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19th Jan – CH4 – Skid Mark

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Skid Mark Day #2

This time Skiddy had teamed up with Robin Banks, and neither looked in a good state when they finally showed up at the A site. It seems they had both picked up some stomach issues, so we could tell there would be a shit time ahead!

Looking around there were some fit runners – virgins and visitors, so we were in for a challenge. I set off as usual with Brownie, across a soaking rice field, weaving around the worst of the muck, until we got to a trail the other side. It seemed a long way without a check, and eventually Brownie surged ahead with a 100miler visitor. A tricky check later and everyone was together, paddling through a creek to get to a new road – I diverted around the side and found trail at the other end. We then went into the orchards section – again some challenging checks – quickly figured out by a large fast pack of FRBs. The pace was quick given the terrain.

We were turning back towards home as Brownie jumped over a ditch towards a seducing lady, we chased after him as he picked a few checks right in succession. But as the trail twisted and turned randomly through some trees, the pack closed in as the leader tried to pick out the route. A circle by another rice field – it had to be across it – right? I set off, a long time without a call, until eventually HRA found it heading around the edge. I lucked out again as it curved around to where I already was, and with only a couple of obvious checks to go, I was to the OnIn.

A really fun run, and circle, with a good group of visitors getting into the spirit.

8th December – CH4 – Big Top

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Big Top had been scouting this run with much effort for a few weeks, and she’d chosen one of “my” areas out in Maejo. I love that area – and I’ve set a bunch of runs there, having scouted the hell out of it! It was awesome to finally get to run a hash there not knowing where it would go – but also having great knowledge about where it could (or more importantly could not) go.

We anticipated a small turn out with the boys away, but were lucky to get a couple of virgins and a couple of visitors – all of whom were serious runners / hashers. With Sunspot and Crap Thai coming along, it was a good turn out. In the early stages I got quite a few checks wrong, and ended up overtaking Robin Banks again and again, even though he’d suggested he was going to follow me. Big Top had found a couple of bits that I hadn’t done before, or didn’t remember quite, before we headed into a hill I know very well.

I got a couple of checks right and was going well, until the inevitable slap in the face! To foil me, the hare had set a 150m circle check, which brought the pack nicely back together. We’d done about 3-4km and there was the nice trail heading back to the A off a circle check – it wasn’t that way! I was behind again, with Humperdick questioning if I’d checked far enough. But no – the hare had an extra loop for us.

Awesome run, a lot of fun! Nobody had anything negative to say! The FRBs came in at 45:08, the rest of the pack came in within 5 minutes. Sunspot came in from a different direction, and BendOver came in after the rest of us – as he’d set off quite a while after us. Then we had the circle – where most of us seemed brain dead, but Big Top pulled it together and put out one of the best circles recently. So good that pretty much everyone carried on to the OnOnOn at a Burmese restaurant in town. If there are 3 elements to the hash – a big check in all 3 boxes!

Besides the hare’s efforts, the other key addition was Square Rooter deciding to fall off the wagon on his 70th birthday! The 3 beer Berrio was solid – Hashy Birthday Sir!

23rd December – CH4 – Suckit

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It was down the canal road to Suckit’s favourite run setting area – just by his house… The turnout was large by CH4 standards, a 2nd songthaew needed to bring everyone from town. Eventually Suckit pointed us out the gate and I set off with Angry Inch hot on my heels. At the first V check, he just followed me rather than checking. He was running well! We headed towards the hills, and then the dogs attacked. Swarms of yapping, growling canines as I tried to check, they were only driven more aggressively as the pack chased after me.

In the hills, I kept getting the checks right with Dead Virgin, Mr Poo, Angry Inch and HRA hot on my heels. Somewhere Skiddy was getting everything wrong… Angry Inch kicked out one check wrong, and refused to go back to correct it – I did feel sorry for the DFLs for a moment, until I found Klaus Barber (welcome back!) and Frozen Dick had short cut ahead of me – and Robin Banks was up there too.

I emerged from the woods with HRA, Dead Virgin, and Graven Image was hot on our heels. The “race” was on. Down the hill on the home straight and finally there was the On-In – the traditional end of the hash. But Dead Virgin couldn’t help himself but to race home, Graven, Poo and HRA followed suit. Bunch of racist bastards!

Back at the A, the circle was a treat! Lots of fun! Then the food at Ya’s was great – until the karaoke started!

9th December – CH4 – Snail Trail

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Snail Trail was the hare, but when the run directions appeared it was clear she didn’t have much to do with it! The runsite was the same as Skiddy’s recent male hash and after hearing complaints from those who crawled through his tunnel of love the first time he decided to send us through it twice this time.

Everyone was early – except Big Top and Dogshit who had gone to the restaurant rather than to the runsite! After standing around for a bit, we set off and I led the way through the tunnel crawl. With Kwazi behind I was able to check in 2 directions before anyone else emerged from the tunnel. Sadly they were the wrong directions and not for the last time I was running around in circles and overtaking Doggie as Robin Banks led the pack. Sure enough we were heading the reverse as the previous run, but most times rather than going right and left, we’d go left and right, if that makes sense. Check out the map, I was all over the place.

Finally we locked in on the old trail, and wary for Skiddy sticks I was looking down the side trails. I spied some paper off to the right – Damn! it was old paper from Sups’ run. But it had to be coming up soon – sure enough at the next junction, I turned right and was on the true trail. Unplugged and Mr. Poo didn’t want to trust me, so they followed Humperdick to the skiddy sticks. Ha! I was locked in following the previous trail back to the rice fields, across the rice fields.

Then I remembered a little scramble trail that Skiddy had used before – surely he’d do it again? Damn it! I got torn up and was stuck in the middle of nowhere when half the pack overtook calling on on from the road nearby, with no easy way of me getting back. Back through the tunnel and beer time. Lots of excellent checks and another good set.