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Chiangmai Saturday Hash House Harriers

Drinking and Running Since 1991

Hash Trash # 1521

Grand Master – Skid Mark                                         Haberdasher – Juicy Fruit

Historian & Awards Master – Superman        Hash Cash – Titty Smoker

Joint Master – Just Cumming                                  Beer Monster – Deep Throat

Religious Advisor – Chuck Wao                          Hare Raiser – Bushy Tail

Deputy Beer Monster – Sheep Shagger           On – Sec. – Stumbling Dyke


August 15th is Sin Bin’s birthday run at ” Tiger Muay Lodge in the Jungle” (Sleep on It’s place). Rooms are available to stay overnight at 700 Baht. So you can enjoy a mini outstation if you like. You can jump into the pool and enjoy a cooling off period before the On On On at The Tiger Grill. Sin Bin and his family will be up there from Friday organizing events.

Directions: Drive north on the 1001, go past Maejo University. From here drive about another 9 km and look for HHH signs or the big ‘Tiger Muay Thai” sign on the right.

GPS:   18.975576  98.992258

Run # 1,522

The A bucket for  today’s run was the Hex Shelter near OB Khan – the collapsed wall still hasn’t been repaired. I think some hasher or other leaned against it a couple of years ago and it came tumbling down. Anyway, At this time of year, as we’re well into the rainy season, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the heavens. The weather looked promising with no imminent signs of foreboding clouds overhead.  A day later, it would have been a different story. So it’s good to see that Chuck Wao, Religious Advisor, is keeping on top of his duties.

The hare for today’s escapade was Mary Poppins. As far as I’m aware, he is a virgin hare on the CSH3. However, he was under the supervision of the ever vigilant HRA acting in the role of co-hare. So it could be quite correctly  assumed  that there would be the odd hill or two to negotiate and surmount.

The usual hare brief was given. The only thing I remember about it was the fact  there was  only one trail meaning no Rambo – Wimp split. That meant I was going to be in for a bit of strenuous exercise, not necessarily a bad thing. Around 30 hashers set off into familiar territory with the usual suspects taking the lead. Those being Titty Smoker, Pussy Whisperer and Deep Throat. The trail took us through the barbed wire fence which seems an obligatory portal to pass through when ever we run in this area. A short while later I came across Sheep Shagger collecting stones for the rockery in his garden, but it looked like he was giving them to Happy Ending to carry.

It wasn’t long after that we were confronted with the first hill. At this point I was was towards the back of the pack, no surprise there, among the rear echelon harriett foraging party. Those being Super Bitch, Microwave, Hot Nipples and Geisha Gash, to name but a few. All taking advantage of natures wonderful bounty. Although there was plenty of greenery to gather and collect there was a shortage of mushrooms which created  a constant source of whinging among the fore mentioned during the run. Future hares take note, make sure there is an adequate amount of fungus along any trails you set. We clambered to up the hill with the usual puffing, panting and the odd expletive here and there until we reached the top. But as soon as we got to the top we seemed to descend quite precipitously and  precariously down the other side.

We eventually got to the bottom of the hill where I came across a very good bamboo walking stick. I later found out, it had been discarded by Turkish Delight. I wish he had thrown it away before we ascended the hill and not after. Not long after we came to the ONIN which again took us through the obligatory barbed wire fence and back to the A bucket. The run was about 6 km and took me about an hour and twenty minutes. A good workout was had by all.

Congratulations on a great virgin set by Mary Poppins and his co hare HRA, well done guys.

OnOn – Stumbling Dyke…

Hash Trash CSH3 # Unknown

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Chiang Mai Saturday Hash House Harriers

Drinking and Running Since 1991     

Hash Trash 

Grand Master –  Skid Mark                                       Haberdasher –  Juicy Fruit

Historian & Awards Master – Superman          Hash Cash – Titty Smoker

Joint Master – Just Cumming                              Beer Monster –  Deep Throat

Religious Advisor – Chuck Wao                           Hare Raiser – Bushy Tail

Deputy Beer Monster – Sheep Shagger            On Sec. – Stumbling Dyke

 Due to the ongoing egregious  plague that has descended on the planet a belated  AGMFU run finally took place in July. This year is a particularly auspicious year for  CSH3 as it marks 30 years of drinking, running and all other sorts of raucous  behavior in and around Chiang Mai on Saturday  afternoons.

In Time honored tradition it was a case of out with the old and in with the new, but first we had to endure the outgoing GM’s, Just Cumming, valedictory run. His co hare being Captain Hook. The location for the days shenanigans was that strange hole in the ground about 1 km behind Grand Canyon. A field of around 40 hashers assembled including a few visitors and virgins – which is remarkable given there are no tourists coming into Thailand right now.

Just Cumming gave the hare brief as usual nobody seemed to take any notice  as hare briefs are full of disingenuous and misleading  information rendering them basically bull s*%#.  Anyway, the run got underway. It didn’t start to badly really, taking us down the hill, across the road, along a leafy trail, over a stream to the first circle check which quickly led us to the Wimp, Rambo Split. I was persuaded by Leaky Faucet and Deep Throat, against my better judgment I might add, to take the Rambo. This was inevitably going to take us high up into the mountains. We embarked on the ordeal passing Square Rooter who quipped something witty, but I can’t recall what he actually said. We finally made it to the top of the mountain to be rewarded by a magnificent panoramic view of the local surroundings. At this point, I checked my GPS to be informed we had only completed half the trail, but on the plus side it should be more or less down hill from here. We trudged to the bottom of the mountain at which point we could see the A bucket and came across Frozen Dick and Sloppy Rod. I think they may have done the wimp run, I’m not sure. We finally made it back to the starting point. The run had been around 7 km. A good, yet grueling, effort.

OnOn Stumbling Dyke….

The Circle

The outgoing GM officiated over the start of the circle with the usual rhetoric asking the members what they thought of the run etc. Various splashes were handed out and then it came time to announce who the new GM was going to be. Everyone waited with bated breath, not really, to hear who it could be.  Just Cumming announced it is going to be Skidmark. With absolutely no pomp and circumstance Skidmark took control of the circle and promptly, in inimitable hash style, unceremoniously  sacked the former committee. Then he introduced his own  committee minions these being: Titty Smoker taking over as Hash Cash, Superman takes the new post of Historian and Awards Master, Just Cumming being made Joint Master,  Deep Throat as the Beer Monster with Sheep Shagger being his deputy, Chuk Wao will be Religious Advisor, the Haberdasher’s department will be taken over by Juicy Fruit, Hare Raising duties will be within the remit of Bushy Tail and the On Sec will be Stumbling Dyke. I’m sure these members will provide  a high standard of mismanagement over the period of their tenure. Let’s hope the situation regarding the pandemic improves over the coming months, so we can all enjoy carefree hashing once again.

CSH3 Hash Trash #1

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