10th March – CH4 – Wooly Jumper

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Wooly doesn’t run often on a Sunday, but with a few days notice that she was on the hareline, she teamed up with Cumalot to set the run. Along the Maejo road, but not as far as the town – a new location for me. I wonder why nobody else has set a run here? Ok, so now I know!

Parking just off the main road, we gathered bemoaning our hangovers from the night before. Evil Big Top didn’t even make it, and she was the blame for my and Poo’s sorry state. Reluctantly we set off on the run, with the intention of putting in minimal effort. Within a km we headed out into the rice paddies, and Chuckie bailed on his second run in 2 days.

The run was a lot of rice fields, combined with some moo bahn street running, although there was an excellent 100m or so past a golf course! Mr. Poo was leading the way late on in the run, and lead Graven and some virgins a good 500m or so off paper. Humperdick and I showed the way back through some rice fields until we met Belly Dancer and Throbbing Ninja – not on trail, going the wrong way, near the trail. Huh?

Belly Dancer’s weight loss strategy – do short cuts, but don’t drink beer. Oops!

Anyway, we got back and spent sometime waiting for Foxy Cleopatra, who spent her time going around in circles doing the trail again and again!

10th March - CH4 - Wooly Jumper, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings