12th Dec – CH4 – Alice (& Blows)

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Today there was a Malaysian invasion! We’ve had quite a few visitors recently, and today randomly an extra 96 (ish) showed up. Our regular 20-25 or so group is easy to handle – today we suddenly had to make sure there was enough transport and beer for a HUGE turnout – we also had a bunch of extra CM folks show up – very welcome to Bushy Tail, the returning Dogshit, and Liberace!

Alice had picked a runsite outside a school for a run starting at 4:30 – it was utter chaos! Songthaews arriving full of hashers, songthaews leaving with school kids. While the hare might have been frustrated in trying to get his harebrief done, it wasn’t anyone else’s fault!

We set off, and Brownie was clearly itching to test himself with the visitors! There were a couple of young trackstars that were clearly running well, but had no idea what happened at the check. I jogged along, getting the first few checks right – as I quickly figured it was a reverse of the last run Alice had set there. Of course he would go up to let everyone enjoy the views at the dam – it would be rude not to! The inside information left me well placed as we climbed the stairs and at the top where Alice was waiting, I was only going to head over the dam. For most of the visitors, this must have seemed like a low chance – good visibility and no sign of paper – but to me it was about 100%.

I was moving along nicely near the front – proud there was a group of 4 CM people (me, Tasty, Brownie and Cartoon), and only 1 visitor as we got to the other side of the dam. Then I got one check wrong and could never get back into it! Man the pace speeds up when you have a large group of FRBs! The rest of the run was familiar – heading inevitably towards the weir crossing.

The circle was good – considering the challenge of entertaining that many people.

12th Dec - CH4 - Alice (& Blows), 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating