Saturday 29th October 2022 Run # 1617

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Saturday 29 October 2022 Run # 1617

Turkish and Cuck Wao were in charge of today’s outing choosing as their A bucket the small, flat topped, hillock about 12 km down the Canal Road. This site has been utilized by today’s haring duo over the past few years on multiple occasions. So I think now it’s about time it was given an official hash name. As Turkish already has his triangle maybe something like Chuckies’ Plateau might be a suitable name for the venue. Just a thought.

This is a great site with plenty of parking and a great panoramic view of the local countryside. But on the downside with the ending of the rainy season it doesn’t take long for the first signs of the dreaded air pollution to make itself evident with that dirty, murky haze that we are all too familiar with making an appearance.

Ever since we have been using this A site, which is a few years now, there has been a restaurant under construction. I can officially announce that this establishment of fine dining is now up and running.

About 30 of the usual suspects turned up with a handful of visitors making the effort to join us. As the hare brief was under way, dark clouds started to gather overhead and a heavy storm looked imminent. But I remembered rain is forbidden to fall on any Saturday run that Chuck Wao has any input and today was no exception with the clouds passing over without any significant deposit of rainfall.

We set off down passed the side of the restaurant and along the myriad of tracks that traverse the area. Everything was all going very well when all of a sudden, the paper was nowhere to be found. Search as we did, with  every conceivable direction being investigated,  all our efforts proved to be fruitless. Belly even contemplated turning back. Eventually Chuck Wao appeared from somewhere, but alas was of little help as he couldn’t remember in which direction the trail was.

I personally decided to take this opportunity to treat the situation as a scouting session and generally ambled through the forest for a few KM totally off trail for the whole time. Unbeknown to me the rest of the pack had eventually located the trail. Everyone returned within daylight and by all accounts experienced a good run. So this can go down as another successful hash from Chuckies’ Plateau. Well done guys.