Saturday 6th August 2022 Run# 1604

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Saturday 6th August 2022 Run #1604

Dick the Boy Wonder and Suckit  took us out way past Mae Jo University to Sleeps on It’s place for the latest installment of the Chiangmai Saturday Hash. The last time I was here was back at the beginning of the pandemic – which seems such a long time ago now- and there was a Kiwi guy stuck there as he wasn’t allowed back into New Zealand due to covid restrictions. It seemed such an utterly bizarre situation. I suppose it’s just another one of those almighty anomalies of the last couple of years.

Anyway about 30 runners turned up for today’s offering with a few more tourists finding their way back to the hash, which is nice to see. There were couple from Seattle and the guy, I forget his name, had apparently been on the Saturday Hash back in 1995. So he must be a contender for Longest Time Between Hashes award if such a thing exists. There were also a couple of young guys, I’m not sure where they were from. But they must have been YouTubers or something because they seemed to be videoing anything and everything in regards to the proceedings. I thought to myself, they were extremely fortunate that Chuck Wao wasn’t in attendance as I’m sure he would have had a few choice words in regards to their pursuits.

The hares did all the briefing formalities, but they couldn’t agree to the length of the run. Dick the Boy said it was no more than 4.5 km and Suckit came up with something like 7 km. They had obviously not set the odometer on the vehicle they used to set the run as 90 % of the run was along dirt roads which could have easily been navigated by a truck. That said we all set of along the dirt roads. The trail was interspersed with very gradual yet long inclines which resulted in a reasonable degree of altitude being established which, in turn, afforded us with some spectacular vistas that can only be experienced while hashing.

Suckit’s estimation was the most accurate as to the length of the run as I clocked up about 6.8 km. In my opinion I thought it was a great run along  a clearly marked trail with no strenuous steep inclines to negotiate and some pretty spectacular views to enjoy. Well done guys. Dick the boy treated us to some fine dining at the A site to mark his up and coming birthday.


Saturday 6th August 2022 Run# 1604, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating