3rd May – CSH3 – Turkish Delight

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What would Turkey do for us / to us? At Huay Tung Thao the trails are familiar, but there are options. A familiar starting point had us running towards the mountain, and of course there was a circle check waiting at the base. It is a great spot for a circle check, but kind of gives the game away early – if we turn left, it is towards the moobahn, if we turn right it’s towards the lake. I opted to check straight on towards the waterfall – I set a run there previously, it was a truly shitty run, that climbed up the waterfall in the vague hope there might be trails up there. I figured Turkey was the kind of hare who might copy that fuck up. Fortunately I was wrong, and we were heading to the lake.

It crossed my mind that he might just run us around the lake – I’ve heard that he previously just ran us around the 5k running track! But, nope, I led Chuckie across the dam and around to the entrance to Huay Tung Thao. Then things got a bit confusing… There was a circle check, and soon after I found trail, around the same time Chuckie also found trail. At closer examination, I had found the wimp trail just before it joined the main trail, so I carried on and joined the walkers who were checking off a circle check.

We were tight up against the barbed wire fence – the otherside of which was the army base, where there are men who have guns, and have been known to use them. The sensible option is to not run near highly trained soldiers, particularly during a period of political strife. I saw Sups checking away to the right, and opted to check even further to the right – so far that I found a great running trail. Such a great running trail that I couldn’t resist running on it! And would you believe it, after a while I found paper! I assume the hare had just set an impossible 700m check…

Rather than running off, I went back to join my fellow hashers and help them through the unfamiliar area – am I ever thanked for these duties I perform? Nope… Anyway, we 2nd guessed a couple of obvious skiddy sticks to get back to the OnIn. Some call it short cutting, some call it intelligent hashing – my boys called it “winning” – apart from Tip Toe who did an even better job of ‘winning’.

3rd May - CSH3 - Turkish Delight, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating