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Run # 1593 – Saturday 28th May 2022

With the rainy season well and truly upon us, we all gathered at the Agricultural Centre on a damp, muggy, sticky, sultry day in conditions that can only be described as those  resembling a Turkish bath. So how appropriate to have Mr Delight in charge of proceedings for today’s little escapade. As I turned up at the run site, I was met by Turkish who immediately asked me if I had a wire cutters. I’m not really sure what nefarious activity he intended to perpetrate with such equipment, but it all seemed a little dodgy to me. Luckily, the afore mentioned tool is not something I usually carry around with me, thus averting a wanton act of vandalism on behalf of the Turk.

Around 30 of the usual suspects turned out with a few notable long time returnees gracing us with their presence. Titty Smoker and his wife Pink Nipples, the chief mushroom collector, turned up after a short sabbatical in the southern islands. Snowballs was another , not seen for a long time, returnee obviously armed with his photographical equipment of which I have yet to see one example of  his comprehensive photographic documentation of every hash he’s been on. Maybe he’s working on a major production for Netflix or something.

The run took us through most of the Agricultural Centre which in turn resulted in a great deal of concrete roads to be trudged along. As I alluded to before the air was heavy with humidity, so not the most perfect of conditions.

We all have our own personal goals on the hash, some are FRBs and like to make a race of it. Others come along to forage in the forest and there are those, let’s face it, who are only here for the beer. Personally my own goal is to finish in front of Square Rooter. So I was quite pleased, as I made way along the trail, to see Devil’s Reject and Mr Rooter ambling along way behind me.

The trail eventually went out of the Agricultural center and behind the newly built observatory along a track I haven’t been on for many years. It went past a cattle farm along with all this distinct odors that entails. It eventually looped back to the  A bucket. The run itself was about 7 km. I achieved my goalby  once again by finishing ahead of Square Rotter, but in fairness to Mr Rooter he did just about finish in daylight.

For me it was a very enjoyable run, so thanks Turkish. And a fun circle, officiated by Deep Throat, acting GM, as Belly Dancer was away on important business.


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