23rd June – CH3 – Turkish Delight

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Turkey teamed up with I Got Gas to set yet another run from Huay Tung Thao – I’d left the sign there a month back and we’ve used it again and again…. This time we were inside the park, so we’d have to be doing something a little different. We set off away from the lake in the direction of the army base. An early check had Chuckie leading the way up a small hill, and when I got to the top, he lead us down again.

Fortunately I got lucky heading to the right, and then nailed a good check off up to the left. Knowing we were pinned in between the Army base, and the 2nd lake, we had to be heading back to the left. Nobody would be daft enough to head into the army base, especially while there was a coup on, and you could hear gun fire from a training exercise not far away. We exhausted the options to the left of the lake, before Skiddy found paper on the trail that goes nowhere. Clearly unscouted, once we got to the bank of the lake, the hare hacked his way through the shit along the side of the lake until he got to the barbed wire fence, which he duly took us into the base.

We tracked down the road heading towards the barracks, watching out for stray bullets. Until suddenly we ran out of paper… Uhoh… No check, just no paper… I carried along the obvious trail that heads away from the road, and after around 200m or so I finally found paper. Not sure what had happened there – had the run been sabotaged, or had the hares fucked up? Again we headed cross country until eventually hitting some reasonable trails.

I got another couple of checks right, but could hear Piggy not far behind me. Another check, and I gambled on a trail back to the right, but sadly Turkey wasn’t that smart, and had used the obvious straight on one. Time to hustle, and I put my foot down to catch up with Piggy & Chuckie at a barbed wire fence where the trail turned left. They were just along to the left, and called another circle check. Interesting… We weren’t far from home, and there was a hole in the fence – and there on the other side, a nice piece of paper dangling off a leaf! I pointed it out to Skiddy and we set off… “On On” and not long after “On In”. Gotta love hashing! 😉

23rd June - CH3 - Turkish Delight, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings