The Checks

The hares will use a variety of checks to try and outwit the FRBs (Fast Running Bastards). Different hashes might use different types of checks, but the checks you’ll commonly find in Chiang Mai are;

* Circle Checks – unsurprisingly indicated by a circle of paper or powder!┬áThe trail continues from within around 100m from the circle in 360 degrees, so hashers scatter in all directions until they find the trail when they will call On-On. Somebody near the circle will break the check by kicking the check out in the direction of the trail.

* V Checks – guess what – marked like the letter V! From the V check the trail continues in 2 directions, one of which is a false trail and the other is the true trail. If you are on the false trail after around 100m you’ll reach a check back – a solid bar across the path. Go back and kick out the check leaving it pointing in the right direction.

* Cross checks – these are very similar to a V check, except that there are 2 false trails and 1 true trail!



* Skiddy Sticks (or a false trail – may happen again now that Skidmark is coming back). As you run along the trail you come to a set of sticks painted in red marking the end of the trail. Pick the sticks up, turn around and head back the other way. Somewhere the real trail will begin just off the false trail you were running – Mark the correct route by making an arrow out of the sticks.