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3rd March – CSH3 – Pussy Whisperer & ABB

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We were promised a full moon, so it would be a night run. I’m all for something different so drove for an hour or so to the southern end of canal road to see what they had in store for us. We were set off into the night, with most of us carrying torches – I carried 2, but some forgot and didn’t ask to borrow one! At the first check, Turkish and KO checked to the right, for what seemed like an eternity – it turned out neither had a torch with them.

I turned back slowly and walked for a while, getting used to the darkness, slowly overtaking the walkers. I started jogging, but it took a while to get back to the pack. There were some checks, but the hares were clearly being kind to the pack, making sure the trail was clearly marked for the darkness. Finally I approached a group of torches huddled together, and it appeared they were still checking. I’d just passed a small trail off to the right, so headed over to it, and suddenly I was at the front of the pack! I pushed myself into a steady jog, and got the next check right as well.

At the next there was utter confusion. It was called, but then Graven suggested we were just going back the way we’d come. It was dark, so none of us were really sure what was going on, particularly when paper ran out not long later. Perhaps we missed a check? Suddenly there were calls from everywhere, and everyone was convinced they were correctly on trail. I suspect that TMB & I were the only 2 that did it all, and strava suggests others cut a loop out.

For me, I was on my own again, believing I was just following TMB… I was expecting someone to catch me up sooner or later, but nobody appeared from behind. When I got to a check that was kicked out, I was really confused… Either TMB came back to kick it out for me, or… am I doing a 2nd lap of the trail? I tried to focus my brain, but it was dark, and I could have been on any trail. I trudged on, and was shocked to find all the pack already home when I got back.

Devious, particularly hiding the moon until the circle was nearly over!

1st March – CH4 – Bend Over

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A day off work! Woot Woot! No public drinking, so only one place to go, the hash. Bendover stepped in at the last minute to help out when Blows Herself got sick – she got better enough to run though!

A familiar spot along Sameong Road, and when I parked up, it was likely the hill would be involved. Harebrief done, and we set off. I guessed the first few checks right, hugging the rubber wall. I even managed to talk Brownie into checking the wrong way up. Finally the inevitable happened and we were climbing, with the pack all close together. A V-check where Tasty nobly took the trail back down the hill, and the rest of us continued up. I’ve been up and down this hill so many times over the years, and pushed on up. It is a serious climb…

Finally a check, and I turned sharp left, following Brownie I later found out – it was a gimme… The trail started down a bit, traversing the side of the mountain. The pack were thundering along behind, and so I edged to the side to let Brownie pass, which we didn’t until Graven came charging up. I let them both head off to the beer stop. Beer stop protocol is an ongoing debate… I sat for a while… it was hot… I was hot… I set off with Tasty and Brownie and Cartoon, but it wasn’t long before the pack caught us. I was down to a slow jog, as the pack caught up at a strangely placed circle check.

I went back a bit and spotted some paper, and as I was about to call “ON”, my call changed to “OH SHIT!” as there was a terrifying bridge over a chasm of death! Or well, a few branches to scramble across a metre or so drop. I edged my way over on my ass while Strangely Anal stood behind debating whether to call ONON or not. Once I was free, I called and set off, holding the pack off until the ladder climb. We got to a mainer trail and I was sure we had to go right back to the A, but the quarry has grown, and also the paper was leading us up into an orchard. I was sceptical, which gave Chuckie his chance to take command.

Another circle – the last – foxed me completely as I was sure we would go back to the mainer trail. Nope, Chuckie was right, and I walked in a bit behind the pack. Nice set, lots of climbing, lots of descending.

24th Feb – CSH3 – Geisha Gash & Doesn’t Get It Outstation

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I drove up to Chiang Dao for the weekend’s festivities beginning with Friday night. Good times to catch up with old friends, and make some new ones… The run itself was early – we set off in the back of pickups and songthaews at 2:30, with the sun beating down on us, as we were dropped in the middle of nowhere. This would be all new.

I don’t know how many hares it took to set this run, but Boom Boom Baby and Citrus Smeller were on fire for the first few checks – it wasn’t until later we discovered they had helped set that part of the run! I on the other hand was getting everything wrong. An interesting twist to the run was that (allegedly) there were secret eggs hidden close to some of the circle checks, which meant each time we got to a check, people started hunting right around the check, rather than checking properly. This confused the hell out of me, as I had forgotten the harebrief by then. Instead, I just couldn’t hear any “ON” calls because of the sound of rustling leaves…

I was doing a good job of getting everything wrong, and slowly overheating. Somehow I was still near the front, and finally got one right as we crossed an unlikely little stream much to the enjoyment of a local chicken farmer. I got a couple right in a row, and now being at the front, I had a look for eggs – no luck for me! CW got to a check just behind me, and he agreed left was the likely option – I went left, while he went straight. After 120m or so, I paused and turned around, but there were no other calls. I edged out to around 150m, but still nothing. When I looked back now, I saw Shagless coming in my direction. Aha! Inside information! I went another hundred, but still no paper. I asked an old lady sat chuckling by the side of the road, and she told me the paper was further on. After 300m or so from the circle, I finally found paper! Either someone had pulled paper down, or the hares had been too busy yacking!

The next couple of checks were straight on, but each time, it was closer to 200m than 100m… Another circle, so I checked a full 200m, finding nothing. When Shagless (co-co-lead-hare) called it from 300m in a completely different direction, I was half a k off the pace. I decided to gamble as the trail I was on appeared to be bending in the right direction anyway… Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, this time I lost. With the sun burning down on me, it took me some time to loop around, and by the time I found a check, it was kicked out and the pack long gone. I jogged and walked, and finally caught up with 4 lovely young ladies, who were also struggling with the heat. I was tempted to stay with them, but pressed on. Finally I heard voices ahead – with trail going to the right, there were clearly people calling straight on. I did the sensible thing and went straight, hooking up back with the front of the pack, joining them as we headed down a steep bank to the beerstop. I sat in the shade at the back of the songthaew, and the heat hit me… BAM!

I was struggling to focus on anything. By the time I was half way through my beer they were packing up the beerstop, and heading back. I opted to get the breeze on me sitting in the back of the pick up, so missed out on the epic Chuck Wao river crossing just before the end. Saturday night seemed a lot quieter than Friday had been, so most people made it out for the hangover amble.

All in all, a very successful outstation – great job hares!

CH3 Outstation – Graven Image

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By Alice

Graven and Anal Vice stand in Angry Inch set a tough outstation run in Pattaya for the vacationers from ChiangMai and an equal number of local hashmen, true and staunch.

The crowd assembled at some Aussie bar and familiar faces from my Pattaya hashes in years
gone by revealed themselves, even if I couldn’t recall many names: Reargunner, Jello Butt, Ass Bandit to name but three.

Superman and the super wide Superboy fronted up with the lanky Redundant Semen plus cigarettes in tow. It was onto the baht bus and a rattling hour or so to the A.

Graven produced some very eye catching CH3 commemorative polo shirts featuring a direct quote from Chuck Wao:My level of sarcasm depends on your level of stupidity. I say!

First leg was a tough 11 km with trail marked in small playing card size paper printed with a grey graven image on. The picture wasn’t entirely clear and looked like a strange beast buggering a horse, so it was pretty apt I guess.

The hares, according the local pundits, had done a good job and set trail in different directions to what local hares would do. They knew where the trail was heading but not how our CH3 boys would get there.

Most notable on this leg were a steep climb thru long grass and over rocks that went on. And on. We also had a tricky check on the side of a steep hill of rubber trees. Then we had a section where paper was removed and the FRBs continued 300m to find paper but no body shouted back to us looking elsewhere!

After a tricky loop back on paper to another check, mid pack were confused by paper seemingly going two directions and On and check calls coming from different places.

Alice found trail and then a FT. On was called way back in the woods but luckily my eagle eyes spotted three FRBs running across a field behind a wall 400m away so ran thru the FT to join up in short order. Runners behind were confused as they espied the FT. Some followed me, some looped thru the woods. More fool them.

Back in the big ploughed tapioca field, the FRBs, Jello, Chucky and a.n.other had left the immediate check intact. Alas they did so for the next three, all running together as the locals ‘knew’ where it must go.
No check guarding or spreading out. No calling. Although Chucky swears to differ.

The tapioca fields went on and on and the trail inbetween was runnable. After the climb, it was pleasant to run on rutted flattish track. Here the flies descended and every man probably laughed at the hundreds of the critters on the head/hat/back/pack of the man in front, little realizing he was also so festooned.

Finally the hares appeared on trail, beer was near! After a welcome pitstop of water and fruit it was off on the last 4-5km with Jello Butt fcuking up most checks and running off paper the memorable feature. Chucky can be trusted on this point of fact.

Terrain was uneven and broken, we went thru tapioca fields and some shiggy before hitting a big road, crossing and then more tapioca fields.
The FRBs and paper disappeared behind a building and all was quiet.

Suddenly I saw coloured shirts running across my front way on the other side of another tapioca field and ran from ridge to ridge across the wide expanse and there was the A site, a few hundred meters to the left.

All in I clocked up 11km but FRBs may have done 12km or should have done. The rain after the set didn’t help our valiant hares but overall they did a sterling job and it was extremely refreshing to meet and mingle with Pattaya men.
OnOnOn at M Club? shall remain cloudy for various reasons, although the portions were fabulous and succulent. The pizzas I mean.

10th Feb – CSH3 – Taste My Buns

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Tasty teamed with Foxy and engineered a set up which relied on hashers not being halfminds. The harebrief detailed precise distances for a myriad of choices between 2.something and 10k. Clearly a lot of work had gone into setting it up! After 5 minutes of harebrief, I’m not sure I knew what was going on, but for sure it sounded like we should be following white paper on the longer run.

We set off back around the lake, and didn’t see anything until a blob of powder and then a circle in powder. I checked over the road and found a nice looking trail between a couple of quarries. Emmaroid was following and when we found some powder we were confused. Emmaroid picked some up and sniffed it like a DEA agent. Unconvinced we didn’t call for quite a while – he ran on another 100m or so to find some paper, so the pack were someway back, and confused, from the start. It didn’t take long for them to catch up though as the 2nd check must have been nearly 200m before powder. I’d checked the right way first, but gave up after 150m or so. When it was eventually called nobody was quite sure where we were supposed to go, but we grouped up heading along the side of a canal.

A split gave walkers the option of following pink paper, while for the runners it was also a check. One of the problems of doing Wimp/Rambos is that it takes out a check opportunity, but here the hares had creatively combined a split with a circle check. Most understood what was supposed to happen, but there were a few stood around confused. Next was the family of cows that really didn’t appreciate being tied up on a narrow path with a bunch of crazy colourful hashers running at them. They were terrifiedly spooked when I passed, so I hope the rest made it through.

Another check crossed the canal and Sloppy found trail over a concrete weir that needed good balance. Not having it I went around and rejoined the pack at the next check, which for some reason took us out into the rice paddies. I felt bad enough trampling on the poor farmers field, but worse when he came out to find out why the hell a crazy bunch of foreigners had suddenly decided to destroy his crop. Not good. I think Sloppy was conscientious enough to go back and all the way around to avoid causing more damage. Sticking a circle check in the middle of a rice field and expecting hashers to scatter everywhere?!

I was happy to finally be out of the ricefield, and we got to a circle where the run imploded. Nobody imagined we should go back into the ricefield and destroy more of it! Everybody was relieved to be out of the field and checked each way along the road – even running on road would be better! With everywhere being checked thoroughly (except back into the rice field), Graven and I spotted something white across another field closer to the hills and headed off to investigate. It was white, it was paper, but it wasn’t hash paper. We were a long way from the circle, but still nobody had called it. We headed along the trail to the right and spotted Turkish beelining across the field with intent, saying nothing. It was trademark Turkey silent running, so we headed to intercept getting to a circle 40m behind him as he called “CIRCLE CHECK!!!”.

It took some time to understand from Turkey that he hadn’t been on paper, he’d just seen the check from a long way away. And by the time we figured out we had got to the check from the wrong place, the pack was already headed our way. It didn’t take long to solve, so I found myself at the front running back along the bottom of the hill on a nice pleasant trail, unaware of how much of the trail we had skipped.

A couple of checks later I stumbled on the hares at a warm beer stop. Warm beer and a cross check. I managed to find 2 false trails, including one at the top of a nasty steep cliff climb. Ack, I should have just had a warm beer instead! I cut across and rejoined Graven when we got to yet another choice. We could do the wimp trail which by now was surely already kicked out, or we could stick with white paper and head on in to the cold beer. It didn’t take too much thinking!

My head is still trying to get its way around the complexities of the run, or perhaps it is just trying to recover from a night out with Belly Dancer..!

1st Feb – CH4 – Blows Herself

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CH4 Blows and Alice 1/2/18

As hare – it paper boy – you have enough responsibility scouting, signing, setting, trying to keep Blows from er blowing up, and and and…but today what went on, unknown during and after the hash, was far, far worse than what we had that were known. Excuse my Rumsfeld moment.

Pays By The Inch Ubered it to the hash but didn’t understand the HHH signage – is she related to Frozen and Ben Dover? She didn’t realize what the arrow means. Ooooow!

So it’s getting near 4:30, she jumps out and runs up and down to and from the Grand Canton for 2km till she locates the A site. Spot the mistake.

She slings her bumbag in the songthao and takes off after the pack at 4:50 approximately. Crucially she neglects to tell LungLa she is here and leaves her phone in the said bumbag. Spot the compounding errors.

She follows paper successfully for the most part. Alas her understanding of V’s extends to ignoring connecting paper breadcrumbs and running the check back route every time because it’s torn out that way.

After an hour of running almost every check back and false trail – there were four I think – putting totally unnecessary mileage on the run and not catching up even with walkers, she eventually located the ravine off the last FT in the forest and makes her way down this tricky gulley in fast fading light to the circle check in the stream bed below.

She mills around here, unable to see or locate paper on the ground. BH says it was there but maybe it was just too dark by now.

Night closes in, she is nervous, worried and very alone. She turns off her Strava to save her watch battery and somehow navigates a trail out of the deep, dark forest. Her route will forever remain a mystery as there was no Strava record.

She follows the trail, hears a far motorbike and comes thru the farmlands to a property. It’s already around 7 pm. They point her in the direction of a guy on a scooter and she runs with him – for some reason – down to the Grand Canyon road. A half click later she’s back at the empty A in the dark at 7:30pm. 2:40 after starting her ill advised jaunt. She walks to Canal Rd and somehow gets transport home to Nimman area. Fuck my dead dog.

Meanwhile, the second songthao with LungLa stops at the lights on Canal Rd by Alice’s scooter. Cameltoe jumps out and hands this mystery bumbag to Blows, with instructions to give to the hot Korean chic Suckit brought to the run.

Suckit and his guests go home, not Yummy. Blows Herself refuses to look inside the bumbag for reasons too fucked up to waste any time on. Eventually someone with half a wit does and yes, it’s a Korean phone and a Korean credit card. OK. Can contact Suckit and and and.
Hold on a mo, Cumalot and Poo work out its PBTI phone and plastic. Wtf? She wasn’t at the run – oh yes she was! We try to work out when she’d left it on the songthao. Monday Bunny? Saturday CSH?

Her number is called but of course the mob in her bag just rings. Eventually Poo makes contact with her and parts of the tale spill out.
Alice and BH promise to reunite her and bumbag at Euro later on and we meet her and bf Brian.

She’s been thru a lot that evening – recrims and make up with bf notwithstanding – and she buys us a drink.

The details reveal themselves and Alice admits incredulity. How she got out safely from the circle in the forest in the dark, off paper trail she thinks, will forever be a mystery as the Strava was off.

So she was all alone on trail for 2 hours plus totally unknown to anyone….

Don’t try this at home folks!

Back to the run. After 7+ km Cameltoe was the ‘winner’ with Browny and Piggy in hot pursuit. Foxy and Bendover were the fastest walkers in over the 4.5km.
Frozen admits to running a hybrid trail – I think I know what that probably means and involves but he made it back – last!

I need a lie down.

27th Jan – CSH3 – HRA

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HRA and female mystery co-hare and chauffeur got busy in Nam Phrae to eek out a devious route from well known terrain and trails.
Two songthaos, the Sat local mob, a couple of visitors and numbers were rocking. We were on powder with small x papers where powder wasn’t suitable, and trail was clearly marked all the way around. That was good. Also good was seeing so many in their colourful BB 2018 t shirts. Even Sups bought the last XXL!
I was sure we’d take an early left as HRA had mentioned hills but no, he teased us and tormented us, and we took the second road in towards the doi and 333 shooting gallery behind the Grand Canyon.
Alice knows almost every step of these hills and forests but HRA put his run together in a unexpected and clever way, especially early on, thus the lead was ever changing and the pack well grouped. Early calls from Emme Royde and Cartoon didn’t pass muster so Sex Pistol nailed them later.
Heading up towards the hillside shelter, we abruptly went right at what seemed to be a dirty check and H took us down the ravine of hell, the ravine that fcuked over shortcutters Skidmark, Doggie and possibly Turkish in about 2011 when I set here. It was not passable then but has a way down now and a makeshift handrail and ramp going up. That’s progress! It also has a few pitfalls. Alice found one and Anyone called out Take care! after my fall. Helpful! Does Nothing went down here too and observers said it sounded like a giant wind bag being deflated.
Once in the hills, we took the left fork up and peeled around to the left in a wide loop heading home. I was going ok and keeping up. Knockout and Cameltoe ran hard up the steep bits. Browny, Tasty Poo, Cartoon and Pussy were all there and thereabouts. Chucky was back in new trainers and wasn’t his usual supercharged roo self. Coming out of the forest trail went right and messed up Emma Royde and others. A clever circle and unexpected cut through a coffee shop property put me third and took out FRBs who’d streamed down the hill. Frozen appeared like a UFO from nowhere striding out of some property. Tasty nailed the next as I followed her but I got the last couple dead on despite hating myself for having to check what I thought were obvious wrong ways as Tasty got to choose the likely way at the penultimate and I was running into a new barb wire fence at the last. But no, the hare had found a way to go through one fence and around the last. I pushed hard the last 800m and passed Sups, Superbitch and Cockatoo on the run in. HRA and Analvice looked fairly incredulous as I steamed home to garlands of glory and the crowd’s adulation. Well, a bottle of water, a can of Leo and a down down for being the ugliest care assistant for changing old men’s shirts.
Top set, good crowd, OnOnOn at Kwan’s Kitchen. Well played HRA.

25th Jan – CH4 – Alice

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By Brownfinger…

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to pull on my tired and crumbling running shoes and head on out to the hills for yet another Chiang Mai hash. There have been many times when the hare(s) has not made much of an effort setting trail, has sent us on a boring 20 minute road run, or had us all lost in the forest in the dark before sending out a few local Thais with shotguns to find us and lead us home – yes BD, you know who you are, buddy. But in more recent times, there seems to be a resurgence of those hashers and hares that take pride in their work, who actually enjoy scouting out good areas to run, laying fine trails that take in the delights of the bountiful, gorgeous scenery that Chiang Mai has to offer. And today, my happy Chiang Mai hashers, today was one of those days that makes you want to hash every fucking day!

The run was in a familiar area, near the large Doi Saket dam. We were in the area for the ball breaker in January and, probably unsurprisingly, the hares for the day were a duo from the quartet that set the ball breaker who intended to use some unused trails found when scouting said BB. A lot of hashers congregated at the A site, which was in the parking lot for the local
primary school. Now, a group of old, grisly men in a primary school car park at closing time would usually raise an eyebrow or two, especially from the parents who had gathered to collect their precious little darlings. But this is Thailand, and it it seems that we are considered as more of an amusing fair ground show than anything. At one point, circus clown Graven Image was seen attempting to climb on the back of the almost full school bus, but thankfully his wizened old legs meant he couldn’t get his leg over the tailgate . . .

ooh, er, missus.

Anyway, with the promise of a 7k plus run and bright orange paper to follow we set off along nice dirt trails heading towards the big old dam wall. There was some trail through shiggy, but not the skin-shredding kind; there were fine dirt trails that skirted the hills and at every turn I felt this strange urge to head towards them. And all the time I was looking for the false trail opportunities that had been promised but never materialised – a clever ploy hares – bastards! And then finally we did head north, as it were, and up onto that weird layered terrace overlooking the dam in its entirety. It looks like it has been chiselled out of flint. I have been up there on a few occasions, most notably when scouting for the 50k run we did a few years ago. I remember the views from then, and they are still as magnificent to behold: winding, spring-green hills as a backdrop, acres of blue water sparkling like sapphires in the late afternoon sun. God I love hashing like this. But then we had to come down, down from our lofty perch via a chalky slope that had TMB, Grave, Angry and I slipping and sliding like Olympic ice skaters.

Son of Robin Banks, Camel Toe, came to join us at the front of the pack and he took the lead heading across the dam wall – glorious, even though the running was on the dreaded hard mix – until he missed the paper at the end of the wall going down a steep flight of concrete stairs. TMB was first down and called a Circle Check. I followed to ensure that I could help her back up again when the onon was called from above – huh, humm! But nothing doing, TMB found paper going all the way down the stairs and we were on again, the youthful Camel Toe, Graven and Angry still up aloft.

And from there it was a fairly straightforward run back home, some of it along the out trail, where we found Alice half way along what I would describe as a low earth sea wall, or flood defence, waiting at the OnIn to photo-capture bedraggled hashers on his well-used mobile phone.

A great run Blows Herself and Alice, a lot of effort and beautiful results. Let’s hope that this positive trail setting trend continues to evolve so that we can all enjoy the wonderful Chiang Mai countryside every dam time we hash – hooorah!

22nd Jan – CH3 – Pussy Whisperer

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Mae Jo H3 convened for the 7th time in ten runs in….Mae Jo! But this time the hare had a surprise or two for us. A new A site! And yellow and black HHH signs that totally confused the beer monster who drove on auto pilot to the dam. D’Oh! Infact they were well placed but prove tricky to see if you’re looking for red on white. Alice did his Joan of Arc impression and biked back to the road to fetch the errant Tiptoe and bring him in.
The run was a real challenge, varied and all in all a proper CH3. Qudos to the hare and his paper person!
Early on in the piece Piggy went down a rabbit hole and luckily didn’t snap his trotter. He swore Brownie put the shoulder into him but thankfully was up and running straightaway. After the field we headed for the forest and I checked left at Graven’s suggestion. Always a recipe for tears. We wove deeper into the woods and hills and one circle at a ravine stood out. Alice, Graven, possibly Strangely and Cameltoe checked left while OnOn was called from within the ravine I think. Our trail looked too good to leave and both GI and self reckoned it might continue and turn right linking up with true trail and save us the pain of reversing and he Shiggy ravine. Strangely went back to the call, Cameltoe followed us incredulous. And with good reason as we swept around to head the pack off as they emerged from the depths onto our lovely running trail behind us.
Next major issue was a hill. It was steep. And very rocky. Paper was clear and left up the worst incline. Decent rocky trail went right. Broken easier trail straight up. Graven checked right in case of a False Trail while Alice clambered straight. Strangely followed paper up the worst of it. At the top a lovely cross path and a straight on option which apparently dropped down into nasty stuff. Alas OnOn was called left on old cream paper and everyone scrambled across. Apart from Graven who silently continued right found paper and continued on in Turkey alike mode.
Up and down, round and round we went, stony paths, steep paths, sandy trails, more stones and roots, onwards until we came to a very steep hillside with colourful elephants browsing contentedly in the forest above. The pachyderms turned out to be Sups, Tiptoe and Frozen. Cartoon does his imbecile impression and follows Frozen off paper up the steepest section. Wtf you doing? I enquire of the Frozen one. Traversing! is his reply. In a straight line up, mmm, funny traverse.
Back on walkable/ runnable trail we hit the familiar hill in these parts and start to career down.
A circle is kicked out straight and a gaggle of FRBs mill around 200m down the track. They’d found cream paper and OLD PW paper. Then it ended. They seemed confused but it was obvious. This is not today’s trail paper. Go back to circle and check the only other MAIN path off. Bingo!
Cartoon and Cameltoe found trail, we relaid the link and were off again. We being Alice, Strangely, Cartoon, Cameltoe, ABB and Bonesmoker and that was it. Everyone else, taking their cue from Browny’s confusion and Graven’s insider knowledge, just ran off trail and shortcutted back to the A.
A Falsie got Cameltoe and I explained why we need to take off paper to mark true trail to help those behind. He was bouncing along in fast spurts and Strangely was eating up the yardage in front. Suddenly paper two ways but left was again old PW strips, slightly grubby and discoloured.
Eventually emerging by the square lake to find Graven barking about FRBs over there or something unhelpful, trail went off the south west corner and soon we came on On In in powder and a longish uphill yomp home.
Top set, tough and hugely enjoyable. Especially as Pussy said we were his heroes for returning on trail!

20th Jan – CSH3 – Graven Image

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It seems more hares have been realising how great the running is in Maejo – lets get away from the dull canal road and explore the north! Graven picked the runsite up by the lake, but was then trapped even further by the terrain and trying to avoid the trails of recent runs. The hare brief gave it away – if you want to avoid the hill wait behind, otherwise, off up the hill… I led the way, on a few bits of powder… With Angry Inch just behind, I powered on through with a few questions of are you on? We’d missed it but Graven had put a circle check right at the start of the run!!! WTF?! Graven? Of all people? The echoes of Graven’s haring lectures reverberated around my mind… Checks are to bring people back together, not split them up!

I continued up and of course was back on powder as we’d been told we were going up the hill. Another couple of checks and Brown Finger was following me close at each check – could you not even pretend to check somewhere else? The main trail at the top offers a 50/50 split, left or right, but there was no way Graven was going right. I went left and carried on tagging the early checks. Brownie caught up and breezed by, only to wait for help at the next check. Apparently he had inside information about where not to check… It was straight again, but finally I got the next one wrong. I picked straight along the nice running trail and when I was wrong, I looped around to the left, but by the time I rejoined trail, most of the pack had already past by silently – even solving a FT!

The descent for a while was rocky, and my knee was dodgy, so I lost a bit of ground, only then to meet up with some walkers. Damnit – 3 checks or so that were already kicked out, and the pace was quick. Graven ran along with us giving a running commentary of how well the run was going. It felt crowded – I love running these trails though, and the walkers were excellent at keeping to the side and letting us run past. Some months back I’d figured out a deceiving little loop, and for some reason I was convinced Graven would do the same… and I was wrong… and I was thirsty… We crossed the road, and Graven was there to give the option of a Walker route back to the beer, so I took it!