12/12 – CGH3 – Pigshit & Strangely

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Had the day off work, figured I’d make an appearance to say howdy to the returning hashers. Great to see Poo, Prison Bitch, Strangely and plenty more. I wasn’t feeling too great though – it’s been a lazy few months and then I finally succumbed to covid, and since that I’ve been struggling to do anything. I had tried to find motivation to have a walk around the moobaan, but since that didn’t happen, I figured I would drive all the way to the other side of CM to force myself to get some exercise…

I didn’t even stop to buy beer! But attending it progress right? I guess some people are wondering what is up with Byte’s mojo. Anyway, we set off with Titty Smoker keen to make the hare brief abrupt and then Kwazi on his now trade mark early attack. The hares had chosen leaf coloured markings to test our patience and I followed Kwazi as he constantly stopped right next to paper that he couldn’t see.

My intention was to short cut the wimp trail, but the hares told us it was 8k for the rambo or 3.5 for the wimp – the wimp would be enough for me… I kept with the pack for a while, and helped them out when someone mis-solved a circle check into the back of an FT. They were running around like headless chickens for a while. Progress was made, but I slipped off the pack – less than 2k in and I was already off the back with nothing left to give.

Fortunately there was the Wimp split and I took a left. It was a very easy trail, but even the little hill climb was a struggle. I need the exercise, perhaps I’ll get myself back in shape… I did catch up with the other wimps before the end, but afterwards I decided to take the aircon ride rather than going to source beers.