Run # 1589 Saturday 30th April 2022

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Run # 1589 Saturday 30th April 2022

It’s that time of year again where the hot season gently morphs into the rainy season and we get  long awaited relief from the searing heat and arid conditions of the afore mentioned. This can only mean one thing in the Chiang Mai hashing community – it’s  time for the CSH3’s AGFU. About 40 of the faithful turned out for Sloppy’s swan’s song  and as time honoured  tradition dictates the hares for this run were the incumbent GM and the GM in waiting. Sloppy and the mystery hare – probably the worst kept secret in history of the CSH3 –  took us to an A bucket near Rajamankla University in the Doi Saket area.

The run itself was about 6.5 km through a pretty mountainous region. There were stories of haunted houses along the trail. Apparently there was actually a circle check inside the house. I hope it was indeed a check and not some sort of ritualistic talisman that could unleash untold mayhem on the hash and anyone who came in contact with it. Anyway the first runners returned in about an hour with Piggy and Deep Throat first back and BUF putting in a sterling performance after his recovery  from no less than two twisted ankles.

Sloppy called the circle together with great big thunderous clouds looming overhead in dispersed with the intermittent illumination of lightning and enormous claps of thunder. There was at this stage about a 99% chance of a complete and utter deluge engulfing our festivities. But in true hash style Sloppy soldiered on taking it upon himself, once again, in time honoured tradition to unceremoniously give his committee members the grand order of the boot and ultimately firing himself. Now it was time to reveal who the new GM was going to be and I’m sure it came as no great surprise to anyone that Belly Dancer was announced as our new commander in chief.

As the first big drops of the imminent storm began to fall, Belly, wasting no time, expeditiously got on with the appointing his new committee. One of the first to be given a position was Just Coming being given the role of Religious Adviser. By this time everyone was reaching for their umbrellas and rain coats, but within seconds of his appointment he raised his hands to the heavens and the rain miraculously stopped – proving to be truly inspired appointment from our new GM. It reminded me of the time when Chuck Wao was RA, a couple of years ago, when not so much a one drop of rain precipitated upon the CSH3 during his tenure. Other notable appointments were Hash Cash – Sloppy Rod; Beer Monster – Anything, Sloppy Rod & Deep Throat; Dr. Byte – Web Meister; Chuck Wao – Hare Raiser; Cumalot – Haberdasher; Always on Top – Splash Queen; Stumbling Dyke – On Sec and HRA was appointed as Executive Assistant.

The OnOnOn was at a karaoke joint where we were entertained by various hashers showing off their vocal abilities. One notable rendition was given by Frozen Dick launching whole heartedly into a song nobody had ever heard. Far be it from me to cast any kind of aspersions on his singing ability, but suffice it to say there were no requests for an encore. Having said that a great time was had by all and may I wish Belly all the best for the year ahead.

OnOn Stumbling Dyke…

Run # 1589 Saturday 30th April 2022, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating