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25th November – CBH3 – Anything

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I have to confess I did have a sneak peak at the GPS I lent Anything when she went to lay the paper with Snail Trail on the 8km trail Throbbing Ninja had discovered. Ninja with her bike skills can really find some great trails and this was certainly worthy of the occasion. A huge turn out (>70) found their way from Canal Road then 5km of dirt road (- I would have added that to the run!! – but fortunately I had nothing to do with the haring!!)

My sneak peek meant that I needed to get past the first 2 circle checks and stop the pack crossing the in trail – so with Brown Finger’s blistering pace we managed to get everybody on the right trail out. After a gentle climb the shiggy started to get more and more painful – its about the only complaint anyone could come up with for this run – which the scenery was fabulous and checks plentiful to keep everyone pretty much in touch. At the Wimp/Rambo split the FRB’s had built up a lead with Brown Finger and HRA way ahead – I’m sure BmY would have loved this run as the remainder was gentle down hill even Belly Dancer could run down. Instead I decided to keep birthday girl Bar Bin Doll and Sleep on It company and a leisurely head On In through the nice flat trails in.

With huge quantities of beer and a t-shirt the circle kicked off – with memories and respects paid to Snowflake (RIP) who started the Bunnies 10 years ago. Redundant Seaman in to give insight to some very unknown history of harriette hashing history in Thailand – I for one never new there was a Pattaya (Harriette) Dirt!!

Anything had 10 Iron Pussy’s up from Phuket – I’m not sure if they ran – except Twice Nightly who everybody wanted to keep up with – but they certainly were in fine form on the eating and drinking stakes. Was good to see former Bunny GM’s – Pissed Pole Dancer ( now living in Pattaya), Geisha Gash, Wooly Jumper all entertaining us.

With the sun setting and the beer running out after a very enjoyable run and circle – Brown Finger was given the Wings – then Anything passed on the GM’s regalia to Swallow and crowned her as the new Bunny GM. With that the circle closed and the mountains of food were devoured.

OnOn to the Bunnies – thanks for a great day out and here’s to the next 10 years.

Belly Dancer

CH4 & CBH3 – Bone Collector & His Royal Anus

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It was decided that the CH4 would run with the bunnies today…  With a couple missing in Phuket and the election causing problems for the On-On, the hares conspired to save energies and combine the two hashes – an interesting decision, which certainly brought more runners to both runs. The Bunnies were very welcoming and things transpired fairly smoothly.

The hare brief was particularly brief with Bone Collector simply pointing towards the gates of Chez Swallow and saying “That Way”.  Even that seemed fairly redundant as there was only one way out of the property.  And so it is, we were off.  S&M Girl was on fire – she couldn’t get a check wrong and was holding the bunnies end up on her own! A recovering Mr. Poo joined Skid Mark, Bone Hur, Green Pussy and Byte My Yahoo in the mix as the trail zig zagged confusingly and just went on and on through rice fields, orchards – all the while being wet and slippery underfoot.

It seems HRA hasn’t learnt anything.  Yesterday he got grief for an extended run with me that led the normally mild mannered Miss Piggy to exhaustion.  Today he promised a 5km run – but the GPS doesn’t lie and the shortest result was around 7km.  No wonder it took us an hour to finish – with Bone Hur breathing down my neck along a very long road finish.

Interestingly nobody saw Chuck Wao all run! Rumours were spreading about him taking extended loops to avoid the water, or perhaps he’d had a problem?  Nope – he conspired with Jungle Chim and Frozen Dick to fulfil ‘when in Bunny Land, do a Bunny’.  While none of the Bunnies were willing, the 3 musketeers walked around, chatted about the weather, and even stopped to buy beer at one of the supposedly closed corner shops.  Sadly, they forgot to shortcut – the ultimate sign of a Bunny! 😉

No offence intended to the bunnies, they were very welcoming and even let Mr. Poo have his ego boost with some of the circle. I wonder how the men would react if someone suggested combining a run with the bunnies?  Perhaps we should learn from the bunnies and be open to changing traditions?  But then again, perhaps there are good reasons different groups run separately – back to CH4 next week!