Saturday 13th August 2022 Run # 1605

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Saturday 13th August 2022 Run # 1605

Itchy Bitchy and Anything set up camp for this Saturday’s outing at the crematorium near to Itchy’s and Suckit’s place. A convenient A bucket for the sacrificial offerings to the hash gods and with more than adequate protection from any rain that might fall. Around 30 hashers turned up including a small contingent from Phnom Penh who had come along to indulge themselves in all of what hashing in Chiang Mai can offer.

The run started off on familiar trails past the quarried area which seem to be turning into unofficial repositories for the dumping of rubbish. I passed a few mushrooms and pointed them out to Pink Nipples CMC, Chief Mushroom Collector, who informed me they were the deadly poisonous variety, so best left alone. The trail led us into the forest past the meditation temple and onto the myriad of trails that navigate themselves throughout the woodland. Within a couple of kms we came to the Wimp Rambo split. Knowing this area as I do I predicted the run was going to be pretty flat and not to demanding.

We carried on through the forest and then we were sent down an unexpected trail descending quite steeply, then all of a sudden I was in unfamiliar surroundings. The trail was no longer flat and predictable but steep and treacherous, at least in a few places anyway. We traversed our way through the obstacles of the forest where from time to time the paper was quite sparsely distributed. But this helps to keep the pack together. We carried on for a few more kms in this kind of terrain and then I began to recognize certain familiar landmarks again and we soon found our way back to the A buckets.

After the run Itchy  told me that the battery in her phone had died during the set, so they  set most of the run using the old fashioned methods – looking for moss growing on trees and things like that – without the aid of technology. I personally thought it was an excellent run of about 7 km . Well done ladies.




Saturday 13th August 2022 Run # 1605, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating