2nd December – CH3 – Brown Finger

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Another Male hash, and this time I was in time to set off with the pack! This time I also managed to get through the run without seeing Angry Inch’s Angry Inch! Although as we set off, I’m not 100% sure if he was offering a viewing or not!

Poo was itching to get going – he was running before the first check! The first check was a high percentage check as we would probably have spotted trail on the way in if it hadn’t been right. Sure enough Poo was off, only to be thwarted at the second check. I was deliberately taking it steady.

Great trails heading up into the hill – it’s been a while since I’ve been here. Mary Poppins got a bit of a lead, and tried to sneak by quietly after the V check, but he was reined in, and when we hit the main trail Graven took the lead and started to put a few checks together. I was following with Pussy Whisperer, but I kept being fooled by the non-existent false trail. I was sure there must be a FT coming, but nope.

Finally at the top of the hill as we made a sharp right, Graven got one wrong, and it was my turn! And now it was the descent, on a nice running trail! I loved it! Dancing, skipping, bouncing, nice! Then there was a circle, but no obvious trail apart from the great one I was already on! It was heading in the right direction, so I kept going – no paper, but a great running trail, and when the calls came from my left, the trail started turning left. It was too nice a trail for nobody to be running it, so I pressed on. (Is that the most eloquent denial of short cutting ever?)

I rejoined the paper soon after, and the pack were just behind me as I hit a circle out into a field – 50/50, left or right. I picked right, and was right. Shrek now chasing me down. Another check, and I was a bit off to the right. Knowing where home was, I went back to the trail, and accelerated into absolute chaos. No check, but no paper. I looped around in the direction of home, and Suckit was also checking there. Off to the left, way the other side of a lake, I saw Frozen Dick making his way… Hmmmm… There was a call from back to the left, but by now it was a choice of which side of the lake to go. I went the wrong side, and cruised in not far ahead of the pack.

Nice trails!