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27th November – CH4 – Horny Monkey

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The day has finally come… Horny has set a run so bad that not even he could bring himself to turn up to! Now there have been some decidedly dodgy Horny runs in the past, but he has always been there to take his punishment – where was he today?!? He lays trail and leaves it for Brownie to suffer for it?

Anyway, I showed up – it was on my way home afterall… Brownie had some inside knowledge – he gave the hare brief with an apologetic air. How bad was this run? Horny hadn’t shown up, and Brownie was clearly disowning it. We set off, dodging eggs through a chicken (bird flu) coop. We got to the road and saw a V check off to the left. I went right, and got to a False Trail… So was it a false trail or the check back? A check back the other way and we climbed a small hill to a boobie check. Horny loves his boobies.

Into the familiar trails, and it was clear he wasn’t going around the lake, so we had to hug the shoreline. Clearly unscouted we descended into an overgrown pit only to find a circle check and climb back out again. Momentarily on nice trails before we were into the stickers with legs being scratched up while I knew there was a nicer trail just to my right. Damnit! Graven had thought better of it, and waited for us at the end of the lake. It was slow going – Tiptoe was still an FRB – and we’d barely got started when we got to a newish road and a circle check. It can’t be back yet, so I went left. I looped around a long way back to the check, and still nobody had found it. Finally Junglicious called onon back towards the A. Already?

A brief false trail up to the right and then it was back down the main road to the A. I had 3.2km and 29 minutes. Most had much less, and we estimated around 2.2km for true trail!!! I guess everyone will be full of energy for Saturday’s miniBB?!

25th October – CSH3 – Superman

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The Super family combined to create a new hash adventure. A familiar starting point by the waterfall cafe behind Wat Doi Kham. Once most of us had found the hash signs to get there, I figured we’d have a bit of climbing to do – it’s a great trail, but most of the runs I’ve been on there seem to follow the same route. Would the veteran hasher find something new for us? In short no… but the whole story became more interesting!

After the hare brief we were set off back down the road, around the corner and along the side of the water. There was a brief period of confusion looking for paper by a weir. Brownie pointed across the weir and up a hill, encouraging me to look for paper where there was none. Damnit, finally they called on on – why was nobody else looking for paper while I was on a wild goose chase??? What the hell, I had the higher ground, we had to be going up sooner or later, so I carried on up the ridge, with the occasional call from down the gully to my left. I finally heard Chuckie call “Check Back”, and figured they were heading off to the left – I just had to find a way to get over there… There wasn’t one, but the nice trail I was on quickly joined the main trail, and unsurprisingly there was paper marking the way. Too short to go back, so I figured I’d do the trail in reverse.

I ran up to the waterfall, found the scramble across along the edge of the hill, and started back down. Surely I would meet the pack sooner or later? Half an hour in, and I’m running backwards on trail – where were the FRBs? Finally I saw Shagless leading the way! Maybe he’d done Sups’ clever short cut? A long way further and finally there was Junglicious running towards me, followed by the pack of FRBs. We exchanged pleasantries, and I carried on backwards. Next was Turkish, desperate to know how far behind he was… Then there was a gap to Mr. Poo and the ladies. By now I was already down on the flat lands at the bottom of the hill… – How could I only be halfway through this???

Next up I saw Sups, a brief discussion and I kept going, around the corner and well, there was the out trail… WTF had happened??? I’d run pretty much the whole trail (backwards) while the rest of the pack were just mingling around? Graven appeared in front of me – turns out he’d done a similar trick to me, but not found trail. We jogged back towards the A, and found Cougar and Humperdick stood by a cross check that hadn’t been there earlier. It dawned on me – Sups had set a false trail off to the right, and then gone back and changed it up to a cross check after. Turns out it had screwed everyone up – in some ways that is excellent haring? Most seemed to disagree and quite a few negative comments were passed. I just enjoy running trail, which I did, so I was happy.

11th Sept – CH4 – I Got Gas

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IGG stepped up with Krap Thai for a run at IGG’s place in Maejo. Given the traffic, I got there early, and waited along with Chuckie admiring the dog kennels. Finally the bus arrived, just before run time, along with Knock Out’s car, and at the very last minute the hash cash Piggy.

We set off, and for once Chuckie was running from the start. The hare had told us there was a long on out, and only 4 checks, so perhaps he was on the hunt? ONLY 4 CHECKS??? Was this a hash or a run? After 800m on the road, we finally got to the first check. Chuckie neatly stepping ahead of me to get first choice. Damnit – he had to be right – surely it was going to be along the trail to the left. I was so convinced that I half heartedly trudged along to the right, paused for a while waiting for the inevitable On Call… It didn’t come, and as Junglicious appeared at the check, I figured I ought to put some effort into checking… Sorry CW – another 20m or so and there was paper!!!! First check done, and in the bag – my dilatoriness had even bought myself a bit of a lead…

On past the square lake, and into the hills of Maejo. Plenty of chances for good checks, but just the paper trail heading on ahead. I finally heard Piggy behind me as I got to another check. My guess ‘left and right’ – sure enough I was right, and calling On. Slowly Piggy and Chuckie started reeling me in from behind. Another check – the 3rd – it was the turn point… It could be up and around to the left – there is a trail that cuts back down to the square lake – or it could be to the right – my money was on right, leaving Piggy to take the left option, while Chuckie followed me. On On – 3 from 3 so far!

In tandem with CW, we stretched out down the hill, with no noise from behind. Discussing how if we could nail the last check we’d be home free. There is was – a quick discussion, and we both figured right and then left. Sadly, it was left and then right. Piggy slipped by, damnit! The last check, still a couple of clicks from home – we needed a miracle! And it happened when trail appeared to run out, and there was a stretch with little paper. CW took off up front, and my weary legs tried to gain motivation to follow. It wasn’t there, Piggy past, and as we got back to the lake, and back to a 1km or so following the outrail backwards, I slowed down, only building motivation to jog along once Taste My Buns caught me.

It was all worth it to get back to the pool in time for the bikini show! 😀

11th November – CH4 – Belly Dancer

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The 11th of the 11th of the 12th… Belly Dancer was in a good mood. After an early morning meet up to rescue a stranded Bangkok hasher, he set off to lay the trail with Anything. In the evening at 11 seconds after 11 minutes after 9pm, he was particularly happy – Belly being a big fan of palindromic time:- 21:11:11 11/11/12

But back to the run – what would he have in store…? Yellow paper and red paper? More confusion – this time if we got to a white cross check, it wasn’t really a white cross check, it was actually a Wimp/Rambo split. Conventionally in Chiang Mai we mark with a clear W/R, and cross checks mean the correct trail is one of 3 options. No wonder we need to pay attention to the hare brief!

We set off up the hill and pretty soon came across strips of white paper. At a circle check Skiddy found trail way down the hill to the left, while Can’t Stop Cumming was way down the hill to the right. Good efforts from her to get back with the pack. At the bottom of the steep bank we climbed back up the other side, back to where we would have got to if we’d have just carried on up the perfectly pleasant trail. WTF? Scrambling over the bank of the mountain there was actually another trail here – white strips of paper??? Who else would be so stupid as to set a trail here? Ah yes… Belly Dancer did…

Back on the ridge it was HRA leading the way and we descended to another almost invisible circle check, hiding in plain site at the edge of a field. Home advantage – I’d been here many times, so ran off to the road and found the infamous cross check / wimp rambo split. I ran off to the right with Poo, shouting for Junglicious to join us on the Rambo trail. Confusion reigned but eventually almost all the hashers followed me – Skid Mark being the exception. He had to check left, and ended up doing the wimp trail on his own. As we ran along Poo was asking ‘Are you sure this is a good idea? Belly Dancer? Rambo trail?’

I burst ahead to get the choice at the next check and left Poo to do the dummy check. Hah – it was a long way to paper there, but eventually I was on, and now it was a rerun of Just Cumming’s run from a month back. Nice – I enjoyed it back then, and breezed through a few checks again today – until we hit the blasted tarmac. No more checks, just miles of grueling tarmac. Foot Loose from Bangkok picked me off, and I started going backwards.

Finally back at the A. Better than many of BD’s runs, but not his best ever!