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14th Jan – CSH3 – Foxy & TMB

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It seems like every week is a ‘special’ run, with hares putting extra efforts in as the hash goes from strength to strength! We had the Xmas Eve run, the New Years Eve run, the Ball Breaker, and now a barbecue run at Foxy’s new place, with special contributions from 3 1/2 Inch, Anti Virus and Turkish Delight. The event drew out from the wordwork the likes of Bone Hur (& Bone Idol) amongst the throng of regulars and visitors! Numbers seemed reasonable when we set off on the run, but clearly quite a few extras didn’t realise just how (ffing) far down Hang Dong road it was, and just how many traffic lights we had to get through – the likes of Super family, Cool Balls & family, and the Shagless wedding party arriving late.

Those that were ready set off immediately to a circle check in the middle of Foxy’s compound. Finally Turkish found the trail after we had broken through a fence and escaped – he found trail, but waited a while before letting anyone else know, and it took the rest of us a while longer to figure out how to get to where he was calling from. We followed after Turkish and got to another circle. Turkish had gone 100m or so to the right, Brownie was reluctantly checking ahead, and while another couple milled around the check, I begrudgingly checked to the left – towards the Hang Dong road… It was a 0%’er, but someone had to do it. I got a full 100 paces, slowly, before that Tvrkish fvcking cvnt called. Tw@t c0ck tvrd d!ck cvnt. We saw him in the distance as we ran across a field to another circle. Again I got it wrong and checked right. I suspect Turkish had had time to check that way already, but others caught him as the call came – I didn’t see him again until he was sat back at the runsite. SCB.

Obscene led for a while, and suddenly we hit a very familiar trail – yes, Shagless had set here. A false trail to the right brought the pack together and then it was HRA and I checking forwards on the road. It was quite a way, but finally we found powder. The next circle was tucked around the corner. Brownie and Scooby carried along the road, and then pointed left and cut across. I went around the corner and saw them on a parallel road pointing at a tree. They said they had paper, but seemed confused about what to do. Apparently the BB screw up has given them mental scars and they were fearful of calling. Coming from the correct direction it made pretty good sense, the paper hidden on the back of the tree, and I set off. Brownie followed while Scooby continued confusing the pack behind us – arriving at the next check with only Brownie and Bob was a bit weird, but we all managed to check in completely the wrong places, twice, and now I was way behind again. Damn, I was getting everything wrong.

The trails were familiar, and I spent some time slowly moving towards the front, at one point the trail suddenly turned right, and I called Poo & Scooby back after they’d carried on forwards – well I called Poo back, and then spent a minute trying to remember what to call Scooby. Whatever, it worked, and we rejoined the front as they came back from a false trail. There was an obvious alternative, but I wasn’t placed in the right place to check it, so rather than just milling around I went left, and again was left behind. I was getting tired, and seemed to be constantly playing catch up, only to get it wrong when I did catch up.

Lizard Gizzard was ahead, but his advantage was negated by the pack recognising where we were and most not bothering to run around an extra loop. The pace had been quick – sub 7min per km, and I was starting to feel the pain. I dropped back a bit and watched the FRBs play the game. We could see Big C and I knew we weren’t far from home. We turned into a Moobaan, and there was a check that caught out most of the FRBs, and suddenly I was near the front with Graven and the Lizard. The Lizard missed trail for a moment and I was chasing Graven down – surely we would be home v. soon?? Trail turned abruptly left and suddenly the ground was spongy, moist and uneven. I walked taking care of my footing, while the rest of the pack charged past me. Half of them promptly sank waist deep into a nasty trap set my the hares! I remembered another run by Shagless when the same thing happened at the same point, but I can’t quite remember who it was that sank. We emerged back to the rice paddies, and Angry and I checked to the left along the edge of the fields, trying to avoid damaging them. Around 100m from the check, at the edge of the field, I spied Superman and Superbitch scuttling along the other side of a small creek – they were ON, so AI & I hopped over the creek and trudged in. Mostly a good running trail, but it really shows how long it takes to recover from a Ball Breaker like last week…

10th Dec – CSH3 – Superman & Superbitch

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The Sups family teamed up for an adventure behind the Night Safari. With more than 2,000 runs between them, and in their own backyard – we could surely expect a hashing treasure?!

The hare brief didn’t sound overly confident – something about being chased by the police or army or something? Hmmm… We set off and Just Cuming & Sheep Shagger ran off up the hill… WTF? Up the hill? Even Brownie felt he had to run to stay ahead, while Poo and I trudged up with Jingly Titties wondering what had happened to the world. A KM or so without checks, and a gruelling KM up up UP! Finally we broke left and had a fun, fast run back down the hill. Brownie leading until he got a check wrong and finally we got to the bottom just behind Tasty, and another circle check. This circle would fox us for a LONG, long time… There was simply no trail off it. We searched left, we searched right, we hacked around in shiggy, and nothing…. I had pretty much given up and decided to head around the road, and poked around here or there, while the rest of the pack also hunted for paper. A group of us got together, and finally we found another circle check – around 500m along the road from the previous circle. It was clear the trail had been tampered with…

All the hashers seemed happy to have found trail again, while I was thinking a beer might be nice. Sure enough I got that check wrong, and Graven was the first to lead us up a scramble where Brownie was really struggling to get his footing. We followed paper into the jungle and then no more paper. No check… No paper… Nothing… Nada… We all spread out, and again, we were foxed for some time. This time it was as though the hare had forgotten to put the check there, or somehow hidden it so cleverly that nobody found it. Poo called from the right, but by then I was on the next hill, poking around. I continued, and ended up in a overgrown mess, with calls coming from all around. I hacked my way through shitty shiggy, and finally came to somekind of a trail, and immediately a circle. Perfect, pristine, untouched! I just didn’t know where the circle fitted into the run, and certainly wasn’t in any place to call… I checked to the left a bit, nothing, back and up the hill, and I heard Brownie and Graven approaching from the right just before I found the paper… OnOn! That worked out nicely!

At the next check Brownie and Graven were closing me down – I didn’t dare look back, but it did sound like they were skipping and holding hands, and when I checked straight they were definitely following me. It was a narrow trail, so I pondered how they were holding hands AND moving so quickly! Another circle and I took off to the right while they went straight on the main trail… Come on boys, I’d just heard you talking about how you would get off the main trail if you were the hare, but then again, I guess you needed the wider trail to check together? 😛

I found paper, and headed on some serious zigzag chicanes down to the ‘cut through’ with Tasty not far behind. We zigged left, we zagged right, we zigged left again, and at the cut through I was running along hoping to stay ahead of Tasty, when BAM! no more paper… Again… A feeble voice from up ahead and pretty randomly there was Sloppy Rod! Where had he appeared from? Was he doing the run, or just jogging around randomly… He wasn’t on paper, and nor were we. I decided I was thirsty enough to give up on this and headed back, drawing a few of the hashers with me to the safe route up the road to the beer. It would have been a great trail with a few more checks, and without someone sabotaging it!

27th June – CH3 – Superman

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Superman with his hidden co-hare Just Cumming, set a run from by the temple behind Bann Billabong. With many years of experience, surely this would be a good one? We set off, and a couple of quick circles. I got the first right, and Piggy got the second. CW and I quickly caught up with Piggy who seemed utterly confused, muttering like a drunkard about us going back to the A. We followed paper and kept going. Another circle, and I nearly gave up when I spotted paper, and a visiting Grease Gorilla wasn’t far behind. Great to see Greasy back.

Then I got to meet an angry villager, who was busy building a barricade to block the footpath. He was upset that we would run through his house, and demanded to know who had organised it. I spent some time negotiating with him, while the rest of the pack were bearing down on him. Worst case we could run around him, but finally he let me go around his new barricade and continue on trail – not sure whether he bitched to the rest of the pack or not.

We hit the main road, and I have a memory of a Sups run using both sides of the Sameong road, and with the markings, this would be another one. We were headed towards the Disco Shelter. Turkey was a bit ahead when we got to the circle by the disco shelter, but none of us knew there would be 2km or so of running before the next check – not even Sups as he claimed JC set that part. Turkish wasn’t far ahead, and he became a rabbit in a greyhound race – in my mind… I very slowly started to reel him in, and each time I got a bit closer, it gave me confidence to speed up. Occasionally over my shoulder I saw CW & Cuckold, but my sights were on Turkey. He was looking for checks at every junction, but the checks weren’t there, and slowly I pulled him in, and there was a clear moment when he just broke.

I pressed on, and now it was me in the front looking for the break of a check, and glancing over my shoulder to see CW closing me down fast. Damnit! Where are the checks? When CW caught me he gave me a polite hello, a brief discussion about paper, but no economics lecture as he was moving smoothly – I was moving like someone who had just raced against a Turk in a pointless duel to the midway point. I want the exercise, I want to push myself and part of the fun of the hash is not knowing how far you have to go, so its hard to pace yourself. In my mind, I had predicted the way Sups would take us back, and I was monumentally wrong. Very, very wrong, because there was still a lot of the hash to go, and I had already shot my load on chasing Turkey down.

A junction, still no check, but knowing the trails there, I predicted a false trail. I was wrong, but it wasn’t far before I found paper, and also found Turkish. I am pretty sure we both felt the same. CW was calling from the left, and it sounded like he would join us imminently, neither Turkey or I wanted to go back, so we continued to a circle check, which we both got wrong, but I went back to find the right way. Where was the rest of the pack? It seems the ‘loop’ that we missed was much bigger than I expected, and yet the trail still had some kicks in the end… More than once we were teased with being close to the A, before turning back away, and UP. I knew I had short cut, so stayed silent, but did my best to figure out the rest of the trail, checking the wrong way a couple of times. As I finally approached the A site, Turkey appeared from nowhere – very curious what he did, but I suspect we felt the same…

An excellent run from Sups. I know I missed a chunk, and seeing the map of that only makes the run even better.

25th October – CSH3 – Superman

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The Super family combined to create a new hash adventure. A familiar starting point by the waterfall cafe behind Wat Doi Kham. Once most of us had found the hash signs to get there, I figured we’d have a bit of climbing to do – it’s a great trail, but most of the runs I’ve been on there seem to follow the same route. Would the veteran hasher find something new for us? In short no… but the whole story became more interesting!

After the hare brief we were set off back down the road, around the corner and along the side of the water. There was a brief period of confusion looking for paper by a weir. Brownie pointed across the weir and up a hill, encouraging me to look for paper where there was none. Damnit, finally they called on on – why was nobody else looking for paper while I was on a wild goose chase??? What the hell, I had the higher ground, we had to be going up sooner or later, so I carried on up the ridge, with the occasional call from down the gully to my left. I finally heard Chuckie call “Check Back”, and figured they were heading off to the left – I just had to find a way to get over there… There wasn’t one, but the nice trail I was on quickly joined the main trail, and unsurprisingly there was paper marking the way. Too short to go back, so I figured I’d do the trail in reverse.

I ran up to the waterfall, found the scramble across along the edge of the hill, and started back down. Surely I would meet the pack sooner or later? Half an hour in, and I’m running backwards on trail – where were the FRBs? Finally I saw Shagless leading the way! Maybe he’d done Sups’ clever short cut? A long way further and finally there was Junglicious running towards me, followed by the pack of FRBs. We exchanged pleasantries, and I carried on backwards. Next was Turkish, desperate to know how far behind he was… Then there was a gap to Mr. Poo and the ladies. By now I was already down on the flat lands at the bottom of the hill… – How could I only be halfway through this???

Next up I saw Sups, a brief discussion and I kept going, around the corner and well, there was the out trail… WTF had happened??? I’d run pretty much the whole trail (backwards) while the rest of the pack were just mingling around? Graven appeared in front of me – turns out he’d done a similar trick to me, but not found trail. We jogged back towards the A, and found Cougar and Humperdick stood by a cross check that hadn’t been there earlier. It dawned on me – Sups had set a false trail off to the right, and then gone back and changed it up to a cross check after. Turns out it had screwed everyone up – in some ways that is excellent haring? Most seemed to disagree and quite a few negative comments were passed. I just enjoy running trail, which I did, so I was happy.

16th August – CSH3 – Potato Head

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Potato Head’s birthday run, but Daddy stepped up to put the leg work in. A vehicle scout on Thursday, and a scout/set on the hash day – Skiddy looked worse for wear and not excited when he got to the A bucket. He looked dejected – a sure sign things hadn’t gone the way he’d hoped…

We set off with Skiddy kitted out like a live hare – and from the hare brief, I was off looking for an “Imaginary Circle Check”. I did my best, but my imagination struggled – half a km into the run and I was still imagining paper! Fortunately Piggy found a trail and we set off. We scrambled through some shiggy, and fortunately I got a couple of checks right. Finally I got one wrong and caught up to the pack as they were confused. There was a circle check – Piggy called OnOn, but threw his voice so the pack followed close to where he’d been, and after a while we found a circle check – around the same time Piggy found another one just 100m to our left.

Which circle were we looking for? I headed right and found trail – but the trail was at a junction and heading in both directions… It looked like we should have got there from a different direction and run around the corner. Kinda confusing, but Cumalot followed my call… Another 100m or so and I found a check back… Hmmm What to do? No sign of anyone behind me – had I short cut? should I clear the check? I grabbed the paper and went back to the junction where trail was going both ways. As I started trying to make the trail Skiddy was calling to me off to the right.

Apparently I was wrong – I suspected as much, and was tempted to just carry on, but Skiddy insisted I went back and did the long extra loop. He told me “go to the next junction and turn right”. I suspected it was inside information to help me get back with the pack, so jogged off down the trail, while Cumalot called On On behind me. Was she calling me, or just calling? With a huge quarry to my right, I saw hashers the otherside disappearing… Was I short cutting? I wasn’t at the junction yet… When I finally got to the junction I turned right, and right again towards the hashers I’d seen… Finally I sign of trail and some paper!!! No hashers, no footprints, which way should I follow it?

I went left, and there was a set of skiddy sticks perfectly intact. Hmmm Had I short cut again? Was I ahead? Should I fix the check? I picked up 2 sticks and headed back towards where I thought the trail had come from, and there was Miss Piggy, walking along with Superbitch. They were probably as surprised as me – I don’t remember the last time I ran into them on trail!!!! I figured the trail out and slowly picked off hashers – Superman, Does Nothing, Geisha Gash (who didn’t short cut). Man I was way out of this thing!

I finally caught up with Anything, Banana Wiggler and Stephen as we got to the false trail that I’d already found. Humperdick was grumbling his way back from it, which gave some inspiration to running harder. Around the corner and there was powder letters all over the trail. “ON OUT” “ON IN” “OH FUCK” “OH DEAR” “OOPS” – I have no idea what it said, or which way we should go, but it was clear we were supposed to follow the first 2k or so back.

I got to the road with Humps and decided to go around to the left rather than just following the out trail back. Humps decided to do the same to the right, but unfortunately for him there weren’t trails to the right and he got his exercise back and forth on the tarmac.

3rd May – CSH3 – Turkish Delight

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What would Turkey do for us / to us? At Huay Tung Thao the trails are familiar, but there are options. A familiar starting point had us running towards the mountain, and of course there was a circle check waiting at the base. It is a great spot for a circle check, but kind of gives the game away early – if we turn left, it is towards the moobahn, if we turn right it’s towards the lake. I opted to check straight on towards the waterfall – I set a run there previously, it was a truly shitty run, that climbed up the waterfall in the vague hope there might be trails up there. I figured Turkey was the kind of hare who might copy that fuck up. Fortunately I was wrong, and we were heading to the lake.

It crossed my mind that he might just run us around the lake – I’ve heard that he previously just ran us around the 5k running track! But, nope, I led Chuckie across the dam and around to the entrance to Huay Tung Thao. Then things got a bit confusing… There was a circle check, and soon after I found trail, around the same time Chuckie also found trail. At closer examination, I had found the wimp trail just before it joined the main trail, so I carried on and joined the walkers who were checking off a circle check.

We were tight up against the barbed wire fence – the otherside of which was the army base, where there are men who have guns, and have been known to use them. The sensible option is to not run near highly trained soldiers, particularly during a period of political strife. I saw Sups checking away to the right, and opted to check even further to the right – so far that I found a great running trail. Such a great running trail that I couldn’t resist running on it! And would you believe it, after a while I found paper! I assume the hare had just set an impossible 700m check…

Rather than running off, I went back to join my fellow hashers and help them through the unfamiliar area – am I ever thanked for these duties I perform? Nope… Anyway, we 2nd guessed a couple of obvious skiddy sticks to get back to the OnIn. Some call it short cutting, some call it intelligent hashing – my boys called it “winning” – apart from Tip Toe who did an even better job of ‘winning’.

1st May – CH4 – HRA

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The new CH4 runday, the new CH4 runtime – who would show up? how many? I arrived early, missing the traffic from work, and past Frozen Dick & Microwave getting some extra exercise on the way to the run – on their bikes. Microwave set off for a bit of a recce to find some trail. Turned out around 30 or so hashers showed up, one of the larger CH4 turn outs for a while. It was nice to see Ninja, Taste my Buns, Beautiful Box join us, and I’m sure there were some guys too – oh yeah, Sups was there. Not a bad start!

Eventually HRA let us have a hare brief and set us off. So called virgin trails – ha! Anyway, we set off and Chuckie and I walked for a while before starting a jog and eventually getting to the first check together. One of us should check left, buuuut… nah… Unlikely! So we carried on and found trail. I’ve never been to the left there, but nor has there ever been a hash set to the left there – I figure it’s a dead end! The next check we had to split up, and I opted for the regular route to the left. Somehow it was None of Your Business that found the 3rd choice and called us on. He led the way for a while as we headed into the hills. I enjoyed following Knock Out, Ninja and Itchy up the hill, and as we got to the top I caught up at a sneaky False Trail that was omitted from the hare brief.

We followed old trails up a ridgeline, and another circle check was surely going to take the trail up the the buddha statue on the hill… Nope? Seriously? He wanted to take us down to the gully? Damn! A circle check at the bottom of the hill, had me guessing it was to the left. I followed Itchy for a few paces before LumberJackOff called from the other direction. Where was it going? Turns out he was calling on old paper. Sure enough we were back up the hill, back to the trail by the little buddha statue – I could have saved myself the down and up if I’d just gone with my original theory. What the hell, we descended quickly to another familiar runsite.

Chuckie went further to the right – further away from home, while I mossied around a couple of trails, only to find Pigshit looking at some paper! He’d been absent all trail and then showed up ahead – had he spent some time at Graven’s private hashing school??? We charged down the hill to the Wimp Rambo split – a glance at the watch and it was already nearly 45 minutes – did we need the rambo option? Ugh, being first there, I guess I should do it…

Next circle check and I am a complete fucking moron. I should know the area better than that, but found myself checking out on a peninsula, while Graven’s favourite padawan called “RU?” from the other side of the lake, mockingly, like a blind man who really hadn’t seen the trail he was following! 😉 Back on trail, and back with the pack, somehow Taste my Buns was up front – nice running! We climbed through a barbed wire fence, while Horny took the arduous route over a tall gate. Down the road – we were homing in on the A. Taste my Buns was leading the way, and bizarrely she went right at another circle check – that wasn’t going anywhere. Chuckie alongside, and only Lumber Jack Off lumbering ahead, I made my move… We were nearly home, everything was falling into place, one more check, turn left and we are back in…. Except it wasn’t left, it was straight on… and coming back from 150m or so I was back behind None Of Your Business! He looked over his shoulder, saw me, started running, looked at his watch, figured it was too far, and the lazy boy gave up.

We had an extra loop around, but it was all kicked out as I came through, having the luxury of watching Chuckie and Horny congratulate each other as they found the final check and hence the OnIn.

Rain for the circle temporarily moved us up the hill to shelter, and then back to the the original site for a delayed, but entertaining circle.

22nd March – CSH3 – Sunspot

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Sunspot teamed up with Krap Thai, and I was expecting a short leisurely jog. Out past Maerim, there was a sizable group of FRBs turned up to play. With smokey air we were hoping for rain that didn’t come. Turkish led a group for an immediate short cut with Sups & Graven skipping the first couple of checks. Local knowledge I guess told them there was no way through a quarry. Either way we were bunched up with powder hard to find in places.

We crossed a creek a few times, and we started trying to figure out which side of it we were. I was a bit disoriented, and a late circle check on a bridge took an age to find. 4th time lucky, Gorf had missed some powder where he checked first, and with the 2nd blob around a corner 50m further on, it was no wonder we didn’t pick it up quicker. I led the way back into the rice fields, towards the aqueduct… I still wasn’t sure which side of it we should be, so when I had a circle check, I was too slow to go and check. Sure enough the trail took us over the 700m or so. A narrow path with water rushing one side and a steep cliff the other. Yes, there was a rail, but I opted out and picked my way through the paddy to scramble back in.

I wasn’t expecting 7.5km, but it was good one.

16th Sept – CH3 – Horny Monkey

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Mr. 100% man Horny Monkey! At 4pm I was chatting with Poo as a storm came by – my office grew dark, the rains came down, we both debated whether to brave it or not… Fortunately when I got there the rain was easing, and co-hare Tip Toe was strolling around with an air of confidence, although he was noticeably concerned about a lack of Monkey.

Finally the hash cash showed up, we had an elaborate harebrief where 1 skiddy stick just wouldn’t be enough to get the point across. Harebrief done he pointed us off straight into some thick undergrowth – that was only the start… The thick undergrowth was mild compared with what was to come. We got scratched up with the typical Chiang Mai stickers, Sups took a face plant, and we ended up going around in circles in a “field” – memorable as I remembered another crappy run there! That inside information let me avoid one deadend, but I still hit plenty of skiddy sticks.

We finally hacked our way through the fields and finally hit a short bit of running trail. Short… it took us up to the road so we could hit some tarmac. The last bit was bizarrely twisty. We know Horny likes to set 10k runs on a postage stamp, and today was another one of those – well 5k anyway. When we got back to a bridge after a 2k loop, I realised how close I was to finding the wrong true trail. I guess it worked the way he intended it to, and certainly kept us running around in circles.

9th May – CH3 – SkidMark

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What do you expect? Skiddy from the flats to the south of CNX – during rainy season… I expect to get wet…

At a restaurant and dinner ordered, we got our hare brief and set off. I planned a steady start and watched as Humperdick & Horny Monkey set the early pace. Along the road and I assume they were calling, but it was drowned out by the cars. The first check took us across the railway, and the 2 FRBs danced in front of the train leaving the rest of us to follow behind. Soon it wouldn’t matter – it was on to a trail hacked out of the fields by Skiddy’s machete. It was hard going and certainly not running terrain… The reward at the end? A set of Skiddy sticks hidden disguised in the long grass… You know things aren’t going well when it’s Sups’ whistle that leads you the way…

We ran through a huge construction yard, with the simple goal of reaching the highway, and ran along the highway with cars flying past at 140-160kmph. A moments refuge and a beer with the promise of beautiful ladies and the delivery of a grumpy father. Whatever, we move on through Skiddy’s favourite bridges and danced through some trees. It was time to haul ass, and put some effort in. We crossed the train tracks again, and I spotted a bit of paper across the road, woot.. With a small mistake I nailed a few checks and was out ahead. We were nearly back, and surely I had it in the bag… A glance over my shoulder and there was Suckit, Poo and Horny on my tail. Another check – goddamnit! It has to be to the right? surely? not to the left? But there didn’t seem a way through, so the 4 of us checked down the street to the left… Only to hear Ting Tong calling back to the right… AAARGH! So close, but at least the food was good!