17th March – CH4 – Angry Inch

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Angry Inch teamed up with Foxy Cleopatra to set the trail at…. guess where… the Ag Centre. The Ch4’s most popular location, would they find something to vary the usual route? Answer – yes, a bit… Firstly because of yet another brand new barbed wire fence. They are seriously closing off parts of the area, and there is no way of getting through past the top of the reservoir now. That meant we cut through the football field.

The early checks were thus fairly predictable – although HRA picked a brain dead choice at the V check, and we never saw him again! And lo a LONG, LONG trudge along the road, with no checks before we cut into the hills. Graven and I ran together, as I found the in trail at one check, paralleling back together before a wimp rambo split – it was a weekend of wimp rambos!

Not long after was where things got a bit messed up! As we got to a familiar lake, where just a week or so back, Graven had confidently told me “you can’t get around the back of this lake”, well the trail today was definitely heading around the back. We’d been warned in the hare brief about climbing, and as we got to a (dry) waterfall, there was a circle check that had us in circles until Human Ex called it.

I was meanwhile up on the wrong side of the waterfall, so carried on up until I found paper – not long before Graven found paper beneath me… Something strange there, but whatever… We set off again and then found Humperdick coming the wrong way! Again! He was convinced he’d been on paper all the time – and as it turned out he had been, just going in the wrong direction… Confusion reigned as the trail hooked around, back over the dam, and back to the wimp rambo check.

Whatever, Graven and I had had enough and jogged back together. Interesting, if confusing extra loop to send the rambos through!

17th March - CH4 - Angry Inch, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings