8th November – CGH3 – Emma Royde

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I’ll tell you one thing – it’s a darnsite harder when you don’t have a map!

The pack was a bit smaller today with a variety of excuses coming in, nonetheless there was still a decent crowd to assist with checking. We were way out San Kampaeng way at a shelter I’d not been to for years – the site of the infamous tunnel paddle. I know Emma has been scouting quite a bit out here, and my memories of the area were fading – aside from the big paddy field the other side of the ridge.

We set off towards the tunnel and there was a circle check right by it – no way was I diving in to check in there! Sadly I’d run past the circle without spotting it, so ended up not being able to check the lovely obvious trail over the hill – my first failed check! Titty Smoker was leading us over the hill, but I had first choice at the next check down by the canal – I went down the canal in completely the opposite direction to where paper was – another fail!

Catching up again when Titty couldn’t spot the paper, we made our way along the trail at the bottom of a hill. I was cruising, enough to run straight into an FT. Back again, and Titty and Piggy followed me onto the trail cutting across the rice field. I was back in front as we got to a herd of buffalo, and a carefully placed check in the middle of them. Checking quietly, I yet again went wrong. Damnit!!!

Piggy did a good job of making sure we were all on the right track as we navigated our way around the buffalo, and then Piggy was coasting along. I slowed for a while and paused while my fish burger made its way back out – man I was overheating! This 4 o’clock start is still a bit hot! Piggy was ahead as we went back along the side of the canal and got to the walkers rejoining after their “Long” option. I was there just in time to get another check wrong again – and once again wrong in completely the wrong direction.

Finally I jogged back into the mix and caught up as ABB found the paper, but only after I’d pointed to it from someway off. I was back, and we had a longish section that was fairly tricky to get any pace up through the rocky ground. Another check, and finally I got one right – heading sharply up to the left!

Another circle and I was quite disoriented by now, with a rough idea of where were headed that was in reality completely wrong. I wasn’t far off when ABB called from up the hill to my left, and I intercepted him at the next check giving my the first choice, and again I was correct. This time I could jog along a bit as we started descending to a V-Check. Could you believe it? Wrong again. I got back in time for Piggy to pull of the paper and then we pretty much ran in together. A really nice set in a great area that we really should run more often!

8th November - CGH3 - Emma Royde, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating