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30th July – CSH3 – Belly Dancer

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The 1313 run, unlucky for some? What epic nightmares would Belly conjure up for us? After a night at the rustic Cave Lodge, on one of the most uncomfortable beds ever, with barely any sleep, I was probably not best prepared for what was coming. Dodgy guts didn’t help either – I really wasn’t feeling like it! The harebrief required a lot of co-ordination, which just added to the trepidation.

The first bit was perhaps inspired – the irony of 13 water crossings, in honour of 1313 – particularly with our GM’s aversion to getting his feet wet. He dutifully stopped at each to take off his shoes, and socks, and again the otherside to use his towel to dry off before continuing. 13 times was stretching things, and he was a LONG long way behind at the beer stop. So was I though – after staying with the pack for a few checks, I quickly dropped backwards. Shagless joined me, and I think he slowed down to stay with me, as we navigated our way through a quaint little village to the stop.

I very nearly stopped – I just wasn’t feeling it, and although the pack had waited, they set off straight away. I waited with Belly, and another 5-10 mins later CW showed up. We sent him off, and were just heading back to the resort, when I changed my mind and decided to press on. I quickly caught CW up, as he was busily taking his shoes off for another water crossing. We trudged along some concrete paths to the W/R split. Bravely we decided to press on to the Rambo route, and after another KM or so we found the trail leading into a flooded cave. Danger signs all around, this is where we needed the guide, but as he wasn’t waiting for anyone else, he’d already set off. We thought we had heard sounds from up the hill, but couldn’t find paper. No choice but to turn back and do the “Wimp” run – if ever there was an inappropriate name – this was definitely not a WIMP run!

With limited checks it headed up, up, up, up…. Total elevation gain was 545m. This was a hard slog, but CW kindly stayed with me and encouraged me onwards. The checks were kicked out, but we had no way of knowing if people were ahead or behind. To be fair it was all on reasonable trails – I just don’t like the hills, and was feeling really weak. Finally we started descending, but it was slippy some slow going. Up ahead we saw Pamela, Geisha Gash, Wooly Jumper and Doesn’t Get It – seriously? The hares had sent them out on that trail? We caught up with them as we got back to the river. Only there had been a problem. Some of the runners were already back, but as they crossed the river, a dam had burst up stream sending a flash flood down the river – very fast carrying branches etc. We couldn’t cross. Who could have predicted a flash flood? During rainy season? (http://www.nationmultimedia.com/breakingnews/Four-provinces-warned-of-flash-floods-landslide-30291684.html) The nearest bridge was around 1km away, and now we were off paper scrambling to find our own ways home…

Exhausted we made it back, the FRBs from the long trail catching us up, and Scooby kindly bought some drinks at a local shop to help us home. An epic nightmare!

Woke up this morning for the hangover run – 3.5km, with only 1 runner brave enough to set off on another BD challenge!

30th November – CSH3 – Wooly Jumper

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Wooly was the hare behind Wat Umong, so I dashed back from work for it… Then I found out Foxy was the co-hare, and immediately questioned my decision! My memory was of a 3 mountain gruelling run Foxy had set not so long back here – surely Wooly wouldn’t be so mean? Chucky and I power walked up the hill to the first check – which of course I got wrong! We were heading straight to the main Wat Umong hill, and the nature trail. The hares amusingly caught CW following trail on the side of a ridge while everyone else passed by on the perfectly good trail just below him. Then they caught Poo out by deviating from the obvious path for about 100m. Somehow I was back at the front!

It was up the usual trail (which poo had used in reverse on the previous Monday). The checks were quite predictable, which let the FRBs breeze away from the pack and there were 4 of us left when we got back down the other side of the waterfall. A bit of checking and we were back within 3km, and within 30 minutes running! Nice kind hares, letting us have it easy with many out of town!

26th October – CSH3 – Sweet Pea

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So, we had a virgin hare, but she’d recruited the experience of Wooly Jumper, so surely it would be ok? A nice runsite, with a nice garden for the kids to run around in, but it was ominously close to the main roads, so I wondered where the run would go! Sure enough we were directed out onto the main road, so I ran along with Banana Wiggler for a bit. Paper continued a long way along the main road, until I got to the On-In! Hmmm… Something was wrong – it had seemed like we were following the paper the wrong way – always being behind the tree, not in front of it…

I turned back and we started exploring other random turnings, looking for paper. Suddenly Anything ran off in the direction of the On-In… huh? That can’t be it – I’ll jog back and ask the hares what to do – perhaps the directions should have been left on the road, not right – an easy mistake! I got back to the “A” (having seen the On-In), and there were no hares! The beer cooler was looking at me, but I resisted and went back to look for paper. Graven, Humperdick, Stan and I mingled around for a bit and then set off back towards the OnIn – if necessary we can do it backwards, right?

Just before the OnIn the trail had changed and was now leading down a small soi, just next to the OnIn… Damnit! I had 2.5km on the GPS and I hadn’t seen a check yet! The chase was on, and Graven & Stan took off ahead of me. I soon started catching people, and slowly made my way through the walkers. Surely there would be a check soon that would slow them down? It dawned on me that the hares had made the rookie mistake of many DFLs. When they get to circle checks, normally there is paper leading away from it, so to save the FRBs the hassle of kicking checks out and laying paper for those following, the hares had decided to do it for us!!! Such kind hares!!!

With no chance of catching the leaders, I set a steady pace and just kept jogging. Eventually I hit the main road, and jogged for about a km before I saw the On-In, and then another km or so back to the A. I did a bit over 7km, and most of it was on the main road! I do remember a short loop through an orchard though…

27th April – CSH3 – Anything

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Down the canal road to an Anything / Chilly Pusy run with new GM Big Top. I turned up early to do the stand in hash cash role after various problems in the week. A few runners missing as they’d head overseas, a few runners missing as they went to the Lanna, but then several runners returning – their hatred of the old GM evident with one refusing to directly give me the money!! Oh well… On On right?

I missed the harebrief as I tidied up the cash, and then set off up the trail overtaking the walkers. I quickly got near the front as Sloppy gallantly took the wrong trail at the first check and led the way up the hill. Familiar trails, and I got lucky with 2nd guessing the hares. I was lucky and got a bit of a lead over HRA and Sloppy Rod.

It was an excellent trail with several unexpected twists and turns. We’ve run that area so many times, but still we were taking different routes – with the trail abruptly turning corners several times. Up and down, up and down – no major hills, but some good running trails in between the climbs.

Finally we came out of the hills and onto the flats, with Sloppy catching me as again we couldn’t find paper – “Looking!”. HRA & Sloppy lead the way to what was the last circle I saw and as I checked off trail, I ended up in someone’s fenced in garden, struggling to get out. When I did find trail again, I figured I was back in the pack, and wasn’t surprised when I overtook Burrito Butt & Wooly Jumper.

Past the On-In and back at the A, there were plenty of short cutters already there, but it seems I’d missed another dip into the mountains. Oh well! It was a great work out, mostly well set on good trails. Big Top did a great job of her first circle, and as a sign of things to come, it’ll be an interesting year ahead.

10th March – CH4 – Wooly Jumper

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Wooly doesn’t run often on a Sunday, but with a few days notice that she was on the hareline, she teamed up with Cumalot to set the run. Along the Maejo road, but not as far as the town – a new location for me. I wonder why nobody else has set a run here? Ok, so now I know!

Parking just off the main road, we gathered bemoaning our hangovers from the night before. Evil Big Top didn’t even make it, and she was the blame for my and Poo’s sorry state. Reluctantly we set off on the run, with the intention of putting in minimal effort. Within a km we headed out into the rice paddies, and Chuckie bailed on his second run in 2 days.

The run was a lot of rice fields, combined with some moo bahn street running, although there was an excellent 100m or so past a golf course! Mr. Poo was leading the way late on in the run, and lead Graven and some virgins a good 500m or so off paper. Humperdick and I showed the way back through some rice fields until we met Belly Dancer and Throbbing Ninja – not on trail, going the wrong way, near the trail. Huh?

Belly Dancer’s weight loss strategy – do short cuts, but don’t drink beer. Oops!

Anyway, we got back and spent sometime waiting for Foxy Cleopatra, who spent her time going around in circles doing the trail again and again!

8th December – CSH3 – Miss Piggy

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Miss Piggy stepped up and volunteered to set the run, recruiting Wooly Jumper as her co-hare. When they announced well in advance it would be at the TV station on Suthep road, we knew there would be some climbing involved… Still a good number showed up and set off.

We ran along a road that’s been used as an On-In more often than an On-Out, and some guy called Ferret came jogging up next to me as though I was sprinting on a treadmill and he was stood chatting next to me. An experienced hasher from out of town decided to circle watch at the first check while I checked the obvious trail. Quickly we turned up the hill, and from the way we scrambled up the side of the hill with a trail I knew of just along side I should have suspected we would be back down again… Foolishly I got the 2nd (of 3) checks wrong, going higher than necessary and was playing catch up down the hill again.

With only one more check to go, it was Sloppy Rod that was testing his mettle against the Ferret, Dead Virgin and I just following in their wake, while Dick Tracy led countless shortcutters to cross paths in front of us. The trail was a short cutters delight!

17th November – CSH3 – Superbitch

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Superbitch teamed up with Wooly Jumper for the run, and they were looking suitably haggard when we showed up – they were busy picking the grass seeds out of their trousers. An ominous sign. They told me roughly where to start, but with the paper starting around a few corners, we were lucky to find the out trail!

At the first check we passed one of the world’s most mangy dogs, and I was attacked by a few more as I missed where the trail left the road up into the hills. It was a scramble up the shiggy bank to a trail and HRA hit the front. I jogged along with Horny Monkey, Humperdick and Unplugged until we met HRA coming back from a false trail at a cross check. I got lucky at the next check and hit a few checks spot on, going well until HRA caught me at a circle check on the top of a hill.

The trails looked familiar, we were close to where Square Rooter and I set about a month back. HRA sprinted off past me to check to the left, and I reluctantly went to the right – this time I was lucky though, and found the trail through a field and into some more shiggy. It was slow going and I heard Chuckie behind asking how far ahead I was.

Now we were on the trails I knew and getting another circle right I sped ahead rounded a corner and there was the “ON IN”. I was a little confused as I didn’t think we were that close to the A, but we had already done 4.5km or so. I kept plugging away, and then got off paper. Chuckie caught up as I started thinking I’d screwed up, but after 500m or so, we found some paper.

CW was begging me to let him overtake after the On-In, and eventually I let him go. Semen Soars also went past. How far was this??? My GPS said about 2.2km from the On-In back to the beers… It seems the hares hadn’t scouted and had grossly misjudged where they were, and neglected to go back and move the On-In. Shame as that was probably the only downside to a nice run on some great trails!

29th September – CSH3 – Just Cumming

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Many thanks to the LBH3 – we had a lot of fun without them! In the skies there was a battle between Evil RA and Good RA with the Evil RA sending a storm which turned the planned A site into a muddy swamp and had some hashers making a break and heading home. Those that braved it out saw JC part the clouds and move the runsite to a much better location just up the hill – no more rain – JC had won.

We took off down the road along the paper we’d seen while driving in. Cutting left at the circle check, I led the hashers in a pointless little loop that took us back to the A within about a km, only for JC and Wooly Jumper to point us off down another trail… – Runs like today really make you appreciate it when the hare takes the time to scout their run properly! The rest of the trail could have been set by motorbike, but I got more than my share of checks right 😉

Sounds faded behind me – largely because we had 2 of Chiang Mai’s most notorious silent runners (Turkish and Sloppy) – actually I probably didn’t need to name them, you all knew that anyway. It turns out the pair of them also attempted a short cut in their “Win at All Costs” strategy and promptly got completely lost, leaving a bemused Mr. Poo.

While many circles start well and go downhill, this one started slowly, but rose to a crescendo where Anything topped it off with another performance where she loudly berated Turkey’s erection. Turkey fully deserves his personal block of ice, and had us completely entertained at the OnOnOn… – What does “neuw” mean? I’m buying eskimos…

25th August – CSH3 – I Got Gas

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Kids were super excited about swimming today, so we were early out to I got Gas’s pool, ready for the big hash / barbecue / pool party! I had high hopes, until I Got Gas confessed to Frozen Dick’s influence into the run, but anyway we’ll give it a go. Setting off over a concrete bridge, we were soon back on the road, and as is my custom, I set the early pace… Frozen Dick clearly wanted to screw me early with a long set of Skiddy Sticks… But sadly when we got there, the sticks were gone, and we spent a while ‘looking’ until Skiddy played CSI and discovered evidence of there formerly being sticks…

Wooly Jumper was for a short while the FRB, as the trail headed off towards the Tiger camp area. I jogged along with Chuckie, only to get badly screwed at the next check, and spend a long time chasing the pack to get back together. Up the hill – fortunately not too bad – and we ran into confusion at a check with some old paper hanging. Fortunately Turkey and I found the real paper and we headed off back down the hill.

The next set of skiddy sticks didn’t confuse me as I spotted the paper off trail to the left and then we were on familiar ground – through an old A site, a dip into the jungle until I found Doggie short cutting his was in from the road. Stan on his return ran smartly in along with Can’t Stop Cumming – who is always keen to overtake after the On-In.

The pool was an obvious draw after the run, and it took some effort to get the circle started. The highlight of the circle had to be Mr. Poo drinking from another man’s ‘not’ new shoes… Apart from that, I propose we follow the mantra “short circle is a good circle”, and change the circle format to -> 1) Open Circle 2) Splash Hares 3) Wings 4) Close Circle. Who’s with me??

My favourite part of hashing is the run, then only Chuck Wow grumbles into my ear… (Ok, so does Humperdick… and Graven…), but at least it’s limited to those who I can’t run away from!