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1st May – CH4 – HRA

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The new CH4 runday, the new CH4 runtime – who would show up? how many? I arrived early, missing the traffic from work, and past Frozen Dick & Microwave getting some extra exercise on the way to the run – on their bikes. Microwave set off for a bit of a recce to find some trail. Turned out around 30 or so hashers showed up, one of the larger CH4 turn outs for a while. It was nice to see Ninja, Taste my Buns, Beautiful Box join us, and I’m sure there were some guys too – oh yeah, Sups was there. Not a bad start!

Eventually HRA let us have a hare brief and set us off. So called virgin trails – ha! Anyway, we set off and Chuckie and I walked for a while before starting a jog and eventually getting to the first check together. One of us should check left, buuuut… nah… Unlikely! So we carried on and found trail. I’ve never been to the left there, but nor has there ever been a hash set to the left there – I figure it’s a dead end! The next check we had to split up, and I opted for the regular route to the left. Somehow it was None of Your Business that found the 3rd choice and called us on. He led the way for a while as we headed into the hills. I enjoyed following Knock Out, Ninja and Itchy up the hill, and as we got to the top I caught up at a sneaky False Trail that was omitted from the hare brief.

We followed old trails up a ridgeline, and another circle check was surely going to take the trail up the the buddha statue on the hill… Nope? Seriously? He wanted to take us down to the gully? Damn! A circle check at the bottom of the hill, had me guessing it was to the left. I followed Itchy for a few paces before LumberJackOff called from the other direction. Where was it going? Turns out he was calling on old paper. Sure enough we were back up the hill, back to the trail by the little buddha statue – I could have saved myself the down and up if I’d just gone with my original theory. What the hell, we descended quickly to another familiar runsite.

Chuckie went further to the right – further away from home, while I mossied around a couple of trails, only to find Pigshit looking at some paper! He’d been absent all trail and then showed up ahead – had he spent some time at Graven’s private hashing school??? We charged down the hill to the Wimp Rambo split – a glance at the watch and it was already nearly 45 minutes – did we need the rambo option? Ugh, being first there, I guess I should do it…

Next circle check and I am a complete fucking moron. I should know the area better than that, but found myself checking out on a peninsula, while Graven’s favourite padawan called “RU?” from the other side of the lake, mockingly, like a blind man who really hadn’t seen the trail he was following! 😉 Back on trail, and back with the pack, somehow Taste my Buns was up front – nice running! We climbed through a barbed wire fence, while Horny took the arduous route over a tall gate. Down the road – we were homing in on the A. Taste my Buns was leading the way, and bizarrely she went right at another circle check – that wasn’t going anywhere. Chuckie alongside, and only Lumber Jack Off lumbering ahead, I made my move… We were nearly home, everything was falling into place, one more check, turn left and we are back in…. Except it wasn’t left, it was straight on… and coming back from 150m or so I was back behind None Of Your Business! He looked over his shoulder, saw me, started running, looked at his watch, figured it was too far, and the lazy boy gave up.

We had an extra loop around, but it was all kicked out as I came through, having the luxury of watching Chuckie and Horny congratulate each other as they found the final check and hence the OnIn.

Rain for the circle temporarily moved us up the hill to shelter, and then back to the the original site for a delayed, but entertaining circle.

20th July – CSH3 – Skid Mark Outstation

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Been going stir crazy after tearing ankle ligaments, so decided late on to head up to the outstation. After the usual Friday night frivolities, Saturday was hashing day, and thankfully HRA had brought me a ankle brace which offered great support.

I set off on a great trail, but was soon left behind by the FRBs – Sloppy, Chuckie and HRA along with some visitors. I fell into place with Shagless and Reverse Thrust, with Frozen Dick and Microwave just a little ahead. (I hope I won’t have to type that again!) The trail was fantastic – easy going and some beautiful virgin views. The checks seemed to be quite obvious, but I guess it is a lot easier when they’ve already been kicked out!

Superman sets a formidable pace and I could see him ahead but struggled to make any ground until he stopped to water the orchard, and I ambled along with him to the beer stop. Yes… Beer Stop… Beer and Stop! I’d done enough, better to rest the ankle and enjoy the beer! It sounded like the 2nd half of the trail was just as good as the first and there were plenty of happy faces at the end. A good outstation, ended that evening with some dominos with the ladies – thanks for your money!

The hangover wasn’t as bad as I expected, and so the hangover run was just what the doctor ordered. I managed to be and FRB again with a combination of a little inside information from the hares, some intelligent short cutting and luck.

6th March – CDH3 – Microwave

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It was Chiang Mai Diamond Hash’s first run and Microwave and Chilly Pussy… no, Frozen Dick… no, Chilly Pussy (!) were the hares! I had planned to arrive to the run on time. It began at 430 and I was off work at 330 thanks to shortened working hours during post-term paperwork madness week. I had even taken my running clothes to work with me as well as my running shoes… or had I??? F!@# – running shoes had been left in the kitchen and so I showed up about 20 minutes late which meant I was all on my own for the whole of the run. :(

The trail started out the back entrance of Microwave’s garden and along the road to a circle check. The sparse bits of paper were hard to see in the late afternoon sun and the first circle check that I came to hadn’t been kicked out. Nevermind! It was Chilly Pussy who came along to save the day! More than once I ran into her sweeping along on her motorbike checking to see that things in were in order. It was an interesting run that the hares had laid cutting across unusual fields to latch onto some nice and pleasant trails.

At a V-check, I was sure that the trail should go right, but it had been kicked out suggesting that the trail should go left… hmmm. I followed left like the V said I should only to get to another V – or so I thought – and dutifully searched for the next trail, which I couldn’t find, because as it turned out, the “V” was actually a partially kicked out arrow pointing hashers back in the direction from which they came… so I guess the first V had been kicked wrongly in the first place – INSTINCTS!!!

And I was off again heading towards the hills. Well, not steep hills particularly, but dense with trees and somewhat disorienting without other people calling anything. LOADS of circle checks had been set and though they had been kicked out, there weren’t often clear trails in front of the direction that they had been kicked. More than once, it took me an unusually long time to find the trail – something that the hares were iced emphatically for by the bunnies as they had also had a difficult time. Finally, I could feel that trail was heading back to the A and just as soon as that thought popped into my head, there was Microwave pulling up on her bike to make sure that I was alright. It was an excellent trail really that would have been a lot fun had I not been on my own – oh well.

The bunnies hadn’t waited for me to start the run, but had been waiting for me to start the circle – cheers! Throbbing Ninja, Unplugged and Anything did their best to control the circle, but all of the excitement had girls fluttering about with their cameras to capture the momentous occasion. Junglicious earned herself the first CM Diamond Hash wings and following some delicious food from Sweet Pea, some of ladies headed back into town for who knows what kind of debauchery. Until next month… On-On Big Top