30th November – CSH3 – Wooly Jumper

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Wooly was the hare behind Wat Umong, so I dashed back from work for it… Then I found out Foxy was the co-hare, and immediately questioned my decision! My memory was of a 3 mountain gruelling run Foxy had set not so long back here – surely Wooly wouldn’t be so mean? Chucky and I power walked up the hill to the first check – which of course I got wrong! We were heading straight to the main Wat Umong hill, and the nature trail. The hares amusingly caught CW following trail on the side of a ridge while everyone else passed by on the perfectly good trail just below him. Then they caught Poo out by deviating from the obvious path for about 100m. Somehow I was back at the front!

It was up the usual trail (which poo had used in reverse on the previous Monday). The checks were quite predictable, which let the FRBs breeze away from the pack and there were 4 of us left when we got back down the other side of the waterfall. A bit of checking and we were back within 3km, and within 30 minutes running! Nice kind hares, letting us have it easy with many out of town!