Saturday 23rd July 2022 Run # 1602

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Saturday 23rd July 2022     Run # 1602

Skid Mark and Captain AWOL Were the hares for today’s outing choosing the lesser hashed area , on Saturdays anyway,  of Mae Rim for the A bucket. The X Centre to be more precise.  Around 20 of the faithful turned out with Dick the Boy Wonder making a return after an uncharacteristic hiatus of 4 years. Pre covid he had been a perennial visitor since 1998. Attendance was somewhat depleted this week as a number of the regulars were engaged in other hashing business at the seaside, something to do with primates, I’m told.

One thing you can take for granted is that any run associated with skid Mark is going to be devoid of any particularly precipitous terrain and today was no exception. The hares had negotiated special dispensation to start the proceedings through some private property. A member of the Thai military proving to be positive asset in these circumstances, I’m sure. We were escorted through the private land with HRA leading the way and it wasn’t long before we entered on old abandoned fort made from the flimsiest bamboo you could imagine. Just another one of those utterly surreal places you can only come across hashing in Chiang Mai. Once the fort had been experienced we were guided onto a tarmac road for a while and to the wimp rambo split.

The Rambo trail immediately directed us onto what can only be  described as one of the great wonders of Mae Rim. It was a piece of civil engineering I’d never come across before. An aqueduct of about 1 km stretched out before me. A very impressive structure to be sure. So no checking or following paper was necessary as we made our way across the span as there was only one way to go.

After the aqueduct had been negotiated we were sent along various roads and trails for another couple of kms or so and back to the X Centre. A very pleasant run along an interesting and varied trail and surprisingly no rice crop was damaged at any time during the run  as we weren’t sent through any paddy fields which is very rare for a Skid Mark run.

As Belly Dancer was  engaged on Monkey business at the seaside Anything took over as acting GM.

Thanks  Skid Mark and Captain AWOL for another great hash in Chiangmai.