2nd November – CH4 – Tequila Slammer

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It’s been a while for various reasons, but the stars aligned and I decided to take Terrorbyte to the hash. Maejo is a hash playground that should be the default choice for hares, although this week had some history with Kwazi getting lost on Monday. I did go looking for him first thing Tuesday morning, so perhaps that triggered me to rejoining the hash?

I guess this post will form 2 parts – a review of the run, and a reflection of why I was there! Reviewing the run is easier, so lets start there… It was Maejo, a runsite I know very well, so we traversed over to the main trail and headed up to the 5star junction – ergo I got the first few checks right. Now then… there is a junction with 5 different trails – Who the F**K puts a V check there???? I saw there was a check and assumed it was a circle check, so WTF I ended up checking a direction that was impossible. That V check earnt more than it deserved, but I was actually thankful to be following the leaders as I am not in shape.

A few checks later we got to a W/R check, which was easy to not spot – I chose not to spot it and take the wimp trail – I know my form at the moment. Sadly I had to then do the checks alone until ABB caught me up. I was coming back from a check when he appeared and for some reason I listened to him – shit I know this area better than most, the way I checked was foolish, but the way he suggested was just impossible! Tired, weary, we got back to the circle as Scooby jogged by. At least now we were in the last phases as a few of the Rambos passed me and as each passed it was a jab in the heart that I need to get my life together.

Overall it was a great set – really good use of the trails – so good job Tequila Slammer (or perhaps Pussy Whisperer?) – my only question is why the F**K did you put a V check at an obvious circle chance?

So, the second part – why was I there? I haven’t hashed for years. Previously, I wasn’t enjoying the hash – I was just going along out of habit, not because I was enjoying it, so I stopped… It’s taken a long time for me to get my head in the right space. I didn’t want to join the group when my head was in a negative dark cloud as that wouldn’t contribute any positivity to the group. I didn’t want people to be ‘walking on eggshells’ when talking to me, or splashing me and I didn’t want to join the group when I had such a negative outlook.

I think I am through my malaise and am ready to rejoin the community (assuming you accept me back). I doubt anyone has read this far, but if you have give me some positive energy as I really need the exercise!

2nd November - CH4 - Tequila Slammer, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating