CGH3 – 28th June – Sheep Shagger

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It’s been a while… First the bad air kicked in, then the heat and the pandemic, but finally I got out on a hash trail again with the Gentlemen’s hash off and running again. Sheepy set from a familiar spot near the quarries off Sameong Road. A decent turn out to see what he had in store.

Scum was quick out of the blocks across a farmers field with Cartoon in hot pursuit. At the first check I found myself with Shrek and Emma Royde chasing after Scum who seemed to be getting lucky. He breezed through a few checks leaving us just enough time to go the wrong way – but he was breezing through them so fast that he simply skipped a false trail and a big loop that rejoined the main trail as we went up by the side of the wall formerly known as the rubber wall.

Of course it had to turn left at some point, and the hare teased us with the turn a few times. We went into the back of the resort (Strawberry?) and another check had most of the pack checking right. I went left around the resort and didn’t hear anything called. The resort is a loop inside, so I figured I would rejoin them around the top of the resort, but as I went up the hill I spotted paper off to the left and headed over. It seems I had somehow got onto a wimp short cut and was now well ahead – despite being confused with paper going in 3 directions as the trails merged.

Whatever, I continued on, unsure if I was ahead or behind. I was ahead but already at the bottom of the hill as I heard them calling at the top. A few easy checks and the pack wasn’t closing on me. Trail looped around the quarry and another check near the back of the temple – they have cleared that area out a bit and there is a new temple hall in construction. I got it wrong, but then was back on trail through the temple with a few friendly dogs to keep me company. As I went around the small lake, I heard the pack approaching the temple, but kept quiet as the trail was clearly looping back to the road just past the check. There was the On-In – a quiet grin to myself and then the last push back to the cars. A pleasant reintroduction.