26th Dec – CGH3 – Gorf

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Gorf is back in town and haring. A day long hangover for boxing day, I had to do something, so I headed down to a random location (no signs!) near Hang Dong golf course. The hare brief wasn’t brief. Gorf is an international hasher so has picked up a variety of ideas from around the world, so decided to introduce us to the back checks off circles concept…

I do like innovation and change is generally good! I have hashed in the UK before where there was a few bits of powder in the wrong direction, but you knew by the 3rd blob that you were on… The hare warned us that there were some LONG false correct trails off circles, which just meant that we could not have any confidence with any calls… Surely when you are on trail it is ok to just call ONON… And surely it is a LOAD of effort to set false trails that may never be found? The hare sets the game, we play their rules…

Early on I was doing well – Poo not far behind, but I picked up a few checks until we got to a junction with no check. I’d heard someone behind me and it turned out Scooby sped past as we ran out of powder. Bizarrely Gorf was right behind us to put some powder down to make it clearer!!! Why the FOOK didn’t he just make it obvious the first time. Emmaroyde told him to go back to look after the bags.

Not long after there was mass confusion. It seems there were 2 checks either side of a road. Actually it was a really good check that went back and then up the hill, and it completely foxed us. Well it completely foxed me and it seemed to be a long time before anyone called it. I briefly saw Poo & Graven, but I’d gone from near the front to off the back. Sure it was a good check and I didn’t have much left to try and catch up.