What is Hashing? Described as a ‘Drinking Club with a Running Problem’, or should that be a ‘Running Club with a Drinking Problem’? Hashing is an international social club which combines some exercise with a few drinks afterwards, ideal for those who want to get out of the house, but feel good about having a couple of drinks.

Hash runs are not simply a case of running around a track, or even running along roads as every hash run is different. Sometimes hashers jog along trails, sometimes it is hiking up a mountain, sometimes scrambling through shiggy, it all depends on what the hare has planned for the day. The hare goes out in advance of the hashers marking a trail in shredded paper or powder.  When the hashers set off they have no idea where they will go, or how far they will go, they just have to follow the trail to the end – although generally the target is around 45 minutes for the FRBs (Fast Running Bastards) and an hour for the slower walkers.

How does the hare keep the runners and walkers so closely together? Well, through an array of checks which force the hashers to find the true trail and let those following behind know where to go. On a good trail the FRBs will spend time at a check searching for the trail letting those following behind catch up.

When the first runner is home, its time to start on the beers and stand around discussing what a terrible job the hare did!  One thing is for sure – you can’t please all the people all the time, so its rare that we can’t find something to complain about! When every one is back, the circle starts, with the grand master or religious advisor punishing various hashers for mistakes (whether real or fictional) by making them sit on a block of ice and drink a small splash beer.

Later most of the group will head On-On for dinner at a predetermined restaurant.