5th December – CH4 – Prison Bitch & Discharge

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By Alice

Prison Bitch & Discharge were schooled in the fine art of haring by Knockout aka Jean d’Arc patron saintess and savior of those afflicted by dodgy bamboo bridges.

Well it was flat and lots of orchards and an area I’m not too familiar with. 3 pluses there. Some sharp turns that TmB didn’t see, much to Angry Inch’s enjoyment, also curries favour in the scribe’s eyes.

Two songthaos plus some visitors and a virgin, CH4 livin’ the high life nowadays…let’s enjoy it while we can (before the smog).

So off we went down the road and the FRBs almost missed check #1. Smallish beige flour circle on grass at the roadside. Didn’t bode well. Not did Square Rooter’s arse, which trumped out a call something between an earthquake and a bamboo bridge splintering. Purple Fart rather aptly caught the blast and he was not impressed.

Soon we were curving right along the side of an orchard and a bamboo bridge of fairly challenging nature presented. TmB and Strangely fcuked off to locate the next crossing. The rest followed Browny and Angry across to a circle. Slowly, wobbling and afraid of an early bath. KO jumped in the raging torrent to steady poor hashers as they crossed. Prison Bitch allegedly broke the 4th pole while crossing earlier but thankfully the remaining 3 supported Shrek, so I felt the rest of the pack was going to be fine.

The trail went basically anti clockwise but was hard to predict at checks. Brownfinger had an almost perfect record at checks – of fcuking up. I’ll follow him next run because even he can’t keep that stupendous level up.

Purple Fart was going really well although I’m suspicious it was just to keep upwind of Rooter’s rotten rectum.
Good to see Always on Top on trail and some guys I didn’t know, Young & Rich, Scratch, Braindead (HK H3er from 1972) and just someone else.

We crossed and re-crossed little irrigation streams and ducked low under branches. Suddenly we were back on tracks and there was Pussy Galore having followed trial in reverse after refusing the bridge. 4 points for refusal for PG!

The OnIn was big and clear but then trail disappeared and we stumbled back through the trees and rubbish to the footy field.

I had around 5.7km. A very pleasant return run back in CM. Nice one hares.

5th December - CH4 - Prison Bitch & Discharge, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating