27th June – CH3 – Superman

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Superman with his hidden co-hare Just Cumming, set a run from by the temple behind Bann Billabong. With many years of experience, surely this would be a good one? We set off, and a couple of quick circles. I got the first right, and Piggy got the second. CW and I quickly caught up with Piggy who seemed utterly confused, muttering like a drunkard about us going back to the A. We followed paper and kept going. Another circle, and I nearly gave up when I spotted paper, and a visiting Grease Gorilla wasn’t far behind. Great to see Greasy back.

Then I got to meet an angry villager, who was busy building a barricade to block the footpath. He was upset that we would run through his house, and demanded to know who had organised it. I spent some time negotiating with him, while the rest of the pack were bearing down on him. Worst case we could run around him, but finally he let me go around his new barricade and continue on trail – not sure whether he bitched to the rest of the pack or not.

We hit the main road, and I have a memory of a Sups run using both sides of the Sameong road, and with the markings, this would be another one. We were headed towards the Disco Shelter. Turkey was a bit ahead when we got to the circle by the disco shelter, but none of us knew there would be 2km or so of running before the next check – not even Sups as he claimed JC set that part. Turkish wasn’t far ahead, and he became a rabbit in a greyhound race – in my mind… I very slowly started to reel him in, and each time I got a bit closer, it gave me confidence to speed up. Occasionally over my shoulder I saw CW & Cuckold, but my sights were on Turkey. He was looking for checks at every junction, but the checks weren’t there, and slowly I pulled him in, and there was a clear moment when he just broke.

I pressed on, and now it was me in the front looking for the break of a check, and glancing over my shoulder to see CW closing me down fast. Damnit! Where are the checks? When CW caught me he gave me a polite hello, a brief discussion about paper, but no economics lecture as he was moving smoothly – I was moving like someone who had just raced against a Turk in a pointless duel to the midway point. I want the exercise, I want to push myself and part of the fun of the hash is not knowing how far you have to go, so its hard to pace yourself. In my mind, I had predicted the way Sups would take us back, and I was monumentally wrong. Very, very wrong, because there was still a lot of the hash to go, and I had already shot my load on chasing Turkey down.

A junction, still no check, but knowing the trails there, I predicted a false trail. I was wrong, but it wasn’t far before I found paper, and also found Turkish. I am pretty sure we both felt the same. CW was calling from the left, and it sounded like he would join us imminently, neither Turkey or I wanted to go back, so we continued to a circle check, which we both got wrong, but I went back to find the right way. Where was the rest of the pack? It seems the ‘loop’ that we missed was much bigger than I expected, and yet the trail still had some kicks in the end… More than once we were teased with being close to the A, before turning back away, and UP. I knew I had short cut, so stayed silent, but did my best to figure out the rest of the trail, checking the wrong way a couple of times. As I finally approached the A site, Turkey appeared from nowhere – very curious what he did, but I suspect we felt the same…

An excellent run from Sups. I know I missed a chunk, and seeing the map of that only makes the run even better.

27th June - CH3 - Superman, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings