5th July – CGH3 – ABB & Softballs

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Back to Maejo for installment #2 of the Maejo Ballsup! This time we set off from the Tigers Head – a spot we had run through last Thursday. How would the hares mix it up? Would they mix it up? Would it at least be in reverse? Nope…

Scum charged away at the start as the trail headed over the small hill to join the main trail that heads up to the 5 point junction. A couple of checks, but we were heading back to that junction. The hares had mixed it up a bit, so I guessed we might turn right, head up the ridge a little and then drop down to the left. But Scum was coming back from there when I got there, so I checked the same way I did on Thursday, and sure enough I was back on paper heading down the hill, breezing through checks and feeling good!

Until… the same god damn, mother fooking, check that thwarted me on Thursday. Only this time it was worse. I swear the rest of the pack must have slipped silently by without a call as I went this way and that way, eventually getting back to the check to find myself behind. Not long after I got to a beerstop that was nearly deserted with the hares just packing up.

The peace of a solo trail runner – except this runner was gradually slowing down. I caught up with Bendover first – quick chat and then on to Cartoon who seems to still be struggling. There just weren’t enough checks to keep anyone together, particularly as people knew where they were. A minor variation from Thursday, but it wasn’t enough to let me catch up. I saw HRA, Mary Poppins ahead, but they were gone by the time I got to the road back to the Tigers Head. To punish myself for my stupidity, I did an extra loop up to enjoy the scenery along the dam – I can’t complain running out around Maejo!

5th July - CGH3 - ABB & Softballs, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating