28th April – CH4 – Semen Soars

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SS always puts a lot of effort into his runs – before the run he said he’d been out scouting 3 times but wasn’t satisfied. Running at baan Pong resort past San Kampaeng I knew there were plenty of good trails, so I set off with high expectations…

Quickly we were on the trail between the hill and the rice fields – I’ve been here before, in fact I could see the remains of checks from maybe a year back… Skiddy set a run here? Or was it the ball breaker? Who knows?

Off one circle I’d gone about 60m, when I spotted some white hanging in the distance on the fence – looking good I pressed on, but didn’t see any paper until I got to the fence – at which point someone called from towards the rice fields. Strange I was definitely on, it was clearly our paper, but maybe I’d gone too far? I arced around the fence, still on paper, and ran back into a circle check with Suckit coming towards me. Interesting – it seems we both got to the circle check from the wrong direction as there was paper heading off it the other way. A quick regroup, and we decided to head back and joined everyone running around like headless chickens in the field.

As Doggie called in year another direction. Behind me I heard a noise – was it a farmer shouting for us to get off his land? No, it was Semen Soars telling us we were going the wrong way – we were on a different one of his trails! He’d set several false trails while setting the real trail – just to try and confuse us? He pointed Tip Toe and I in the right direction and for once Tip Toe was the FRB! The rest mostly ignored us, and I was ahead, heading back towards the circle I’d already seen. This time I would get it right? Surely? Having already seen the paper, it was surely a no brainer? But as I got to the paper I’d seen before, it seemed like something was wrong. So as Suckit came along to explain what we were supposed to do, I took a nap in the ditch.

Eventually I started heading back as Semen Soars was there setting yet another trail so that we could get back from wherever we were… It felt like I was running backwards and forwards along the same road all evening, with sometimes there being trail, and other times not, but ultimately I don’t think I did what I was supposed to do… Or rather I did, because I got soem exercise and then drank beer… What more could you ask for?

28th April - CH4 - Semen Soars, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating