27th April – CSH3 – Anything

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Down the canal road to an Anything / Chilly Pusy run with new GM Big Top. I turned up early to do the stand in hash cash role after various problems in the week. A few runners missing as they’d head overseas, a few runners missing as they went to the Lanna, but then several runners returning – their hatred of the old GM evident with one refusing to directly give me the money!! Oh well… On On right?

I missed the harebrief as I tidied up the cash, and then set off up the trail overtaking the walkers. I quickly got near the front as Sloppy gallantly took the wrong trail at the first check and led the way up the hill. Familiar trails, and I got lucky with 2nd guessing the hares. I was lucky and got a bit of a lead over HRA and Sloppy Rod.

It was an excellent trail with several unexpected twists and turns. We’ve run that area so many times, but still we were taking different routes – with the trail abruptly turning corners several times. Up and down, up and down – no major hills, but some good running trails in between the climbs.

Finally we came out of the hills and onto the flats, with Sloppy catching me as again we couldn’t find paper – “Looking!”. HRA & Sloppy lead the way to what was the last circle I saw and as I checked off trail, I ended up in someone’s fenced in garden, struggling to get out. When I did find trail again, I figured I was back in the pack, and wasn’t surprised when I overtook Burrito Butt & Wooly Jumper.

Past the On-In and back at the A, there were plenty of short cutters already there, but it seems I’d missed another dip into the mountains. Oh well! It was a great work out, mostly well set on good trails. Big Top did a great job of her first circle, and as a sign of things to come, it’ll be an interesting year ahead.