2nd November – CSH3 – I Got Gas

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I Got Gas setting a run in Maejo, but not from the mansion! He teamed up with HRA, and following the hash signs reminded me of a scouting mission that HRA and I abandoned a few years back. This time the hares had got us permission to run in the grounds of the Maejo University farm! I remember previously thinking ‘there must be some good trails here’, so finally we’d find out!

Hare brief (not so brief) over we set off and there was a nice little downhill stretch – knowing there would be uphills later, I took off only to get the first V check wrong. None of Your Business was briefly ahead till he flunked the 2nd check. Turkey managed to get ahead through his usual Silent Running strategy – fortunately it didn’t last long! Heading right, perhaps we were going to use the paper we’d seen on the road on the way in? I’d thought it was a decoy, but it turned out it was part of the trail – useful information, as I got to that check first and led the way.

Things were going well for me, and the pace was fast – very fast for a hash! Then the young visitor suddenly appeared behind me, somehow managing to chase me down! He had some form, and when he hit the rest of the checks right, not even Brown Finger could catch him. Yes – Brown Finger was back – great to run alongside him again! The run was 35 minutes, with the uphill finish the worst part, but a good work out, and easily long enough given the heat and the pace on flat trails. A nice set, with many trails we haven’t used.

2nd November - CSH3 - I Got Gas, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating