Local Hash Songs

Some of our hashers have their own personal songs…

B – Brown Finger
Byte My Yahoo

F – Frozen Dick

T – Tip Toe

Brown Finger
Brown Finger
He’s the man, the man with the smelly touch,
It smells so much…
(when he scratches his crotch)

Byte My Yahoo
Byte My Yahoo, Running down the trail
Byte My Yahoo, He’s about to fail

Frozen Dick
You put your Frozen Dick in,
You take your Frozen Dick out,
In, Out, In, Out, Shake it all about,
Put it back in the freezer when it starts to melt,
that’s what it’s all about!
Oooooh, he’s an aging hippy, his stories are so shitty…

Tip Toe
Tip toe, through the two lips,
in the garden, with the willow tree,
it’s Tiptoe, through the two lips, with me…..