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31st August – CH4 – Chuck Wao

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(Courtesy Alice)

Wtf is H3 in CNX cuming to? Two runs this week and barely 4 km TOTAL! The Bunny was set in lovely area on nice trails but was just half the length it could or should have been. As a vertically challenged chimp I’ve had half a century of short arsing around and can recognise short change when I see it.
But ChackWao? The look on his face as we piled out of the forest onto the tarmac for the downhill jog home was worth the admission money alone. The fact that we were 20 minutes faster at least than he was hoping or expecting was writ large on his features. “Nice to see a hare who cares, like myself” observed HRA in as many words.
We set off in the songthao from just by the CMU fitness park. It was going to be a B to A run we were informed. We were to start about 2.5 km up Huey Keaw Rd towards Doi Suithep. Funny how going 2.5 up a road by vehicle then running back will generate 4-5km of hashing but Chacky is an expert and learned in CM and international codes. Plus he’s Blows Herself’s Captain Kangaroo hero and there ain’t many of them to the pound.
We set off downhill thru jungly paths that were not runnable. Trail kept a rushing stream company, some parts were stone surfaced, uneven and massaged yer balls. Of yer feet.
Checks were in tricky places and the pack were generally kept together. Sex P, Blows, Obscene etc took turns in the lead but Human Ex and Cougar were right up front half way thru or more so the checks did their job.
Chacky put Oh Aar checks which were basically waterfall views and false trails together, but marked liked a cross check. Mmmm, jury are out on that development.
Down we went, ever down, to a circle near a shallow waterfall over a wide rocky expense with people enjoying a paddle. TMB checked up right. No said Poo and he was right. Obscene and SP headed further down with Alice following but an On back call arrested our descent. Bugger!
We crossed a bridge and found paper that lead out onto a road and powder! Were we already that close to home? Answer:Yes!
Passing the fretting hare, I caught up BHerself and watched Kwaz and Obscene battle for glory. Kwaz was running, Obscene wasn’t giving the old fella a chance but Kwaz was pounding the tarmac, the smell of glory in his nostrils. Kwaz realised he wasn’t getting any respect from the young nipper so started shouting at him and trying to put him off. It was mean, low down and underhand. Excellent hash behaviour infact.
As we neared the A, I wondered if the hare had a final trick up his sleeve. Perhaps a cheeky turn into the zoo? Perhaps Kwaz and Obscene were running down to a check back! Wrong on both counts.
We three turned right to the A and Kwaz switched on the afterburners, his metal cleats showering sparks as he galloped towards the line. Obscene responded and beat the despairing NY legend into second.
‘I win. No 1! crowed Obscene.
‘First adult home!’ crowed Kwaz.
Then the circle and a massive deluge. A real dampener on the day. Welcome to Pascal from Peru and Renee from China, a Piggy protege, and why didn’t he bring the cute Sino-clicker before?wondered the males – and Obscene especially. His tissue strewn teen years are not long coming methinks!
OnOnOn had the best waterfall feature but I’m not sure if was just flooding or a real waterfall in calmer days. Good turnout, the pack deserved better but Chacky sited safety concerns on trails the opposite side of HK Rd. A likely Paddy porkpie.

17th August – CH4 – Does Nothing

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Does Nothing Does It Well

Songthaeo was packed as Kwaz hopped in and Cougar sat on the floor all the way to the hex shelter, referred to repeatedly by Kwaz as the octogon. Pleased I didn’t have to reach him maths! Welcome back Pussy Galore and Cumlord! Felt stiff and nauseous by the time we reached the A, made a note to self to use motorbike!

Does Nothing had planned to stay on the hex side of the road but due to roadworks and thick mud had decided to go over the other side. I wondered if he’d just reverse his last run here and initially it looked like he would.

The Water Is Wide
Down the access road we turned and Chacky baulked at the first water crossing. One FRB down at the first hurdle. Last Monday he does 18km in 2 loops and today 300m out then back! Man of extremes is our ChackWao.

Into the property and around in much the same way as expected. I was enjoying a natter with Rooter all the while and noticed we’d not ducked into the forest but headed out on the rocky main boundary path. Mmm, interesting. DN followed TMB and my trail in reverse as he turned right into the woods and followed the long winding upward path. Expecting a check here or there, I was surprised by lack of them and eventually we exited on another main cross trail. I was guessing right back down the next valley and a loop back but no! Not even a V at this junction, just paper left and back to the original out trail but half a km on.

Sting Something Simple
I was walking strongly, had left Rooter and Softballs a bit behind and when we came to the main trail paper went left and paper was strewn on the deck. Rooter suspected a falsie so followed paper into the hillside opposite only to meet the FT himself.
Down the road I yomped, wondering how DN would avoid out trail paper. Suddenly the big paper arrow appeared but thankfully no paper injuns. Into the woods and Aaah! A fcuking painful sticker from nowhere got me in the back of the right calf.

Walk On The Wildside
Meandering along a path 100m above the road I thought that was the plan – but the best was yet to come. Does Nothing took us into a beautiful creek bed, rocks, sand, gravel, water, bamboo, and the creek bed just kept giving. On and on and on it wound its way down towards lakes or dams on some farm properties. Chuckling to myself at TMB ‘enjoyment’ of this section, I yelled On On every couple of minutes and only once or twice heard a response from behind. Basically it was me, nature and white strips. As trail came out on paths I started to recognise, I tried a little jog and the leg responded favourably. Yay! Thank you Oh Danny Boy for your on-line PT!

Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence
I wondered how DN would get us back and yes, he used his broken barbed wire fence cut through. Passing the flocks of geese, it was back to the water crossing and home. About 75 minutes of super trail and even a couple of short jogs under my belt. Great stuff Does Nothing. After Turkey’s lovely Saturday set, we’re on a roll. Over to you Cumalot for next Saturday!
On on,
Ps the sticker was a wasp sting and half a dozen hashers got nailed in much the same spot. ABB’s interrogation of Cougar to find the Thai word for wasp and Rooter’s wasp impression was one of the highlights of the circle.

12th August – CSH3 – Turkish Delight

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The Turk excelled himself last Saturday with an excellent set that showed would be hares the standard to aim for.
It was either Turkish or HRA who promised virgin trails in the email. What! Down Ob Khan Rd, my arse! I got to thinking – if they really are unhashed trails he’s got to go miles down and half way to Burma!
When Saturday came we headed to the empty quarter A site and then up the freshly graded and prepped road to Turkish’s A on the corner.
Ok, no virgin trails here, know the area like the back of my wanking hand. But I was interested to see what the Anatolian haberdasher would come up with.
Off we went thru an orchard and out onto a trail heading towards the hills. But would we go up or around the quarry and across the road perhaps?
At a familiar juncture we went left from a circle and up a narrow trail towards a gated property. We missed the narrow path I know up into the doi and headed towards the gate. Nice one, a sneaky almost invisible path up right onto the foothills and n
broken ground.
Having enjoyed a natter with Frozen and a brief word with Sups I push on and caught Sticky, Tiptoe, Stumbling and a few others as we ascended over rough ground towards the forest.
A check ahead and Shagless was runnjng right. Then coming back. Confusion ahead and the FRBs only 20m ahead.
So up left we went and presently popped out on the ridge trail at a familiar and popular circle site. So that’s where the path comes out! Byte ran down there on one of my runs a few years ago off paper and ended up lonely in the field below even further from paper!
Turkey took us to the next main junction. Where it had to be left, 90% chance. FMDD Chacky, Tasty and Sheepy come running back from the right as a group. Half the run and I’m up with the leaders while walking!
Up along the ridge and checks in the usual places but then an OnOn that led to no path down I knew. I told anyone who’d listen and I was right.
We all dropped off the edge of the hill and descended a treacherous gravel hillside with sparse trees for stopping falling hashers. My hip wasn’t happy at this turn of events.
At the bottom things were complicated by a. Turkish trickery B. farmer in truck pulling down paper!
From here the day caught up with Sex P and Sheepy and I caught them again and the returning Pig Shite. How would we exit the property?
Turkey took us up a well hidden path thru the woods to the round reservoir above the orchard. Well that was a clever link.
The way home was clear,but Turkey had tricks up his sleeve galore with a switchback check the wrong side of a secure looking fence and a rolling new trail through an upgraded property.
Happy to get home, hip intact and 6km under the belt. FRBs had a km more. What a belter of a run. Unusual for anyone to surprise me in an area I know pretty well with 2 or 3 devious cut throughs I’d not found or forgotten as they been blocked over time.
Welcome Adam and Savanna visitors from Utah, Anyone’s son and welcome back ol’ foul mouth herself, Blows Herself. Wings for Alice and Anyone. OnOnOn to Yummy Pizza. Eggelen.

10th August – CH4 – Taste My Buns

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German precision and efficiency was back in evidence as TMB laid a lovely runner’s run from a new A 12.5km down Canal Rd and a bit past Suckit’s residence.

SheepShagger lent me one of his running vests even though I’d lost his hiking pole the week before. We set off towards the crem: which FRB’s hopes would be reduced to cinders by OnIn time? Alice idly wondered.

Onto the awful light pink paper semi strips and away left towards a huge flooded quarry and a check. Sex Pistol called it from left and the pack followed. At the far left corner another check. Shrek went left, SP right with Chacky in her wake and ABB directed operations and suggested it was straight past the working dumper trucks and he moved at least 20m by the time SP again called from the right somewhere and Chacky relayed her call. And

Here the trail snaked around the next quarry on clear paper but Chacky had other ideas and went straight for 200m off paper to the next check that SP had located from the correct direction. Most of the pack followed suit as they had a vague idea what was up.

Along a main trail and a turn after a check up into the forest. Dark, green and stony paths gave way to dark green stony creek bed as we hit a check deep in a junction after a V took us right.

Sexy was caught by now and Chacky found paper as the pack spread to check thickish forest with thinning trails.

Up we came back to a wide earthen path and a V. Many headed left back towards the checkback from the first V. Right it was to a t junction where FT went left as Shagless and Does Nothing found and a few nameless FRBs went right without calling or marking.

Now into thick forest, the trails split 3 or 4 ways at various points and you guessed it, there were checks! At one OnOn was called from afar and paper was laid thru the bush to get there but surely not the way TMB went!

Shagless was really pushing himself today and Tiptoe, Doesn’t Get It and the returnee Pigshit were legging it apace. Sqrootly also shook a leg when the going got good and even Cabbage Patch once he smelled beer from a km out.

At a big junction a small trail ducked right and we were running down and back for sure towards home. The path curled thru lovely forest and suddenly we were at a flooded dam. ABB checked out a circle on the opposite side and Alice found paper down and right although runners had passed for sure without marking.

A devious circle in a V split and we were lead a merry dance zigzagging back to the A with a FT and a circle that kept runner honest. Ish. We even passed a pink strip stapled to a lady’s sunhat and Suckit’s house too.

Obscene and Cumalot were adjacent to me all the way back from here as we meandered back in just around the hour mark. HRA appearing Jesus like from nowhere after losing the pack and running back on his lonesome the trail. Thankfully I missed Obscene taking a forest dump but ABB didn’t. Where was Frozen and his mobile bum gun when you need it?

4.9 km for me, a km more for the FRB checkers.Tasty run and tasty OnOnOn at Suan Sabuy!

7th August – CH3 – Alice

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Would the weather hold out? Would Chacky and Scooby behave themselves? Would Frozen Dick get lost? No, no and no were the answers.

Hare Alice declined Sticky’s offer as the trails were wet and muddy and the extra poundage would sink the Honda. Off went the pack into the field and a check with three options. Into the forest and a V them out to a circle and options left up the road and many across the canal.

Alice had by this time set up a beer stop on his bike by the next circle above the workers’ camp for the mansion house.

SheepShagger came chugging in first and declined beer, as did many of the pack. Sups wouldn’t be amused.

Do not pass the gun, if you see a gun in the middle of the trail come back, check back advised Alice. Chacky and HRA headed towards the gun and failed to yell or return for a long time. Wtf, had they run past the gun and the FT bar for the in trail? Yes, but at least they came back.

Trail went left and Sheepy continued straight but no paper. Poo found the on paper in a field to the right and the pack headed down through neck high grass to a trickyish check on the corner of a flooded quarry. This check was hard enough to hold up the boys for a bit and a few bush bashed when On On was called. A few metre scramble and rock climb and it was back out of the overgrown field to the main trail.

Chacky guessed right at the next 4 way check and Scooby tailed him down the long middle trail. After a km Scooby saw Chacky’s legs behind a tree and surmised he’d found a FT. Scooby headed right into an unpleasant looking overgrown path that was true trail and declined to call in. response to the game of silly buggers ongoing.

As the FRB emerged near the canal, an absence of paper and a circle suggested something was amiss. It was.
Pack went hither and thither until paper was found to the right heading into the forest.
Some runners and walkers just headed down to the canal and back along the road.

The hardcore followed a wide runnable forest trail to a FT by some huts. Back and right into a narrow path mostly hidden and winding towards home. Another FT and Scooby headed thru sparse forest to link with the FRB who were on paper along the side of a flourishing orchard. Behind the mansion and the little iron bar bridge back towards the canal.

The heavens truly opened and the angry black clouds did their worst. In the maelstrom Chacky fronted up first with Scooby in second. HRA and Sheepy in next with the returning Poo coming in from a strange direction, a la Angry Inch! Cabbage wasn’t far back and ABB hove to along with Johnny Hash our visitor from PI.

Eventually we did move the circle to the shelter and die virtual ice time was dished out by Does Nothing.

Run was over 7km and mostly flat, Frozen and Tiptoe completing nearly 6 with short cuts in good order.
On on,

5th August – CSH3 – Geisha Gash & DGI

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(Courtesy Alice)

Decisions, decisions. Lanna or CSH3 hared by these glam harriettes?
KrapThai, Belly and I Got Gas doing their worst in the wilds or a sensible Saturday stroll with a bad hip for company? That took about 2 seconds to decide!

So on the songthao to Pamela and GG’s opulent mansion. How the other half live eh!
Hey, Horny Monkey was there looking trim and well and Robert the Spurs man.
Alice set off 5 min after the pack as he searched in vain for his missing iPhone holder. I could hear shouts but couldn’t find paper as I exited Geisha’s rear entrance.

Into the sparse forest and across the road went the trail. I was miles behind just following paper alone. An instructive experience.
Once into the forest for real the paths went gently up and the trees hemmed in. Greenery all around, stony paths, clear paper markings and circles and Vs already done. Forest silence apart from the birds and the crunch of footfall. What more could a man ask for? Chilly Pussy and SweetPea off trail and rooting. For mushrooms.

After 2 plus Km I spy Robert walking back against trail -strange – then ducking down a cut back path. Confused I yell RU? He quickens his pace then runs away with Anyone in yellow top appearing to lead him deep into the forest off trail. Wtf, he may lose his spotless reputation. Plus it looked like an insider’s short cut. It was.

Suddenly paper after 120m at the bottom of a hill and Musk Rat and ABB bouncing down from my left. I was mid pack and surrounded by humanity, poor excuses of it, but I was back in the mix.

Trail twisted and wound through the forested hills, I met Sups and SB here, then out behind the Night Safari and the longish flat asphalt yomp home, my Decathlon trainer squeaking along with ABB’s just behind me.

Strangely the girls had ‘forgotten’ to place ANY checks for the last 2.5Km. Someone suggested they’d been chatting and as we know women can’t multi task so…
All in, a lovely route and well papered, overpapered in sections, where half a dozen strips marked the same number of meters. What was going on? We’ll never know but it was a top trail to hike.
Many thanks to the three hare ladies and Pamela and Geisha for graciously hosting. Chacky and Tasty stole the wings by common consent and the rain gods showed their righteous disapproval.
On on, Alice

3rd August – CH4 – Alice & Sticky Wicket

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The Hare’s Tale.
Not Chaucer but Alice with a tale of pilgrim hashers on the road to the A bucket and thence Bannok Coffee Roasters.
A mid sized crew set off from the new houses in the soi just past Wat Nam Phrae where Alice and Spitz had initially set.
Frozen was kvetching about what time is this, when do we do that etc so Alice sent him off pre hare brief to get a start.
TMB and Sex Pistol looked so happy to be crossing a flowing
dam as the pack set off, they looked even more gleeful an hour later as they returned the same way!
Once the overgrown steep cut through was accomplished the pack were in the overgrown cow field. Tasty went right and the first circle and Scooby left. He was noted by his absence and silence from then on for half the run!
Out on to the road and a V. Tasty and Sexy went left and wrong,Scooby right and right. He was seen disappearing up the lane next to the white temple but not heard. Sexy informed the hare that her fellow antipodean was most Turkey like in his hashing today!
A couple of circles up the long lane were run through by Scooby who judging by Strava routes of others must have singly turned right onto the path to the forest and hit the False Trail then doubled back into the property to find true trail.
Up through a farm to another check at a junction just below the first line. Here it was straight and nice wooded trail to another 5 ways check. Tasty was back in touch as she took the back and right option and ran down the wide path to a frustrating False Trail. The pack were bunched again and Trail was found down through the field to the small tree covered creek. Trail dipped and dived down here but most runners crossed to the clear orchard and followed paper from afar despite Sex Pistol’s exhotions.
A familiar checking corner greeted the pack as they emerged. Tasty reversed down a trail she’d previously used but On was left then a sharp right into the forest. 5 minutes of bush bashing and the FRBs were out on a clear path. Home was left but so was a False Trail bar after 200m and the pack searched for the found the cut through the long grass back to another open trail.
A bit of wiggling and a V that Sheep Shagger took right and wrongly, then a tricky circle with overgrown paths and trail in fields as options. Tasty went under the canopy into an open meadow heading to Canal Rd but Onon was called from the opposite way.
As the FRBs came out into tarmac the paper went right and then into another overgrown cowfield where paper was tricky due to the sunlight.
At the other end it was road and a last check designed to catch the absent Chacky.
On 56 minutes Alice and Sticky heard Scooby yelling On In and clambering under the wire down to the overflowing dam wall.
Tasty was second and tiptoeing through the water but Sheep Shagger ran past her splashing his feet like a naughty schoolboy. SexPistol, HRA,Musk Rat and ABB soon followed and surprisingly Cabbage Patch only a couple of minutes later. Ben Dover made it home and the Tarzan call of Frozen Dick announced the arrival of the aging hippy with Tiptoe, Does Nothing and Rooter bringing up the rear.
Surprisingly the heavens didn’t open and circle was under open skies with ABB and Tasty getting the wings by some skewed logic!
On on!

29th July – CSH3 – Knockout & Sex Pistol

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This pairing have hared together before and I remember gruelling punishment. This was an outstation, so I was wondering whether they had learnt from previous comments?! We were up in Chiangrai, at a great resort – much better than recent outstations! It was sweltering! I have a habit of getting ready and setting off for the hash at 4pm, and did so even though it meant walking 100m to the hare’s cabin. I sat down in the shade for 15 mins, but was drenched in sweat – we hadn’t even started the exercise yet, it was so humid, in a pre-storm kind of way. I went back for a pre-run shower.

Finally we were set off and I jogged off with Chuckie – as we were hares for the hangover run, we were aware of the start of the run, but only the first check. I promptly got the 2nd one wrong and a group including HRA, Obscene and Just Cumming was formed. Time for a false trail before the first wimp/rambo split. I picked rambo and led the pack down through a tree plantation – rubber? teak? I heard different opinions. Another check and HRA found the trail just about the same time I saw some paper just ahead of me too. Turns out my paper was from a check back at a later V, which I promptly also got wrong.

HRA was setting the pace as we went through a stretch without checks and rejoined the wimps, who by now were ahead. Just Cumming was running well, and CW took off to chase them down. I past the trail of walkers and for a moment forgot about the heat as I tried to get back with the runners. Finally a beer stop and we regrouped. A circle check had the FRBs exploring all over. I poured cold water on my head in the hope of cooling down. It wasn’t working. I ambled along the street a little and then spied a flash of white up a steep steep cliff. Man that was a climb – just the 100m to the paper. I called “ONON”, and made it another few steps before vomiting, and collapsing in a patch of shade. Damnit, I can’t deal with the heat… :'(

Everyone passed me by and reluctantly I gave up and went back down to the beer stop. I was told it was also the 2nd wimp/rambo, but the hares had already set off the ladies and Shagless up the hill. I walked back along the road, and met up with Sups and Burrito Butt. Not much further there was a 2nd beer stop where the runners would come off the mountain. No sign of the runners, but the trail where they would emerge looked as steep as they way up. I walked on back on trail, and CW finally caught me just before the ONIN. He was fuming about the hill! It seems the hill didn’t go down well at all – from what I heard it was hands and knees scrambling up under bamboo, with no trail in sight. I haven’t heard HRA curse as much as he did when he came in delivering a tirade of “FUCKS” and “EVIL”.

I am thankful I ended up missing the worst bit, because most of what I did was quite pleasant!

27th July – CH4 – Sheep Shagger / Alice (&HRA)

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So we went to Fang for a prelube outstation. I drove up with TMB, wondering how many would show up, whether Alice would be fit enough to set the run or if HRA would have to step up as a substitute. We arrived and checked in. Sex Pistol’s car was in the car park, but she was sleeping peacefully, and we finally managed to wake her up with just enough time to get to the runsite. 3 Hares, 3 Runners. Personal hares!

We set off and kept together as a group for the whole run. We may be few, but it was a different style of running, much more friendly, co-operative, collective. At the first check, TMB went left, I went straight and SP followed the true trail to the right. Her lead didn’t last long as she promptly got a false trail off a V check that meant she had to take a dip in a creek. I led the way for a bit through a bit of an orchard, shiggy shitty shiggy, but then we were free and on to a decent trail that headed to a child monk quarters. And then the trail literally went through someone’s house – we had to dodge their shoes, laundry, kitchen. It was off a circle, and I didn’t have the heart to call “ONON” as the family were sat around looking bemused as to why a random farang was running through their house – I went back and called the other 2 on.

We then ran 3 sides of a rectangular lake, only to be spat out 50m away from where we’d been before – very cute hares, very cute. Then it was time for some paddy field action. First another chance for a quick dip in the creek, only to hit a false trail. TMB managed to jump over both times, but SP and I chose wet feet. Damn hares! Naughty hares! Taking us past the farmers as they planted their rice fields.

We continued the lead rotating as we took turns like a pelaton. Randomly I was stopped at a house to chat to a random farang who had met the hares the day before. I had to chase a bit to catch up the ladies and we got back to another lake at the meditation centre. A false trail to the right didn’t fool me, but as I headed around the lake the heat was starting to hit me. Dang it. I hit the deck for a brief nap, being showered by the ladies water as they passed me by. Power nap over I rejoined the mix, and followed SP as we spotted Alice up ahead. He told us we weren’t far from home, but we were well short of the promised 7.5km. I don’t think we missed anything.

SP was leading us home, until the antepenultimate check – she went right, and wasn’t. TMB and I went left and were right, but I got an edge on TMB as there were so many roads, and I marginally guessed correctly slight to the left. We were close to home, but still time for one more V check. Dangit! I don’t think I can recall a hash where the FRB and the DFL came in together, there was nothing to split us, so if that defines the perfect hash, then well done hares, you’ve achieved it! Shame more didn’t make the run, but often the small hashes are the best and most memorable. The “circle” was a quiet affair, more of a civilised meal than a circle.

24th July – CH3 – Does Nothing

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Today’s run had all the ingredients needed for a positive write up! First up – it was in Maejo – a hasher’s playground! Second, I got the wings – quite deservedly! I’d missed Saturday’s run, by the same hare in the same place, but I had taken a look at strava to see what people had got up to.

At the appointed time we were set off across the dam, and I jogged off towards where the ONIN had been on Saturday. At the end of the dam, the trail turned right down the hill, and I glanced over my shoulder and saw that nobody else had got going – Belly Dancer was leading the walkers across the dam. The road went down the hill and I thought, screw this, I’m off! I upped my pace and guessed the trail would be Saturday’s trail in reverse. It was – 100%. The thing that surprised me the most was that it caught out Sheep Shagger & Alice who had been on Saturday’s run!

Down off the hill and straight on around the hill on pure running trail – the trail was pulling me forwards, joyous, I love these trails. When I drove in I’d seen the paper crossing the road, but of course I didn’t know if it was leftover from Saturday. I couldn’t be certain, but it was looking pretty sure it would be a reverse of Saturday. I simply ignored the false trails, and followed the map in my mind, and sure enough the paper kept appearing as though my glasses were augmenting my trail. I was pushing the pace alone, and when a bug flew in my mouth I paused to wretch for a while. It had been mostly downhill so far, so I still had to go back up the hill.

I slowed down, and crossed the weir, crossed the road. I wasn’t kicking out checks – how could I? I stopped calling – I was alone in the jungle, at what point does it become weird? Over the road and I saw trail leading to the left, but it had to be right – I remember Saturday’s trail hugged the road. I went right, but nothing for 80m or so. I went back and then spotted the circle. Damnit! Just about my only mistake. From there it was pretty much straight back. Several time the markings went off to the left, to false trails, but I kept on true trail.

Really great trail, nice route to run. There are so many great trails around, lets use them!

Fly By:-