Run # 1608 Saturday 3rd September 2022

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Run 1608 – Saturday, 3rd September 2022

Run # 1608 was a BMY – Sloppy collaboration. The last time I experienced a run by these two was after the first covid hiatus which turned out to be a mini ball breaker if my memory serves me correctly. I recollect being in the middle of a forest in a pretty precipitous terrain with the daylight fading rapidly. Not a particularly desirable predicament, I’m sure you would agree. So I turned up at today’s A bucket, I’m sure you can understand, with a certain degree of trepidation. Today’s A site of choice was near the Tiger’s head out in Mae Jo.

About 20 of the usual suspects turned out with one or two visitors finding their way on to the Saturday hash. One of them went by the name Of Penis Head from Alaska. And for those of you who can remember the awards – alas they are no more – we could have given him with the most apposite of adornments. The baseball hat a topped with a phallus. I’m sure you all know the one I’m talking about. I think it would have been most appropriate, but this choice is no longer available to us

You’ve probably picked up, the awards as we know them no longer exist. This circumstance came about because Belly is having some building work done and the builder inadvertently threw the award’s bag away with the accumulated rubble. It’s is beyond me how anyone could mistake the hash’s hallowed relics consisting of a 30-year-old toilet seat and the like as rubbish. But at least the wings survived this ignominious fate as they had been left at the A bucket after Itchy Bitchy and Anything’s run and were subsequently retrieved apparently.

Anyway, after the usual hare brief, we all set off into the forest and the first obstacle that needed to be negotiated was a dried-up canal bed where I almost careered into the back of Titty Smoker as he psyched himself up to sprint up the other side. The trail took us through forest along the myriad of paths but surprisingly along – given the mountainous nature of the area – more or less flat course.  For a great deal of the run, I was following Belly who was wearing a green shirt which blended completely into the surrounding foliage. Given the rain that we’ve had lately the ground was quite marshy in places, but we soldiered on.

After about 5 km or so, we came to a lake which on the other side we could see the FRBs getting their feet wet. So taking the sensible option Belly, Tequila Slammer, snail trail – the latter 2 in possession of a mushroom or 2 –  and myself took the dry option around this water feature where we joined up with the FRBs who were surmounting barbed wire fences and cavernous ditches and so forth. An excellent choice on our behalf. The trail at this point took us back into the forest where we came across the wimps who had been on a trail that was apparently as long as the Rambo trail. We then all merrily made our way back to the A Bucket. The run was about 7km along great trail and thankfully generally flat and Stumbling friendly. Great job guys and I look forward to the next one.