15th June – CSH3 – Semen Sores

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What can I say about Semen Soars’ run?? Well, I spent a lot of time running around fairly close to where the run was, but didn’t really get to see much of it! I was off trail before we even found the first paper, and it didn’t get much better – completely the wrong direction at the first couple of checks, but then it was the 3rd check that foxed me.

One piece of paper was found, and then more paper on the other side of the canal, but well over 100 metres away. That must be the In trail, and the pack took off on it. I was convinced they’d got it wrong and were going the wrong way around. The right thing to do was to find the real trail – no matter how long it took! I persisted, determined there would be paper somewhere out in the rice paddies. I finally found some trail and set off only to find that I was the one doing it wrong when the trail ran out and I spent some time looking for a circle check. Damn! What to do? I set off backwards on the trail, and again had troubles when the trail had been cleared next to a road.

Finally I met Chuckie coming the other way being chased by Gorf and Skiddy, so I decided to jog on in for a beer. What an idiot!

15th June - CSH3 - Semen Sores, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating