16th March – CSH3 – Shagless & Reverse Thrust

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Shagless teamed up with Reverse Thrust, and picked a new runsite in a familiar area just down the canal road. The hare brief promised not one but two wimp rambos! Sups would love it!

I knew we must be close to the Bone Residence, but we were too far from the mountains for me to figure out just where we were – and too far from the Disco Shelter too. The trail set off down a nice path along a river, to a cross check in a field. The right option was to go right, but it was such an unpopular choice that the other check backs had been found before anyone set off in that direction.

The first wimp rambo added a little loop through a moo bahn, rejoining the wimps to scramble up through a rubbish tip. I was going along well, hitting the checks right, until one circle check caught me out completely. I was well ahead and had time to check 100+ metres in 2 directions before the pack caught up. It turns out I was right the first time, but about 10 meters short of the trail.

There was a welcome beer stop, and the pack regrouped. HRA got a break at the next check, and I was left chasing as we cut into some rice fields, through a under construction resort where Shagless was waiting. Cumalot’s son was there to block Humperdick and I from getting past on a paddy wall, as Graven & Chuckie vanished into the distance. Bugger!

16th March - CSH3 - Shagless & Reverse Thrust, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings