larger squares of paper, but less of them and finding our way wasn’t easy at the best of times. After going through the runsite of the 1234-555 run, there was much confusion as most of us ran out of paper and were milling around calling ARE YOU, while a smaller group had found paper and weren’t calling.

I followed Anyone and KO without too much incentive to overtake as we past the other side of the temple hill. By now we had to be turning right, while until then I figured we would turn left. Turning right here though meant a limited number of choices – the run was already headed to be much longer than their 6km harebrief. There is a great trail that heads up to the cliff overlooking the lake – a great trail, but Cumlord was already coming back. Graven seemed to be co-ordinating the troops. There is another option that cuts along the barbed wire fence up to the dam, but surely not? That would be too far… I set off down the road – there is a way through – last time I was there it was a filthy trash dump, but I couldn’t rule it out…

When KO called I was very surprised. We were going up to the reservoir afterall! This wasn’t going to be a short run, and we had a bit of a climb. I had to gradually pick people off on the narrow trail and rejoined a decent pack as we got to the great view over the lake. There was a circle check and while some hashers went looking for paper, Graven tied his laces and Poo and I hunted for Alice – surely there would be a beer stop here? There had to be a good reason he wasn’t there for the harebrief… where was he? I think Snowballs called onon, and we thirstily carried on. Another circle – a small circle inside the large circle of the helipad, and here Emmaroyde took off across the lower spillway. It took a moment to consider an alternative parallel with Graven, Snowballs and the Angry Grinch (December name). I stuck to the road – there is only one way back from here…

Sure enough we hit paper heading across the dam… It really is a shame there isn’t a decent way back down from there – I’ve searched and I’m sure others have too, but the only way is to get to the other end of the dam. I was starting to feel it, but persuaded my legs to just keep turning over – it doesn’t have to be fast, just keep going.

I was leading the way, GI caught up. I asked if he was back to full fitness, and it felt like I was asking the robot Marvin as he pointed out he would never be as fit as he used to be! Strangely Anal caught up and the pair got into conversation as they pulled a few meters ahead of me. Fortunately I wasn’t far behind them at the end of the dam, and we could all see the circle check down the stairs… And it seemed like they were reluctant to do it – it could be down the road afterall!

I went down the stairs while they waited around at the top. I called back to say if I was wrong I wasn’t going back – I had gone “ALL IN”. When I saw the paper I got a hit of adrenaline – but no chance of running on those slippery stairs at this point. Trail out to the road. A circle check…. I had no doubts – back over the bridge and down the trail the other side. Bingo, I was off. Wait? Why isn’t the trail going down to the side of the waterway? Phew the false trail wasn’t too far and I was back to the junction while Graven was still at the road – again checking his shoes.

I was back on and there wasn’t far to go. We all knew it and the pack was right behind me – I could hear them breathing down my neck. As trail went off to the right over a little bridge, I saw the circle the other side and carried on, slowing down to a walk. It was enough to buy myself another 50m or so. When I spotted the paper ahead I started running again, and once again GI caught me up. Once again he is capable of conversation! I gasped it wasn’t far, but far enough that I couldn’t hold him off. Mental fortitude, a slight downhill and I put in a burst, I was ALL IN again. A strange circle where there should probably have been an ONIN, but whatever, it was enough and at 7.7km that was a great work out! It was more than I expected, but any less would have been disappointing!

10th December – CH3 – Suckit & Brownfinger

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By Alice

Gripe out of the way first. Run directions said 1st turn after the U. No sign but took it anyway. Fail. Took 2nd turn. Fail. No pin to click on website just GPS that aren’t active and can’t copy into GMaps on my phone while on bike.
Pissed off, wasted journey, head home. 8th left turn after the U there’s a well camoflaged HHH with red Hs on orange background. Wtf! Game on!

Got there and downloaded on Suckit. Sorted ShSh’s on trial camelbak and set off after everyone else.

Beautiful trails well
marked and many options at the many checks. Pleased the frb’s had all the headaches!

Recognized trails from BF and TMB runs starting from behind Suckit’s; great and varied they are:sandy paths, forest tracks, stony creek beds.

After about 2km I reel in Frozen and Superman. A check hadn’t been connected and it takes Sup’s eagle eyes to spot paper ahead.

Next up were Tiptoe and Rooter, striding away like good ‘uns. Hardly Normal in his fab Nadi hash top came next before Softballs and his poor hearing. Softy was full of the joys of spring, gamboling like a young lamb and even running with joy. I know that feeling after months of Achilles pain.

The thing about the camelbak is handsfree and can carry keys, money and extra water if needed. You have to stop to take water on board and get your sucking and breathing
right. Overall the experiment was a success, albeit a sweaty one.

Just before the A site a large group of water buffalo eyed me suspiciously and turned to face me down, bristling and skittish. I know how Suckit felt as the hashers arrived just before 4:30 and vented in his direction!

6th December – CH4 – Sheepshagger

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SheepShagger and his glamorous assistant Happy Ending set a twisty trail in the flatlands close to Baan Tiwai.

It’s an area with potential and definitely underhashed. All good so far.

The way to hell is paved with good intentions they say, and Sheepy wanted to use up old Lanna pink squares. These worked well enough scattered on the deck like Mother intended, but stapled low to the paths on low contrast green in low light surrounded by small
pink flowers… you can guess the rest.

Trail twisted and spun, went back in itself and kept the pack guessing. That was fine. Trouble is the frb’s were guessing for paper some of the way too.

Rice paddies were cut and hard enough to run through. A few ditch crossings were encountered and poor Anywan lost her trainer in a deep bog as she rooted for vegetables while on trail. Good Samaritan Leaky Faucet pulled her off.. I mean out.. and offered her his water bottle to wash the filth off her shoe.

It was hard to get a handle on where we were going and the lead was constantly changing. Hounds were frustrated by the pointless ABB ‘trick’ of stapling paper 5m down a side turn when the trail goes straight on. Circles were also on the sides of trees or set back from the path and quite a few were simply missed as the frb’s sometimes struggled to see the small light pink squares anyway.

After 6 weeks shuffling with a bad Achilles, it was great to be jogging along at last. I ran a bit with Cumlord and passed and repassed Itchybitchy and Knockout.

The sun was out, the pack were working together and best of all we lost Suckit and Pigshit 3/4 of the way through the run.

Browny and Cartoon were going great guns and Horny Lazarus.. I mean Monkey, was showing a leg to impress his young virgins no doubt.

After 5.3km I heard On In shouted at a turn ahead and happily jogged in with the leggy virgin guest of Game,Set n Snatch.

Felt happy to have got home more or less unscathed and enjoyed a sluice and the circle.

SheepShagger was caught out as RA for the day but people took turns and it was fun enough but overlong. Graven thought he was back as GM on Monday so many splashes did he give. Suckit and Piggy eventually returned from 180 degrees the wrong way, after Itchy, the one girl search party, borrowed my scooter to search for the miscreants.

All in all I enjoyed the trail and exercise and hope we run around the area again. Just avoid light pink and make the paper bigger and more visible would be perfect.

29th November – CH4 – Square Rooter

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When SR is the hare you kind of know what to expect, and your fears are generally confirmed depending on the size of his pre-harebrief grin. There was a twinkle in his eye today, and sure enough it was cute. Ag center, by the wall, so no surprise when we set off along the usual path towards the hills, and the inevitable circle check by the other end of the wall. I ducked the other side of the wall and started looking for paper towards the hills, while Poo, KO & Graven headed left. I was joined by Cumlord, Emmaroyde and a bunch of others. No powder to be seen. I discussed how once I’d set trail straight across the orchard, because nobody checks there – why didn’t I think of checking there? Finally ABB found it right where I was suggesting. Already the first check had us scattered.

I nailed the next check before running straight into an FT. Damn you! We were going along the lower trails, but then looped back around to the left. I was getting a few right, but was helped further when I found Graven hiding on trail (he was going backwards), and then Poo (he was going backwards too) and then KO (also going backwards). A larger pack back together we hit the Wimp Rambo split and headed up hill. Up Up Up! I hit another False Trail – equally predictable. We weren’t going too far up the hill – instead we cut back down to the low trails.

A glance at my GPS – Rooter had said 7km, and he normally doesn’t lie about stuff like that. I was fearful as the trail headed up again. With so many false summits, we were climbing, and climbing and climbing. A dastardly V check was about the last real arrow that Rooter could shoot as from then on the trail just continued up and up. I slowly lost the front of the pack but fought my desire to turn back. Finally the trail broke right and we had the speedy descent back past the old W/R split that was now an OnIn. That really was what hashing is about. A tricksy hare, and a long tough trail!

24th November – CSH3 – Blows Herself & Knockout

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I was planning to go for a run out in San Kampaeng anyway, so when KO promised a longer run, I figured I would give it a go. I even took along a virgin who’s comment after was that she expected more running, and less standing around at checks! Erm…… ok!

Today seemed hot, so we debated just jumping in the pool at Ban Pong instead, but dutifully set off for the run. After getting the first check wrong I was following the hare on her trail, and pondered why she suddenly stopped while the trail crossed the canal. Moments later a circle check was called ahead, so obviously we were back this side of the canal, and it wasn’t long before I ducked down a trail and was back on paper. Another check had Sloppy following me, as there really wasn’t any other way to go. We hit the road, and again Sloppy followed me to the right… – I confess, having driven to Ban Pong before the run, I did have some inside information here, so I was off and going well. So well, that I didn’t bother going to the next check, I just continued on trail.

Poo caught up, overtook and then slowed as we both ran into a false trail. Damnit! There was a decent pack back together, and after a couple of twists, somehow Poo got back to the front and led HRA for a while as every check went straight into the guts of the mountain. Finally it wasn’t straight on, and it didn’t surprise me to see Sloppy heading up to the right (go left here and it would be a very long run into Ban Pong valley). Sloppy took over the lead and I followed him along one of my favourite “hidden” trails. There was a check that forced me back a little, but soon enough we emerged at the shelter on the ridge. Sloppy was playing games with the pack – he knew as well as I did where the trail was going to go, but he let them catch up to force someone to go up the hill. As soon as he called circle check, I peeled off to the right and chased after him as he sprinted towards the stairs. I passed HRA on the stairs, and found Sloppy waiting for me at the bottom – I told him I was going straight whatever he did, and so we jogged out through usual way out. I did follow him at another check, but then past him at another Wimp Rambo split.

Set off down the hill, I ran into another FT. Damnit! There was such an obvious trail back to the right, but that just goes down to where the Wimps had already gone. I set off back along the trail, and when people saw me with the FT, they took off down the wrong side. I lucked out and managed to stay ahead with only a couple more checks to nail before getting to the Beer! A great first half!

Setting off on the 2nd part, we were near the regular lake by the entrance to Alpine golf course – a circle check and perhaps my virgin didn’t call loudly enough when she found trail – meanwhile HRA & Brownie found some powder from one of Cartoon’s runs and added a lap of the lake to their experience! Meanwhile Cartoon who lives around the corner found a nice shortcut for himself. Suckit & I followed Heather up past the temple, onto an area that had no trails and once Sloppy had finished his beer he caught up. It was a messy scramble, until we got down to trails again. From here we had to navigate past some cows, along the tarmac and then through some rough freshly harvested rice fields. The first half was much better, but a great effort overall!