15th Jan – CGH3 – Frozen, Graven & Strangely

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It’s Ballbreaker time. Despite battling a cold, I finally decided to go out an see what they had put together out past Doi Saket. It is one of Frozen’s favourite spots, so I wonder what new trails he found? The hares seemed happy to give up some inside information – perhaps noticing I wasn’t feeling that well.

I walked up the hill at the start and we found what might have been a circle check. This was roughly the OnIn in reverse from the last time Frozen had set out there and I clearly remembered Brownie chasing me down that hill. I confidently got a few checks right before losing some ground when we had to balance across a log – thankfully the hares had provided ropes, so unlike Titty Smoker I made it across without getting wet.

We continued doing the previous run in reverse all the way to the first beerstop at <4k. I wasn’t planning on doing it all, but 4k was a bit wimpy, so Frozen suggested doing the 3rd leg rather than the 2nd. We were about to set off to the 2nd beerstop, but the hares were worried about Silly Cow as she hadn’t turned up yet. Perhaps she had turned back? We waited a little bit longer, until a group of 5-6 harriettes showed up. One was Silly Cow, but the hares had forgotten about 5 others – most notably Frozen’s wife! Setting off on the 3rd leg I had the company of 4 ladies who seemed happy to send me off to check for them. There were a couple of checks that caught me, but mostly it was a pleasant walk back towards the cars. Thankfully there wasn’t as much hill this time and we dropped on to some trails that I wasn’t familiar with. It wasn’t long though before I knew where we were – lucky for us that was where the trail had been removed, so we were able to find our way through based on inside knowledge. Cheers hares, I know how much work goes in!