6th November – CGH3 – Jenny

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Fook Me I am unfit. I spent most of the weekend recovering from last Thursday’s run (plus hangovers), but Jeez I am out of shape. Back to the Maejo lake today for the G, and this time it was straight up the hill. On a good day, back when I was fit, that took around 8 minutes – (PB 7.26), today I just about collapsed at the top in over 12 minutes. And when I say nearly collapsed, I had definitely pushed myself into the red zone.

A check at the top had Graven scamper off left, Cartoon begrudgingly head right, and of course I was turning left along with Piggy. The trail here is mostly flat along the top of the ridge, but I had nothing left already. One by one I was passed. Given that I haven’t been about so much, it seemed like most wanted to have a bit of a chat as they passed me, so I apologise if I came across as rude – I could barely muster the energy to walk, let alone hold a conversation.

It seemed lacking in checks, which didn’t really bother me, as there was no chance I could keep up with Emma. And so, we turned down the steep trail, my legs like jelly. I figured most had passed me by and not long after the water I’d drunk before setting off decided it wasn’t enjoying life in my stomach and preferred to soak into the ground. A hasher I didn’t know appeared behind me, kindly offered water, but I didn’t think it would stay down. He walked with me for a bit, but at the next junction (no check), I knew a shorter way of getting back, so we parted ways again.

I reconnected with trail at the 5 point junction, and plodded my way back. Not far from home Emma breezed by and I was left to trudge up the road to the cars with Graven close behind. Embarrassingly unfit. I sat – I showered – and still felt terrible. Certainly didn’t want a beer, so opted to head home to at least enjoy the aircon in the car. Finally perking up now, but my legs aren’t happy with me. Will I make the effort to get fit again? Or will I stick with golf? Unsure at this point…