20th July – CSH3 – Skid Mark Outstation

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Been going stir crazy after tearing ankle ligaments, so decided late on to head up to the outstation. After the usual Friday night frivolities, Saturday was hashing day, and thankfully HRA had brought me a ankle brace which offered great support.

I set off on a great trail, but was soon left behind by the FRBs – Sloppy, Chuckie and HRA along with some visitors. I fell into place with Shagless and Reverse Thrust, with Frozen Dick and Microwave just a little ahead. (I hope I won’t have to type that again!) The trail was fantastic – easy going and some beautiful virgin views. The checks seemed to be quite obvious, but I guess it is a lot easier when they’ve already been kicked out!

Superman sets a formidable pace and I could see him ahead but struggled to make any ground until he stopped to water the orchard, and I ambled along with him to the beer stop. Yes… Beer Stop… Beer and Stop! I’d done enough, better to rest the ankle and enjoy the beer! It sounded like the 2nd half of the trail was just as good as the first and there were plenty of happy faces at the end. A good outstation, ended that evening with some dominos with the ladies – thanks for your money!

The hangover wasn’t as bad as I expected, and so the hangover run was just what the doctor ordered. I managed to be and FRB again with a combination of a little inside information from the hares, some intelligent short cutting and luck.

20th July - CSH3 - Skid Mark Outstation, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating