Run # 1,623 Saturday 10th December 2022

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Run # 1,623 – JC’s Millennium Run – Saturday 10th December 2022


Today’s run marked a momentous occasion in the history of the CHS3. As it was Just Cumming’s 1,000th run. A feat that has only been accomplished by two other dedicated hashers, namely Superman and the dearly departed Miss Piggy.  This achievement constitutes around 20 years’ worth of Saturdays traversing the trails in and around Chiangmai pursuing nothing in particular other than a few cans of Heineken to refresh the parts no other beer reaches – that was the advertising slogan in the UK from the 1980’s. This was probably when JC first started hashing.

As all the covid restrictions have been relaxed, we seem to be getting back to a sense of normality in Chiangmai and this was particularly evident with the turnout for today’s outing. There were the usual Saturday stalwarts, a smattering of visitors, along with more than a modicum of long-time returnees.  Making what only can be described as a multitude of hashers numbering around 55 in total.

Captain Hook was JC’s coconspirator for today’s shenanigans choosing an A bucket just off the Canal Road about 12 km south from the Samoeng junction. The actual A site, itself, was at a minor road intersection which was obviously gave rise to being referred to as a super highway during the circle due to all the vehicular interruptions.

JC gave the hare brief and the assembled multitude headed for the nearby woodland and the first circle check. After about 5 minutes or so the trail was located which took us deep into the forest. There was a certain degree of steepness to negotiate, but nothing too drastic. It wasn’t long before we came to the first wimp Rambo split. This was a trail where the two routes would join each other on a couple of occasions. I followed the Rambo trail at the first split where we gained some more altitude and after 1 km or so the two trails met up again. This was when I came across Mr Poo who came thundering past me at a much greater pace than myself.

After another few hundred metres we came to the next wimp – rambo where this time I decided to err on the side of caution and take the wimp option. This trail took us down the hill and back in the general direction of the A bucket. I ambled my way down the trail, admiring the view and taking time to appreciate my surroundings when who should I meet coming up the trail in the opposite direction but Mr Poo. At the split he hadn’t been able differentiate between the huge R and W , he wanted to follow the Rambo trail but inadvertently ended up with the wimps. I really think Mr Poo Magoo would be a far more appropriate name for him. But it’s great to have all these longtime returnees once again swelling our ranks.

On the route I took I clocked up around 4 km and I think the Rambo was in the region of 6 km. everyone finished within day light even Square Rooter. A great run guy’s and congratulations To Just Cumming on his Millennium run.

OnOn Stumbling Dyke….


Run # 1,623 Saturday 10th December 2022, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating