Run # 1590 Saturday 7th May 2022

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Run # 1590 Saturday 7th May 2022

Riding to the A site and getting caught in a deluge of almost biblical proportions. I quite reasonably inferred that today’s run would be a complete and utter washout and, if the truth be known, I half considered turning back. But I carried on regardless and you can imagine my surprise arriving at the A bucket with not so much as a hint of rain having fallen and a clear blue sky. So  it’s a comforting to know that our RA – J Coming – is fully in control of his assigned remit, for the time being at least.

Devil’s Reject was making his debut as hare on the CSH3 and had chosen an A site near the Grand Canyon, colloquially referred to in hashing parlance as Superman’s Dog Leg . I have made this point before; I think it’s a good idea to give the frequently used A buckets names. This cuts out a lot of confusion when giving directions. At the moment we have A sites such as: Turkey’s Triangle, Piggy’s Pig Farm and the HRA Shelter. These venues are instantly recognizable, so there’s no need to follow signs or GPS coordinates. Another point of reference that is commonly used is the junction of the Canal and Samoeng roads. I suggested taking the first three letters from Samoeng and Canal making the name Samcan. A point of interest with this name is that in the Thai language Samcan when spoken with the correct vocal articulation means important. These names in time would get imbedded in the folklore of Chiangmai hashing adding a bit of mystery and intrigue to the various hashes. Just a thought.

Anyway back to the run.around 25 of the regulars with a couple of visitors turned out for Devil’s inaugural haring escapade. We set off with the visitors taking an early lead into the forest. They probably didn’t realise , given their athletic enthusiasm,  that the whole point of hashing is nothing to do with running, but it’s all about the cold beer. We made our way along well-trodden trails up and down through the woodland. Another important factor in regards to Chiangmai hashing is the foraging opportunities for the female members. I was a little disappointed to not have seen  a big pile of mushrooms back at the A bucket given the near perfect growing conditions for the afore mentioned fungi.

It was a very auspicious day for myself and Cummalot as we both achieved the 400 run milestone. Having praised the RA at the beginning for his climactic control he lost points at the end as nothing was prepared to mark this momentous occasion the wings hadn’t even been brought to the circle. I had to make do with the Hash Crash. But never mind it was a good day out and an excellent first haring from Devil’s Reject.

Run # 1590 Saturday 7th May 2022, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating