29th November – CGH3 – Softballs

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Softballs and Emma Royde teamed up by one of the lakes (or rather 2 of the lakes) between Maejo and Doi Saket. We’d been near here a few weeks back with ABB & Pussy Whisperer, but this time we were a little further East, so presumably doing something involving the other lake?

A decent turn out and we were set off – unexpectedly back towards the lake we’d been around a few weeks back. Hmmmm… Surely we’d be turning right soon? The paper was tree to tree scrambling along the side of the hill – no trail, no chance of running, but heading straight towards the wrong lake. I know that hill is high, so I guessed perhaps we would climb up the saddle and drop back down to the other lake, or perhaps we’d turn sharp left and drop down into the village. Neither was right, and I was playing catch up as we headed back around the lake.

Before we get to that, I just wonder why it took 10 guys so long to find paper off the first check when they all went the right way? Anyway, at the back corner of the lake most were headed towards the hill, but knowing where that goes, I was locked in on us doing the same as ABB’s run, but in reverse and sure enough I broke away as we went around the back of the lake. I was coasting along, way ahead and stretching my legs.

Descended steeply off the dam, and found a circle by a little hut. DAMN! I went this way, I went that way, I went all over the place. It surely couldn’t be too far left as we’d be close to the out trail, but as the pack caught up, I had exhausted all the other options, and finally found paper heading straight back to the out trail. ON FUCKING ON!

Mary Poppins was close behind as we hit good runnable trail again and we took off for quite a stretch without a check. We passed close to the cars, but kept going back along ABB’s old trail, but at the next check we turned left, rather than right. I wasn’t quite right, but caught Mary and we continued down into the village where it seemed the paper had been cleared up for a bit. I went the long way around a square before reconnecting with MP as we came out to the dirt road along the canal. A sharp left and with Titty Smoker and Strangely Anal just behind surely this was just a case of running back in and there would be an On-In any moment.

Nope – there was a check and when I didn’t find paper, I figured the hares had taken us up to go over the dam for a more scenic run in. Sure enough there was paper up the hill, but when we got to the lake, rather than having paper heading back to the cars, it was going around the lake?!? WTF?!? I was 7k in already, and the paper was going in the wrong direction around the lake!!! I guess I need the exercise, and its a nice enough trail around the back.

All the way around the lake, and I was on my own enjoying the view and the jog, until I caught up with the hare as he hastily stuck down an ON-IN. A solid 9km run!